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Dear Paizo:

Is there any update on this order? I saw that you're still backlogged from the Great Golem Sale, but I didn't see any major updates and am getting worried because some of the stuff in this order has gone out of stock.


In my Firefox, the Paizo logo in the top left, with the golem, is about 2 pixels higher than the rest of the blue bar across the top.

This doesn't happen in Chrome or in Internet Explorer.

This has been going on for a while now, definitely since the Great Golem Sale, if not before.

Paizo's great customer service has been the reason that I consistently return here to purchase more gaming stuff. After a complicated series of order changes caused by two orders combining unexpectedly, Sara Marie came through for me, fixing my order, uncanceling some parts, adjusting quantities, and responding cheerfully and professionally throughout.

(I have no doubt that everyone else in CS is also cheerful and professional, but the only name on any of my correspondence to date has been Sara Marie's.)

I am always glad to order from Paizo, and I look forward to many happy orders in the future.

Thank you!