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Normally, I'm not that far in front, but I was asked to change my strategy and be closer to the magician if I want to have a buff.

I know the example spells at level 15 do not do much. It was just one example of such magic that was never summoned.

I thank you for your time and answers.

1.) The monster had a range of 9 m, I was at 3 m.
If I go 1.5 m backwards and then in full defense, I am 4.5 m away without camouflage, with an Rk of 34.
The monster attacked with +27.
Of course I would not have passed my freedom of movement ring with the Rumeshand, to the magician, to get him out of the wrestling match, I would have escaped by playing.

2.) It's difficult to play 2 characters, especially if one of them is the magician.
I completely agree with you and what I now say to the magician is not a criticism of you.

When the other player is gone, the mage does 90% of the following in combat.
1 round spell haste, then mostly full defense for the rest of the fight.
Long-term magic with a duration of 10M / ST or more. Were NEVER worked. For example, Heroism, Mighty Magic Weapon, Mighty Magic Armor
After a fight where the complete dungeon comes at once, the magician and the others have no spells left.

3.) My KO is 10 and my health is 97. My RK 28.
I'm a ranged, why do I need as much life and RK as a melee?
I have a +2 St, + 2Ge belt.
Strength because of load and flying.

4.) Money and magic items.
I had to pay for any magic except hurry, out of my own pocket (potion).
In addition, the shooter has other issues, such. Verderbniskugeln.
If I use 2 or 3 Corruption Balls per attack, then after a fight, it's already 10 or more times.
One costs about 166.5 G.
The Paladin and the Bloodbearer, can buff themselves with their spells and do not have to pay for it.
Should NOT be a reproach, but only a fact.

To manufacture, the following is true in a campaign where there is very little time to produce.
The time available, was mostly fully booked, if you remember.

I also give 2 things to consider.
1.) The monsters get 1-2 levels more than they are in the book.
2.) When I attack, in front of me 2 Rk monsters, which I do not meet. I'm looking for someone with my reach someone I meet.

PS: So that I can write to you, I use the Google translator, because my English is bad.

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Quixote I can not speak English, that's why I use the google translator

We are a Level 15ner group consisting of Mages, Gunmen, Paladin and Bloodsweepers.

As a Gunmen, I die a lot, so I asked for buffs.
Answer: In the group there is regular bailing (haste).
Otherwise, no buffs will be distributed, and most will not be healed in combat except the paladin himself.

I would like to know your opinion, it is sufficient to buff your way out of just a hurry and that's it ??
Thank you for your time.

Thanks Kayerloth for your answer, now I understand why it does not work.

I would have to ask a few more about that.
Where is the rule that emanation spell can not be used as a potion?
Above all, in this spell, at area of ​​impact, the allies in 3m are listed as additional targets.

Because in the (Core Rulebook p. 551) Core Rulebook, I find only the limitation of the "spell whose range is personal", can not be acted upon in a potion ".
I have not yet found a rule that states that the emanation spells and / or spells can not be potions with the reach category "In Metrics expressed range" (german Core Rulebook p. 214).