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Sometimes it helps to imagine the personality you want to play, or the character's background, and work from there.

-- Are you a wealthy big-game hunter who had booked passage on the ship that was wrecked? Maybe you could be a gunslinger.

-- Are you a pirate who had gotten a job as a sailor on a legitimate ship because you were hiding from the authorities? Swashbuckler all the way.

-- Are you a priest who was being sent to a distant land to spread the faith with your high charisma? Maybe you were the first mate, able to keep the crew in line and heal them up?

In other words, why were you on that ship?

Another key feat: Dirty Trick Master, from Bastards of Golarion. Not available until you have a BAB of +11, alas.

Here's a post by the creator of that feat on building a Dirty Tricker:

I'm a Worldwound fan, so that right there is a big plus for Thralls.

Captive in Crystal and Deepmarket Deception: noted.

School of Spirits and To Judge a Soul: not being offered at GenCon.

This was a very helpful thread for my GenCon planning. I'd signed up for The Blakros Connection just because of the name, but it's clear that neither my illiterate goblin gunslinger nor I would've been happy. If I'm looking for a combat-heavy scenario, is Thralls of the Shattered God the crowd favorite?

I like the cave-in idea, especially since the party is now in Longtooth's cave. Sounds like it's time for Mokmurian to do a little scry-and-die.

So my players defeated Cinderma at the entrance to the Jorgenfist valley and spotted the ~150 ogres and giants below. Since the blaster mage and the archer are both death on wheels from a distance, they've been assaulting the giants from far above boulder-throwing range and shooting rocs and wyverns before they can close to melee. They retreat into the mountains when resources get low, destroy any search parties, and then go hunting again. At this rate they'll kill or drive off Mokmurian's entire army! What to do?

1. Let them kill or drive off the army. I guess that wouldn't wreck the story entirely; sooner or later the party will enter the Jorgenfist compound.

2. Have the army retreat into the compound.

3. Have Mokmurian go looking for them.

4. Have Mokmurian summon more allies (Longtooth has been chased off, btw) who can fly and have decent defense.

Other ideas?

After many years of Order of the Stick, I can only imagine dwarves with a Scottish accent and viewpoint. Therefore, on a lighter note: -have-ever-happe?s=mobile

Another possibilty: skip the adventure paths and go instead with Pathfinder Society adventures. I DMed Mists of Mwangi for a party of players aged 40, 10, 10, 8, and 4, and everyone had a good time.

I'm currently playing a fighter with the two-handed fighter archetype in a Pathfinder Society campaign. As a fifth-level dwarven fighter with a greatsword, I do 2d6+18 damage per hit, which is enough to one-shot many enemies and two-shot anything that isn't a boss monster. I'll go through seventh level of fighter for sure (for Backswing) and maybe eighth (for Greater Weapon Focus), and then likely switch to barbarian. PFS campaigns usually top out at level 12.

Key feats: Power Attack and Furious Focus. I always, *always* power attack, and with FF there's no penalty to do so except on AoOs, of which I think I've had one in the last 14 sessions. At level 6 I'll take Felling Smash, which pretty much duplicates the Piledriver class ability that I wouldn't get otherwise until 11th level.

The one thing I might have done differently at the start is not spend 17 build points for an 18 strength off the bat. Yes, being tougher than almost everyone was nice, but I wish I'd gone with a 17 strength and used the extra four building points to make my dex 12 instead of 8. As it is, my AC is low (20 with full plate and a buckler +1), my archery is lousy, and I don't have access to Dodge and subsequent feats.

Thalin wrote:
You say that, but basically you're trading your action for allowing them to be able to use a rage power. Almost never worth it.

Point taken. That said, it may still happen because I've been doing a fair bit of summoning. With summoned creatures on the field fighting for me, it's easier to justify spending a round doing something else during combat.

So my fifth level cleric of Erastil has the Community domain. We just started Howl of the Carrion King. I'm trying to think of ways to annoy my DM with healing non-lethal damage and removing fatigue, sickened, and shaken conditions. So far I have:
1. Barbarian winded after a rage? Not any more.
2. Party needs to travel overland in a hurry? Now they can hustle all day when everyone else is just marching.
3. Camping out in hostile territory? Spend the night in medium or heavy armor, survive getting ambushed, and have a cup of remove fatigue coffee in the morning.

What else?