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Any suggestions for what the 5th person should play for a Kingmaker game? We are open to anything that is not centered around summons/pets

current group:
witch-healing patron (likes it and flavor)
ranger-we rolled stats and got lucky with good/decent stats for str/dex/con, so does a little bit of both with a 2h sword and archery feats
magus-str based

"The tunnel opens into a huge cavern with dozens of rat-tunnel entrances along the walls and ceiling. The roof of the cave is too high to see clearly, and bats swarm about in your torchlight. The way is rocky, and you hear rushing water in front of you, somewhere off in the distance. In luminous green letters above the tunnel exit glows an inscription: Beware of Purple Worms!-Speigle the ArchMage."

1d20 ⇒ 7
roll perception checks

The Dark Wanderer was the man who defeated Diablo and took his soul stone jaming into his own body thinking he could prevent the foul demon from resurfacing. Little did he know that was what Diablo had planned all along in the event of his demise. With his final breath he unleashed his siblings into the world until which time he can take full control over the Wanderer. Now he just has an overwhelming need to travel to the places of evil, not to do battle but to be tainted thereby making Diablo stronger.

You have followed the Dark Wanderer to the Rogue Encampment.

You quickly find out from Akara the leader of the camp that the Wanderer entered the Monastary and Diablo's sister the dark lady known as Andariel the Demon Queen came forth blocking the road to the east which the Wanderer was reported to be heading. The best hopes for you is to help the sisters liberate their stronghold.

Akara has asked you to venture furth into the Blood Moor in search of a cave they have called the Den of Evil. Monsters are streaming forth from this dark maw and the sisters fear they will overrun the camp soon if someone does not stop them at their heart.

The following people of interest are about the camp.

Akara - Leader of the Rogue Camp -
Kashya - The leader of the warriors of the camp
Warriv- A traveling merchant (magical equipment) he can get you want you need but it may take time
Charsi- Charsi is the resident Blacksmith
Gheed - resident merchant of the camp (mundane equipment)

Ok guys, this is for the 3 of you playing a total of 4 characters

Once all the characters are in I will start up a game thread. We can talk about stuff here before then.

tentative so far this is what i think everyone is playing

Bard - Ranged Leader
Warden - Melee Defender
Necromancer - Ranged Controller
Avenger - Melee Striker

we are starting at level 3 with the following equipment

1 level 4 item, 1 level 3 item, 1 level 2 item, and enough money for a level 3 item

Any race/class is allowed

My brother and I are looking for a 4th edition PBP to get into. Any new starting up soon, or any in need of replacements? He is a newbie and is dying to get into one since our group never gets together anymore. So if there was a single spot he would be more than greatful to get in. He likes everything but defenders, and I like everything. So we are easy to fit in. :)

Mimicing a thread that is going on, on the general forums. What is your favorite 4th edition class and why?

So far I love the swordmage, but I am a sucker for fighter/mages.

Has anyone gotten any play time or any experience with the players handbook 3 classes/races yet?

Just curious our group has been puttering along, and it is hard to get any of them to branch out, since all of them hate magic/psionics. :)

Has anyone else picked up a copy of Primal Power? The thunder barbarian looks great, did any other builds jump out at you?

Just a little bit of discussion for everyone. What do you think the best 5-man and 6-man groups would consist of? You can throw our role or class, and as a side question which class do you prefer for each role? Not necessarily what you are playing, but just what you would throw together if you could hand pick the group.

With an early thank you for all the consideration and answers.

I find a good group consists of defender, leader, striker, controller, striker for a 5-man, and throw on another leader for 6-man.

For each I prefer these.

Striker-avenger 1st and warlock 2nd
leader-cleric 1st and bard 2nd

Has anyone gotten to take a look at the Warden yet? I have not, I hope to check it out when I get home from work. Any teasers to get me through the day?

I just wanted to get other opinions on a good 5 man group make up. I currently play with a group that it looks like we are going to have to inforce a rigid role selection. Currently we have a couple duplicate classes/roles. What would be your suggestion for a good group make up. I have been suggesting a defender, defender, controller, leader, striker make up with the possibilty of no controller or 2nd defender if we add another leader and at least one character that has some type of AE for minion slaying. The DM is not willing to let anyone re-roll at this exact moment, but I can feel a total party wipe coming.

Any thoughts?

Currently we have:
Fighter (12 yr old kid who just doesnt get it, and i think would be a much better striker, like a barbarian)

Swordmage (multi-classed as a wizard, he destroys minions and generally cleans up the trash quickly)

Ranger (cannot seem to use any ability but twin strike, since the others seem to confuse him)

Warlord (doesnt like to melee, *groan*, and only seems to want to heal the 12 yr old who doesnt like to melee either)

rogue (does very well)

Any class currently released or even play tested is fair game.

Has anyone else seen the class names they released on amazon? Avenger, Warden, Invoker, Shaman, Sorceror, Druid, Barbarian, Bard

I can pretty much picture the Sorceror, Druid, Barbarian, and Bard, but I am trying to figure out what the other four will do. I am thinking the Warden will be the primal defender, and Invoker will be a primal ranged striker, and the Shaman a primal leader, but what about the Avenger?

I believe in previous information that has been released, the Bard is an Arcane leader, the Druid is a primal controller, and the Barbarian is a primal melee striker.

Just a few predictions that me and my friends have been kicking around, any other suggestions or spins? I know this is way early but still fun to think about

Tank-->barbarian (primal), physic warrior (psionic), samurai (ki), purple dragon knight (dragon)

Striker-->monk (ki), druid (primal), soulknife (psionic), wilder (psionic), dragon disciple (dragon)

Controller-->psion (psionic), ninja (ki), swashbuckler (martial), warden (primal), shugenja (divine), dragonfire adept (dragon)

Leader-->bard (arcane), ardent (psionic), spirit shaman (primal), kensai (ki), dragon shaman (dragon)

The druid is actually a toss up, since they said they want it to be a shapeshifter it doesn’t really fit as a leader, and doesn’t really fit as a controller, but who knows, I am going to call it a striker

The bard is also a toss up too, can be a controller or a leader

One of the guys i have tossed around this with is of the belief that the barbarian is going to end up a striker

What class or role are you going to try first?

I play in two different groups that will be converting to 4th edition, and in my groups no one ever wants to play a magic user of any kind or rogue, so I almost always fall into one or the other.

So I am going to jump right in and play one of each of the leader classes, the warlord and the cleric.