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Erik Mona wrote:

I'm guessing a truly credible version of that book would be at least 600 pages.

Are you willing to pay $60-70 for such a book?

I'm genuinely interested in people's answers, because to tell you the truth I am strongly considering a base monster reference that is significantly larger than Bestiary 1's 320 pages.

So... don't be shy about your opinions, please.

For a 600 page monster book, yes I would pay that kind of money- once. For the first book out of the gate, to get the campaigns up and running, I would pay that kind of money. For later releases, I would not be interested in dropping that kind of money, or going that deep on new monsters. I think the current books are a good size for bestiaries after the first Monster Book of Monsters.

I'm late to the game on this post because I had skipped it the first time around. However, they were talking about this on the Know Direction podcast, and I wanted to put my $.02 in.

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ryschwith wrote:

My primary concern is that the lists of what you can and can't do at specific tiers will become something of a memory nightmare.

"I'm going to pole-vault across that gap."
"You can't do that until you're at expert."
"Is that expert? I thought that was trained..."
"Let me check... no, wait, you're right, trained. But earlier when you leapt out of that loft without taking damage, that should've required expert..."

I foresee variations of that conversation happening constantly.

This is my greatest concern. Now not only do I need a table to tell me how far a running character can jump given a total number, but I have to try and keep track of what kind of jumps he can attempt? My 5th female dwarven fighter is an expert intimidator, but since she's only expert and not master, can she stare down a minotaur?

That doesn't sound easier, that sounds like trying to memorize AD&D To Hit tables.


Dαedαlus wrote:

I'm far less concerned with that and more with the fact that YOU CAN PICKPOCKET ARMOR RIGHT OFF OF A GUARD.

How many times have we seen in various fantasy books thieves that could steal the rings off your finger by shaking your hand? Legendary pick-pocketing is almost a staple of the genre. Granted, it's not stealing the armor off the guard's body, but there are days I can't take my own ring off and you're telling me this schmuck can steal it without me noticing it?

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The King In Yellow wrote:
I would love for xp to be slowed down. Even something as simple as requiring 2+current level to get to next level. (So going from 1 to 2 still takes 3 xp, but going from 7 to 8 takes 9.) Perhaps even 3,3 then current level xp. (Which would be 3,3,3,4,5,6, etc...) Or whatever formula desired, but let us -play- the characters for a while. Not just churn through them.

I am not a fan of this idea. It makes sense for people who have the time to play every week, or even a couple of times a month. I play 10-12 scenarios a year; I started playing my 9th level character in 2011 and just made 9th level at GenCon last year.

If I have to play 6 scenarios to make 4th level, it's going to take me the better part of a year to level mid-tier characters and I'm never going to get to play high level characters. PFS is the only time I get to play upper-mid tier characters, I would much rather see them keep the 3 modules per level and the slow option.

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If you crit a Dying roll, you heal to 1 and regain consciousness with 2 actions.

Edit: cover provides +2 AC. Taking Cover as an action grants an additional +2.

Edit #2: animal companions get 2 actions, and you have to spend an action to command them.

Edit #3: Friday's Blog is about proficiencies. Monday's is about the Fighter.

Edit #4: rings of protection and cloaks of resistance are not in the new stuff. This is part of the new approach to magic items.

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Jason is running the guys from Game Trade Media at GAMA right now.

We just found out that zombies are susceptible to slashing weapons and take double damage.

Edit #1: Zombies can't make a bite attack unless they make a successful claw attack.

Edit #2: if you take damage to go below 0 hp, you go to 0 and gain the "Dying (x)" condition. If you get to dying 4, you die. You have to make a save determined by the strength of the creature that took you to 0, modified by your Dying (x) amount. If you save, you gain a hp, and if you get back to 1 hp, you are unconscious and no longer dying. If you get healed to greater than 1 hp, you still have the dying condition and have to make the save. If you fail the save, you lose the dying condition but are unconscious. If you make the save, you are conscious.

Edit #3: a fighter that doesn't spend an action to ready his shield can spend his reaction to raise the shield and get the AC bonus, but not the Shield Block ability.

Edit #4: If you want to hold an action, it costs 2 actions.
5' step is an action and does not provoke any reaction.

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jimthegray wrote:
my wife and I are 100% happy about goblins being made core :)

My wife and I are as well.

A few years ago we picked up 2 of the stuffed goblins at GenCon. We brought them home and made a few jokes. Then one weekend one of them sneaked into her luggage for a weekend retreat. StayCee the Wandering Goblin was born, and her brother has been given the name Gobo.

Guess who our first 2 characters will be in PFS after PF2 goes live?

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GRuzom wrote:

"PCGen" was mentioned, is this good?

I have a friend that has been using PC Gen for 5 or 6 years now and he has finally given up on it because he pulled out his character sheets at a recent Con and all of his animal companion info was worthless. From my understanding, as long as your character is basic and doesn't use any kind of companion or alternate features, you're fine.