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Having 2 eidolon to trigger trap and scout ahead for your team actually making them a decent cannon fodder.

Do eidolon can do that ?

And i dont have spend unnesesary ritual / cost to re summon them ? (Like familiar)

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share experience you game with your DM.

is your DM good, or bad ?

my DM however, the reason i quit pathfinder, until i find another alternatives.

i still learning how to use online Pathfinder D20.

Gorbacz wrote:
And what is your country? Maybe somebody knows its Pathfinder scene better and could help you out.


Rogar Stonebow wrote:
hellatze wrote:

Neex to fix my word.

I am not quitting pathfinder.

I quit from DM.

However my country rarely have a DM.

So its the same thing :(

The smart thing to do here then is

Quit your country???

I dont want to.

Probably i choose using internet.

mardaddy wrote:

+1 Ravingdork.

Canvas locally and advertise to find another table group.

Play online with many of the free options there.

Play by Post here on the site or through a blog.

You have many other options to continue playing the game if that DM is just not making it fun for all who play.

How ?

Any guide.

Neex to fix my word.

I am not quitting pathfinder.

I quit from DM.

However my country rarely have a DM.

So its the same thing :(

lemeres wrote:

I am going to say no, but I would add a caveat that the resulting item would have a highly embarrassing cosmetic flaw that would not affect its function.

Example: The item resembles something crude that cannot be mentioned on these boards, but still kills just fine.

This would represent a serious failure in though processes that never the less could not ruin the item due to your rock solid foundation in terms of skill.

This is of course an example of GM homeruling, and mostly represents an attempt to have a chuckle at your expense.

I heard of story of player get fumble when crafting item.

The item are expensive ones and he get fumble.

The item didnt make it. Not cursed, just plain destroyed. Money are gone.

He lost his starting wealth.

You know, if something like that happend to me.

I quit. Its not funny.

No mention restriction on buying wondrous item.

And i am party wizard lmao.

They lost a wizard.

Forget about it.

I quit pathfinder.

Its a fun game, but my group have a lot of restriction and so many other thing that hurt my heart.

I dont think my DM care about the game anymore.

Its sad because i love pathfinder.

My dm said i have to roll d20 for crafting cyclops helm.

I have sufficient spellcraft. However i roll nat 1.

So its fumble and money wasted.

Any sort of advice ? Feat ?

My campaign use prinal magic to fight

Omnius wrote:
Claxon wrote:

Yeah, only your GM can really decide that.

If I was your GM, the answer would flatly be no. That's how players presume to have themselves outfitted with effectively double the value of gear, or even worse the whole party.

And, at the same time, someone who invests heavily in item creation feats deserves some manner of return for that investment, so some GMs let them, or let them spend some percentage of their starting wealth on it.

Feat are worthy than gold after all.

But some gm always nerf mage a lot.

Next campaign are lvl 11 and i am the only crafter in my team. However if i able to craft item. Can i craft item before we start campaign ?

Mondragon wrote:

I houserule

Will= cha & wis
Reflex= int & dex
For= str & con

Thats fair

aboyd wrote:
Will is about willpower, or your brain. Why would being able to bench press 400 pounds mean your brain is strong?

If will are connected to brain does that mean int giving a willpower ?

Also some spell are torturing not charm. Using will saves. I think STR will reduce the pain.

I find it weird.

Snakers wrote:
I'm actually decently certain that the gm just told Hellatze here that they can't buy the singular item Cyclops Helm because she thinks it makes no sense for the item, beingmade from a cyclops head, to be available, but a headband is common and thus is. Lore in the sense of before Pathfinder Unchained.

yes, like that


the question is, we need to know what kind of spell the opponent have.

is there a spell to know what opponent spell might have ?

I dont want my mo ster to got dispelled. Very annoying and waste the spell slot if my monster got dispelled like that.

What the mean of unchained

Nyerkh wrote:

Staves are really very expensive, nice as they can be. Which is probably why I hardly ever see them in actual play.

Headbands are, in fact, Wondrous Items, so there's that : you already do have one.

And I'm not sure what you're asking.

Rings aren't Wondrous Items, so there's that. There are some good ones for wizards, too.
Neither are wands, scrolls and potions.

If your GM only allows one wondrous item per character or something similar ... Good news is you should be very rich, considering that's by far what most magic items fall under ?
Grab those expensive rings and staves you never could afford, some magic compatible shield and/or armor if that's your thing, stock up on consumables and hire armies of goons ?

And if you don't get the money either, rejoice that of all the classes, you're quite probably not the one who relies the most on his gear.

i am confused what my GM want.

i am not allowed to purchase cyclops mask, but allowed to buy headband.

she said, for lore purpose.

confuse me even more.

My dm not allowing me to have wondrous item for my wizard.

So i stuck with rod and headband.

So i also want to ask, why i should have staves as wizard ? Do staff powerfull ?

Marc Radle wrote:
hellatze wrote:

Or wish only ?

Or no at all.

Do you mind saying if English is not your native language? No disrespect intended, but your posts tend to be rather difficult to understand ...

If people understand my post. Then ypur statement are pointless.

And english are not my natives, just because english are universal languages. Doesn't mean you force me to speak better.

I do try to make my word comperhensive.

Or wish only ?

Or no at all.

Because wish are flexible.

I dont know how to use it well.

Can i use wish to have more money ?

Marc Radle wrote:
So are you saying the crow is your familiar?


Circke of death.

There is a guy i want to kill.

I can use belt and headband.

So it isnt anybissue how to modyfy my familiar.

The question is is it allowed or not ? (To use magic item)

I want to make use of this spell.

Do wish grant permanent stats ?

What make wish powerfull.

i hardly find ones.

if possible lvl 11 - 13

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so its allowed or not ?

i always imagine using my familiar as sacrificial bomb familiar.

so burn my familiar, then explode in heart of enemy.


but damm, if enemy burn me and my necklaces explode.

i must face 36d6 fire damage (unless i am fire mage)

So tarrasque killable after all.

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My dm said, if creature want to use item. It should have hand, but crow have its legs that able to carry something.

Should i buy metamagic rod for it ?

Or dont buy ?

Will it died.

Or suffer eternal misery.

Throw the item , and then burn it with burning it with spell will cause the necklaces explode.

Is that possible ?

Since the necklace are expensive.

that was funny

If dm ask what yor chracter fear the most.

I answer "i afraid become a coward".

What gonna be happend ?

This game confusing. The state that lack of energy called cold. But this game "magic" makes them an energy type?

But the one who control the fire should able to control ice perfectly (wizard specialization, since controlling fire must spend 2 slot to control ice).

Gorbacz wrote:
hellatze wrote:
Why this thread moved to campaign setting ?
Because it's a thread about Golarion?

Then what makes a thread worthy in general disscusion ?

Why this thread moved to campaign setting ?

Klorox wrote:
Jason Wedel wrote:

Actually YEARS ago I did a dungeon that had a tavern 3-4 levels down, Orc Waitresses, goblins, kobolds, etc...

The scene was hilarious, as when the adventurers came in the patrons acted just like you would expect the adventurers to act if a group of Orcs kicked in a door and came rushing in with weapons in hand. The PC's did not get the refrence...

I don't think I would either : all they saw was a bunch of monsters rushing for weapons ard ready to fight them.

Dungeons are not necessarily full of undead, plenty of humanoids (from kobolds and goblinoids/orcs to minotaurs) and even non humanoid creatures (what, never played riddles with a sphinx?) can enjoy company in a specialized setting, like a tavern.

surprisingly, undead should be common than kobold, and goblins. since the cult rise the dead a lot.

i feel proud for some reason.

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qaplawjw wrote:
Plenty of monsters need a place to drink, socialize and post classified ads; taverns aren't necessarily just for "PC" races.

skeleton cant drink and talk.

UnArcaneElection wrote:

Search for threads on Rahadoum, Bachuan (and a couple of other places having similar restrictions), and souls being imprisoned in the Boneyard and/or fed to Groetus.

my atheist character will have a bad day when died :(

Unlike our world. The golarion have solid evidence that god exist. Most of them proven by miracles.

Are they considered heretic ? Where did they ho after death ?

Baba yaga... john wick

Move to campaign section

NielsenE wrote:

Starting the adventure in a tavern is common for the reasons people said above. Its narratively convenient and assumes/presumes very little about the characters. It usually doesn't force people to change their backstories, etc.

However if you're running a series of modules, with a consistent group, yes it might get a little old after a while. But it should be very easy for the GM to change the hook to make the series of modules flow together better. Maybe the adventurers are a known group with a built headquarters or ties to city/large group officials and people come to them directly for quests. Maybe some treasure/lore/etc found at the end of one module is tweaked to lead to the next.

Nice idea. We should start our quest in guid. Rather in tavern.

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