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Jason is running the guys from Game Trade Media at GAMA right now.

We just found out that zombies are susceptible to slashing weapons and take double damage.

Edit #1: Zombies can't make a bite attack unless they make a successful claw attack.

Edit #2: if you take damage to go below 0 hp, you go to 0 and gain the "Dying (x)" condition. If you get to dying 4, you die. You have to make a save determined by the strength of the creature that took you to 0, modified by your Dying (x) amount. If you save, you gain a hp, and if you get back to 1 hp, you are unconscious and no longer dying. If you get healed to greater than 1 hp, you still have the dying condition and have to make the save. If you fail the save, you lose the dying condition but are unconscious. If you make the save, you are conscious.

Edit #3: a fighter that doesn't spend an action to ready his shield can spend his reaction to raise the shield and get the AC bonus, but not the Shield Block ability.

Edit #4: If you want to hold an action, it costs 2 actions.
5' step is an action and does not provoke any reaction.

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Does anyone have any experience or credible theories on whether the new action system will improve speed of play, particularly in combat.

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I'm hoping you guys can help me. I'm trying to find some good rules for ship-to-ship combat and boarding rules that would be compliant with Pathfinder.


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