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Hey, maybe my group will want me to run this one after we finish Runelords. It doesn't have to be Space Pirates, it just has to off the space fantasy adventure game beaten path. That it comes out after the Starship Ops Manual I have high hopes for it.

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We've added Deckplans, clean art pages and pawn images to all of the Katar Warships (Light and Heavy Cruisers and Fast Attack) as well as the Light Freighter. Hoping the Tier 1 Light Freighter is versatile enough for some folks party bus.

Going to start pushing the new files and descriptions to the listings at Paizo as well.

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Lord Fyre wrote:
From the preview, this ship has some interesting features.

Thank you for the breakdown, yeah some of the features are aspirational for me as the designer and I am loathe to give them up because the rules don't support well rounded ships. Like the medical bay starship feature is a character scale med lab in an empty room. I feel like a ship with the marine compliment this one was supposed to have, needs a sick bay.

So when we were working on the setting, I was working off D20 Modern/Future and Starfinder/Iron Gods/Tech Guide hadn't been announced yet. You'll also notice the wingtip gun mounts are marked with weapons the stat block doesn't have.

Lord Fyre wrote:
The ship has bunks for 10 Marines and 16 crew (A Destroyer can have up to 20 crew) but this create some issues as "guest" quarters were not purchased for the ship, but it has too many personnel births.

The Marine Barracks is listed as 20, they have high and low bunks. Yeah, I really should have burned a cargo slot for personnel.

Lord Fyre wrote:
The top deck shows a lifeboat that the ship did not pay for (it instead has escape pods).

There really isn't any way of getting the correct number of Life Boats or Escape pods for crews larger than Large ships in the current system. If you have 100 crew and all of your Expansion Bays aren't there for getting the crew out its ridiculous. What they should have done is make Life/Escape like Crew Quarters, if you pay nothing you get nothing, Good gets you pods, and the better one gets you boats. The Deckplans were designed before the starship system was in place so the boats available reflect the intended number of crew.

Lord Fyre wrote:
The labels for the "Mess" and the "Galley" should be swapped.

Wow, yes they should.

Lord Fyre wrote:
The ship is 2 points over budget. Reducing the Defenses from Mk4 to Mk3 to match the armor is the easiest fix for this.

I just double checked the math with the Starship builder I used and still it comes up to 115, and while dropping Defensive systems would do it, and evens AC to TL, dropping Crew Quarters to Common would probably be the least noticeable change for the same 2 BP. Though in setting the Eldred aren't as spartan as some other factions and long range patrols need some amenities.

Lord Fyre wrote:
Also, the choice of the Destroyer frame is surprising.

Most of my Light Cruisers are Destroyers, I've got a design article coming up that talks about things like making Armed Shuttles out of Light Freighters because for 6BP you get way more than 6BP worth of more Weapon Mounts and Hit Points. That a Heavy Laser if you can swing the upgraded mount is always better than the Light Plasma Cannon. Odd stuff that jumps out at you after building a lot of stat blocks.

Again thanks for the comments, this is one of the reasons we put full previews on everything we make.

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The Eldred Intermediate Cruiser is here, she's a Tier 4 ship with a crew of 6, just the right size for a group of adventurers. As a thank you to all our loyal customers the ship; stat block, crew skills, scan results, deckplans, clean art page, and 2D pawns is available Pay What You Want. As always, quick preview and full size previews are available.

Eldred Intermediate Cruiser at DTRPG

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Rick Ransom wrote:
Will there be any future options for a print bundle?

The threshold people tell me is 30+ pages, with our two dozen starships out now we're in that range but I'm waiting for the Katar Warship deckplans to be finalized before we make things ready for a print edition.

We've tried a lot of things in our ships without too much feedback. I'd really like to know what people want in a ship entry. These might go into a print edition or separate products. Some things we've included or are thinking about are;

Starship Art (both the cover and a clean image for showing Players)
Stat Block with NPC Crew Skills
Variant Stat blocks at higher and lower tiers
Predetermined Scan Results if you scan the ship as an opponent
Deckplans (normally on larger vessels you might board)
Room descriptions for ships with deckplans
Front and Back pawn images for making 2D minis
Suggested crew actions to best utilize the ship's capabilities
History of the ship class with the names of ships in class

Unmarked deckplans you can print as map tiles
Unmarked deckplans for Virtual Tabletops like Roll20


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Lord Fyre wrote:

Actually, your existing Armed Shuttle does fit into that niche, but it is the only major example I could located from your catalogue. Others examples are The Katar Freighters (both Heavy and Light) and The Katar Mining Frieghter

We're working with a different cartographer to do the Katar freighters, the Heavy Dropship has some variants that could fill the niche, but we should get some more Party facing ships out at some point.

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Lord Fyre wrote:
You should add a couple more "Player Group" sized ships (with Deckplans) to your line up. :)

I probably should, whether or not the PC Winnebago is the most populous ship in the galaxy, every game needs at least one. When my cartographer finishes the current set of 3 Cruisers he's working on I'll see what I can do.

I kind of feel like the expectations are Good crew quarters, hangout and eating room, workshop/science lab/med bay, a turret gun, forward gun, engineer, pilot, gunner, science and captain stations and at least one cargo bay for loot.

If anybody has a different idea, let me know.

The next ships planned otherwise are another Cruiser, Battleship, Carrier, Lovecraftian Dreadnought Dungeon so get your input in now.

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ObsessiveCompulsiveWolf wrote:

Link'd for you...

Thank you very much.

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Hello all,

We've been writing and publishing our Starfinder materials for six months now and its hard to believe we never posted anything about it here.

We have 9 different Monsters and NPCs for your game, 24 different starships, some with as many as 6 variants stat blocks, 4 different warships with deckplans, a short hazards guide and and an equipment guide.

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redpandamage wrote:
What bonus do the mercenaries have to ranged attack?

Looking over other creatures at CR 1/2, they have +3 and +6 attack bonuses. For others that's been +3 Melee and +6 Ranged, but in this case it is likely they have +3 with their pistols as they have been geared towards melee.

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Page 293 under crew it says page 316 will tell us how to stat out the crew of a starship. Page 316 lists the roles but does not tell you skills or ranks. The paragraph on Crew level on page 326 seems to be it.

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Ringworks Wanderer, according to my spreadsheet it costs 25 build points which is fine for 1/4 tier, but it does that running a Micron Light 50 PCU power core, but according to the Power Core chart the smallest Power Core designed for a Small starship is the Arcus Light at 75 PCU and 7 Build Points putting the Wanderer 3 BP over.


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pg 312 STARHIVE DRONE MK III, crew quarters are listed as "basic" not common.

The Titan Hauler pg 313 freighter costs 240 out of its allotted 230 build points.

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Is anyone else coming up with errors trying to rebuild the Example ships?
Kevolari Venture is 57 points (2 over) for a Tier 1.
Idaran Vanserai is 124 (9 over) for a Tier 4.
Thaumtech Omenbringer 468 (18 over) for Tier 14.

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Thirding the subscription upgrade and gencon pickup question.

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Oceanshieldwolf wrote:

How does this Campaign Setting align with the announcement by Paizo of the Starfinder Campaign Setting and ruleset?

BTW - the gallery makes me excited for the Campaign Setting/products - liking some of the multilegged vehicles/behemoths especially...

Since 2007 Galaxy Pirates has been a passion project, In 2012 I did some playtesting of a core book that was a pretty straightforward mashup of the Modern/Future SRD and the PFSRD. This was prior to Pathfinder Unchained and didn't integrate anything from Ultimate Combat or the Advanced Race Guide. I started rebuilding the Alien races with the Race Guide. I slowed down my worldbuilding as well work on the Core Rulebook. I started looking at small products I could release from the available material which would let me build some momentum as a Publisher and learn any rookie mistakes 4-8-16 pages at a time.

When Starfinder was announced I had two freelancers working on a racebook and a setting location guide. Those writers and my playtesters all asked what was going to happen to the project if Paizo was doing their own scifi game? I said that Disney has Star Wars plans out for years, Paizo is releasing a scifi and game I don't think its time to let off the gas, if anything it's time to open the throttle. So my immediate plans for Galaxy Pirates are to make Pathfinder compatible setting material. Equipment, Weapons, Armor, Races, Monsters, Worlds and at least one Adventure.

Paizo making Starfinder lets me focus on the setting and not have to worry as much about Starship construction/combat and some of the other core book issues that were on my to do list. Starfinder also creates a market I was otherwise going to have to try and crack myself.

I'm glad you like the gallery, it is about 20% of the assets so far, there are 160+ images in the folder I keep on my ipad to show people what I'm working on. I'm putting more and more assets online in themed galleries like these below.

Robots are pretty decent sized part of the setting as allies, tools, and adversaries. There are a few design articles that deal with my art direction of creating the robots in addition to the design articles on the site which talk more to revamping Modern SRD rules artifacts.


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We have a couple of replies already, I pieced together some more notes about our visual equipment theme.

Visual Gear

Also introduced the notion that all gear in the setting will have a Chemical, Mechanical or Electrical power source which might come up if there is a power surge or lightning strike and make resource management a little more interesting. An Electromagnetic Pulse could be the Mage's Disjunction of the setting with the caveat that with Disjunction you can't just replace some fuses with a repair check and maybe get all your magical gear back.


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Evil Robot Games is looking for Freelance writers and game designers to invent new gear and reinvent existing D20 Modern and Future equipment for our Galaxy Pirates campaign setting. The idea behind this project is not to copy and paste old gear from sources over a decade old, but to create new items to fill the same in-game needs. This is an Open Call, if you've never written professionally before, now is the time to start.
Project Length: 1,000 to 2,000 words for multiple pieces of gear, several slots available. Smaller Projects (100-300 words) could be allowed to accommodate new writers with an intriguing single item pitch.
Pay Rate: 2¢ per word.
Additional details: Galaxy Pirates is a Science Fiction campaign setting for the Pathfinder RPG. Equipment will balance and cost as Wondrous Magic Items. Initial project items are focusing on equipment used to help you see (contacts, glasses, goggles, eyes, rifle scopes and sights, throwable cameras) and Light Sources (matches, lighters, glow sticks, flares, candles or LED equivalents, flashlights, lanterns, Laser Sights/Designators, Dazzling and Blinding Grenades). This tightens the design space that I need to evaluate. Allowable sources include D20 Modern(Future) SRD, any material that is open content per the Pathfinder Resource Document.
Contact with the Subject title: Galaxy Pirates Equipment writer. Please include a writing sample of 500 to 1,000 words, samples should ideally include flavor text and game mechanics, though not necessarily both in the same sample if you don't have it. Also please provide pitches for any items you'd like to submit.
Respond by: August 7, 2016

Future open calls would open up other equipment areas, followed by Feats, Weapons, Armors, Monsters, Classes, Villains, Maps, Encounters and maybe Adventures. Each time I'll try to provide information about the design area of interest and help you to be successful.

Some helpful information on Equipment Design
Equipment Guides

A little gallery with about 20% of the project's art for folks to get a feel for the setting.
Galaxy Pirates Gallery


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The only luck I have had is finding Nick's posts in the notifications X minutes ago, hitting F3 to bring up find and searching the page for X Minutes which brings up a few entries for the notifications on the left but eventually gets you to the new posts. Would work for anyone's posts but I'm not seeking out everybody's posts unless I specifically engaged them, otherwise it's like fighting a Hydra.

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Just found this thread, by day three I can say the class is thoroughly enjoyable, classmates are a wealth of information as is Nick.


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I've been playing the TT game for years now, have shelves of the books, played a bunch of the adventure paths and I'm not certain where even a tiny grain of PVP inspiration comes from.

I kill a random townie, the guards and the watch arrest me. Some random player kills me, the guards and the watch should grab him.

Seems like we ought to be off killing Goblins and Demons and taking their loot.

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I'm confused. I thought the class levels equivalent of your mythic level equaled half the value of your mythic values added to your total mythic level value? So a Mythic Leveled 6 person was actually level 9?

So what was said, is that encounters would/should be balanced as if characters had Mythic levels equal to half of their class levels. There are 10 Mythic levels that parallel the class levels.

It was also mentioned that if your GM holds back on the Mythic levels a little it 1 or 2 should not be game breaking, the fights would just be harder. GM is likewise free to give them faster +1 or +2, but as you'll see below that might not be all that useful.

Character/class of level 6 still hits as hard as a level 6, the AC is still that of level 6.

A specific example that came up was that if the GM gave a Champion enough Mythic levels to get the Precision ability which reduces the penalty on Interative Attacks by 5, it would not do the player any good before level 6 where they get their first Interative attack.

It was also said that a creature CR 5 with 10 Mythic levels would not be as effective as a CR 15 because it would still have a CR 5 AC, BAB and Damage.

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[Edit] I wonder if the Initiative ability will be like the Maharaja Rakshasha ability Extra Initiative?

Extra Initiative wrote:
When an encounter starts, a maharaja rolls twice for initiative. The maharaja acts normally on the higher of the two initiative counts each round. On the lower initiative count, the maharaja can take a single standard action.

I definitely heard the second initiative has full attacks like another turn, as others have mentioned this helps Boss monsters compete against 4-6 players in the action economy.

The Mythic Dire Tiger had Pounce too, at least that's my recollection.

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So I tried to read the whole thread before commenting.

I have 2.5 pages of notes from the panel, and at least 2 attendees had recorders on the table in front of Jason, I think a guy in the front row had a third.

At 2nd Mythic level the characters get an ability that grants them +20 on initiative and as others have mentioned could allow them to go twice.

I wondered how this would work with Rogue Talents that let you go first. Clearly as others have mentioned putting absolutes in a rule/game mechanic paints you in a corner. I second the +20/40 bonus instead of "always" notion.

Jason mentioned a Mythic Dire Tiger running all over the battlefield using this. Also mentioned was a Mythic Hydra doing the same with all 7 heads going twice. The monster version of the power was called Agile Stalker?

Jason mentioned a Mythic Fire Giant surrounded by a cloud of choking ash and all its weapons were made of lava.

Mythic characters auto stabilize and don't die until negative 2x CON, Sean said he had a Barbarian that didn't die until 3x CON, and had an ability that allowed him to fight effectively past 0 HP.

Immediately I wondered how long the Cleric would take to get the Barbarin back to 0, much less full HP. Somebody else asked the question.

Mythic Characters get extra HP, Cleric gets more healing, and the PCs can take an hour long break to regain a good amount of HP but must burn some of their Mythic Power to do so.

Mythic Cure Light Wounds heals 3d6, and 1 Point of ability damage?

At 9th level Mythic characters become Immortal, if killed they come back in 24 hours, but don't have their memorized spells, etc.

There is Mythic Damage which is hard to heal and stays with you.

There Mythic rules make use of Epic DR, it is called Epic because it already exists in the rules, the Warden still coming together has some abilities affecting this.

The Heirophant collects followers/worshippers and at high levels begins to grant them spells.

All Mythic characters must have a weakness, one of the playtesters (Eric?) had weakness to Material Wood. Crits from Weapons primarily made of wood Auto-Confirmed Crits, and even if you have DR, your weakness material ignores it. Character faced a Treant and said "I'm guessing that's primarily made of wood"

Trickster Path includes an ability to reroll weapon damage.

Oddly enough I went to the seminar hoping to ask rules design questions, but this was good too.


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Ion Raven wrote:
Then why are Halflings so common in my games? Every group I have been a part of had players that played Halflings. You would figure if they were as bad as every one said no one would want to play them. That is not the case.

You know, that's the same reasoning used for humans. But I've played in games where elves were the predominant race. There's quite a bit to account to flavor. Certain people gravitate towards certain races. That's not to say that humans and halflings can't be awesome.

I'd rather have a bag of gummiworms than a sack full of lolipops. But you know, that sack full of lolipops probably cost more.

Last month I started playtesting a scifi RPG setting with 8 core races and I was totally flabergasted that nobody in the test group took a Human character.

I plan on trying to make the core races for the setting under ARG and see how they come out vs. the Race Creaton rules I have been using.

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Mok wrote:
drumlord wrote:
Impossible. Find me one person's (or one company's) breakdown of the whole system and I'll find you thousands that disagree. Skills don't even all "equal" each other. Spells' values certainly don't match up. Feats? Forget about it. Try comparing them to each other and you'll just end up frustrated.

It's possible. It's just the amount of work that is put behind it.

I came to this forum because I am working on a Scifi RPG setting that needs lots of Races. My current effort has been to use the Race Creation Cookbook which claims to be Pathfinder compatible. They took three hundred monsters out of the SRD and modeled combats for each of them, and based their costings on how prevalent certain kinds of attacks were. Fire attacks were the most prevalent, so Fire Resistance cost more than Cold Resistance. All of the Abilities were costed using similar methods.

They also balance the costs of different Feats out by the character Class taking them a really bad example is Extra Rage is worth lots to a Barbarian and nothing to anyone else. It's nice that they present these costings by class, but when developing the 8 core races currently in my setting I had to average these costs, or sometimes pick the most expensive one.

I have had to make some decisions in favor of abstraction because there aren't any spellcasters in my setting. No Wizards, Sorcerers, Clerics etc, and no spellcasting Monsters either. So a lot of the numbers based on resisting Magic really don't matter to me.

I am still happier to use a Toolkit which at least considered these things before I throw away the detail I don't need in favor of abstraction.

So it's possible to do what you've described, and in my experience most people will need something somewhere in the middle.