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The book looks like a fine stand-in for the Tome of Horrors Complete, which has stats for itself in the beginning.

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I've been using an Ithsyn as a cockatrice, and the only complaints I hear from my players is that they don't like cockatrices.

It's an unpainted mini, but slap a little paint on there and you've got a rubber chicken cockatrice!

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First, spelling core terms correctly means the reader (not just the judges, but the voters and ultimately the customers) will not get distracted from the awesome by a typo.

Second, this is a job application. It's considered a good idea to avoid typographical errors in your cover letter.

Third, and most important, mojo comes in a lot of different styles. Spelling things correctly is a component of mojo in my book, since it means that the human editors who will eventually publish your work can focus on style instead.

[Of course, note the lack of golem next to my name. I don't work for Paizo now, and don't really expect to, unless I win RPGSS.]