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It's good to know that this Quest is [u]Repeatable.[/u]

And what sort of weapon would she put up for the wager?

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I have to ask, are we going to have playable ninja? If so, are they going to appear as an archetype or as something like a Rogue's Racket?

The reason Paizo didn't produce a PDF of the instructions is because of the Firework Technician archetype from Guns & Gears. Normally, Pathfinder Society characters have to be from Tian Xia or Vudra to access the archetype.

If you have Guns & Gears and Goblin Firework Fight, your Society character can access the archetype, regardless of their homeland. The instruction booklet is the proof your Society GM needs that you're allowed to do that.

Please tell us we get a chance to destroy a final blade.

I'm willing to play any 1st edition Adventure Path. How would you feel about having either a gunslinger or an investigator on the team?

Instructions are contained for using this modern-era archetype with either Modern Adventures by Panik Productions or with d20 Modern (d20M).

Very few people in developed countries bother riding horses anymore, but they have readily taken to hitting the road on their motorbikes.

Affected Features: Weapon/Armour Proficiency, Class Skills, Mount, Cavalier's Charge, Expert Trainer, Mighty Charge and Supreme Charge.

Bikers are proficient with all simple and martial weapons, one-handed firearms and all light and medium armour. This changes the Cavalier's Weapon/Armour Proficiency.

The Ride (Ex): 1st Level Bikers replace Handle Animal with either Craft (Mechanical) (Modern Adventures) or Repair (if playing with d20M), replacing Ride with Drive (d20M) or Pilot (motorcycles) (Modern Adventures) and obtaining a single motorbike for free. For the purpose of feat prerequisites, Bikers treat their motorcycle as a mount. The Biker does not take armour check penalties while mounted on his Ride. If the Ride is ever wrecked, it'll take until the next time the biker levels up before they can successfully restore or replace it. This replaces Mount and changes the cavalier's class skills.

Hit the Road: At 3th level, a Biker receives Skill Focus (Pilot Motorcycles) (Modern Adventures) or Vehicle Expert (d20M) as a bonus feat. This replaces Cavalier's Charge.

Easy Rider (Ex): At 4th level, a Biker receives a bonus equal to half his cavalier level (round down) when he uses the Drive/Pilot (motorcycles) skill to control a motorbike. This replaces Expert Trainer.

Saddle-shot: At 11th level, a Biker gets Shot on the Run as a bonus feat, even if they lack the prequisites. If they already possess it, they instead take Parting Shot as a bonus feat. If both are already possessed, the biker can take a single bonus combat feat. This replaces Mighty Charge.

Master Rider: At 20th level, a Biker can reroll a Drive/Pilot (motorcycles) check once a day. They must accept the result of the second roll. This replaces Supreme Charge.

Cavalier Orders: Bikers often, but not always, subscribe to the ideals of the Order of the Dragon from Advanced Player's Guide (with their club or gang being treated as their allies) or become Knights-Errant (See the Ronin "order" in Ultimate Combat for more information). Stunt Bikers often subscribe to the ideals of the Order of the Flame from Blood of the Elements.