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technarken wrote:

Any comment on Cadice deciding to start replying to questions on a random Facebook group?

What about Archon's potential liquidation of all existing Starfinder Minis currently in storage at their warehouse (because ND didn't pay them)? Has Paizo had a chance to peruse Archon's offer on what to do with their Starfinder inventory?

A lot happened in the last couple days, sorry.

Btw, all of this is available on a publically viewable page. Draw your own conclusions about it.
Thrice Damned News

Your link doesnt work, this would be a better link for the information about Archons (starfinder miniatures manufacturer)reply to the idaho statesman article :


news article about Ninja Division in their home town:

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As i was reminiscing about the money i lost on both starfinder minis and Super dungeon explore i found this on youtube from Know Direction:

i believe this person was also the person who started "pathfinder Dice Arena", and was part of "Robotech Tactics" and several other not performing ventures.

Its a good watch, and was one of the reasons i backed.

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With the announcement of the new edition, i was thinking, GREAT! Now they can remove the bonds and issues brought over from 3.5, they can really push and dig deep to make something all their own, something brand new to the market, something that would make a statement.

I ordered the playtest both PDF & HB and try to pay no attention to the forums because i knew if something truly new and different and amazing was going to be created for the market of today 2018 and say this is the future of interactive story telling it was going to piss of lots of people.

You just cant get away from that. Paizo has a large market and following and i totally understand why they wouldn't take that risk, and i am sad they didn't, while i am sure others are very happy that they didn't try something like that.

There are many other RPG's out their experimenting with traditions of interactive storytelling.

I have been working through the playtest trying to run Doomsday dawn with 4 players, from our 6 players of our PF1 campaign(we are in the last book of Mummys mask). I have a 3 player 5e group, and we are in the middle of Temple of elemental evil.

After reviewing the playtest materiel none of them were interested and i had to sell them on trying it out. 4 agreed (PF1 players), and after many hours on character creation and spending hours flipping pages in the playtest HB on the toilet, we got up and going for Doomsday. Its not going well, we are trying to finish somberhall.

Maybe i am pushing too fast right now, and should just wait, my enthusiasm is considerable less now that we have sat down with it, than when i heard the announcement, and i am totally "onboard" with realizing, maybe this direction paizo is going is not for me our my players.

The PF1 players are talking about switching to 5e because they want to run Dragon Heist after Mummys Mask, I am trying to push a run through the new formatted Curse of Crimson Throne, that way i have time to get Dragon Heist set up.


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DarkKnight27 wrote:
DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:

What experience did you have with 3.0/3.5 D&D when you made that PF1e Fighter?

PF2E is a much bigger change from 1e to 2e than the change was from D&D 3.5 to Pathfinder.

I went to GenCon the year 3.0 came out. I created my very first 3.0 character the night before the first game. It took about 45 minutes, maybe an hour. It took me 2 and a half hours to create a dwarven fighter in PF2E and I missed several things and had to go back and fix things.

Playing 3.0 at first level: I move, I swing, I hit or miss, maybe roll damage, my turn is pretty much done. PF2E, every character has 3 actions, maybe it's a Strike, maybe it's a move and a Strike, maybe it's something else. It's a lot more complicated and not nearly as simple as D&D 5E.

PF was an expansion of the 3.5 rule system, sure. That made it pretty easy for those of us who came from 3.5 to get into it. But it was also pretty simple just in and of itself. PF didn't become overly complicated until they got about 15 books into the system. That bloat killed Pathfinder. With the way the rules are structured in 2E so far, it seems like we'll quickly have the same bloat and complications on top of this already complicated rules system.

this is essentially one of the major reasons why my group have not enjoyed the play test, we have had several character creation sessions and working our way through doomsday, and they just are not liking it, it is a real chore to try and get them on board. We even tried going back after the first chapter and changing characters, and they just gave up, and we are back with the first set trying to finish somberhall (x2 pcs down because of Shadows) and get on with Mirrored Moon.

master_marshmallow wrote:
ShadeRaven wrote:
master_marshmallow wrote:
The military has standards for recruits, that's not illegal.
I never served myself, but in the USA, I am pretty sure there's no Tested IQ minimum required based on those who have served have said. There is a qualification test, though, I believe, that measures various aptitudes to help determine which branches of the military an applicant is suited for (or conversely) and to weed out those with handicaps that make them unsuitable for service in general.

I actually used to be a math tutor, and I helped people study for the Asvab.

The military has no role available for someone who has an IQ beneath 85.

Not to derail this but lets put the facts out...

ASVAB What the test is, is in the very name of its self, "Vocational Aptitude".

Understand that the ASVAB is not an IQ test. It does not measure your intelligence. This battery of tests was designed specifically to measure your aptitude to be trained to perform specific military-specific jobs

Military Requirements for Minimum ASVAB Scores

Branch High School Diploma GED
Army 31 50
Navy 35 50
Marines 32 50
Air Force 36 65
Coast Guard 40 50
National Guard 31 50

if you dont meet the min, you can still get in the branch of service with a waiver.

back to the normal operation of this thread...

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When my group (I have two - PF&5E), heard new PF was coming out there was a lot of hope in my groups talk about trying it out. As soon as that giant PDF and Tome was released it deflated pretty fast.

I am not advocating wholesale change, but i was really hoping someone at Paizo had watched this video linked below, not because i wanted them to make the game as icrpg, but because of his thoughts on why he made the changes. The ideas of improving the game make so much since.

This video really changed a lot of people in my group ideas on how to hack PF & 5E.

It may be a while until the PF group switches, and it may not even be PF2, we still have a pile of PF1 stuff to go through and there is talk of Starfinder.



Marco Massoudi wrote:
The release date should be november 16th, just 6 weeks and 2 days from now. ;-)

you mean like 1 candelabra...... per case

Mine all mine...don't touch wrote:
Seconding the need for more of the dressings. I too would like the pillar but one is pretty much useless and will spend most of its time in a tray somewhere. Buying the five or six that would make them useful is far too expensive. I realize not everyone likes the dressing stuff and that's certainly their right but they are far too scarce to be useful at their current commonality. Please consider a smaller stand alone set of dressings in the future, it would not need to be as large as a regular set and if the right pieces were chosen more commons than usual would be fine or two or three paint variations could come into play. A 24 figure set with lots of common useful items would make a great start and could even include reprints of some of the items we have already had in previous sets. I for one still don't have enough beds, carts, wagons, crates or barrels. Something to think about.

Well said, and several people including me have just decided that getting 3+ of any of those items to keep their scenes alike is just impossible unless your buying these at 15.00-20.00 a pop on the second market.

if you want several beds, chests, and burning urns your going to spend at least +80.00 if you can even find them...

Erik, Hellknight = Awesome, this is the best looking one!


as We have been wishing for, for a couple of years. :)

Plants, Morlocks, Linnorm, Golems, Thraie, Worg, Satyr, Tengu, scorpion men.

thanks for the previews!

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If you are referring to the Kid's Track adventures, the first two sets of quests are available as free downloads

The third series called "Transitions" will be debuting at Gen Con and are not yet available.

I wouldn't call the "Terrors" bash Kid friendly... in my experience.

I tried to order something off the golem sale 8 times today and the shopping process just hangs up and times out, then dumps my cart empty either in the shipping, payment method or confirmation stages.

Several of the items I wanted as print, only shows up as pdf, and then when I find the print edition and put it in the cart its not on sale.

Cat-thulhu wrote:

A list of those still to go - just the ones with artwork.

** spoiler omitted **

Still a few to go, so the line has some life in it yet if Erik wants to do them all.

Thanks Cat-thulhu for typing that list up, I really appreciate that, and thanks for the updates Marco! :)

I just really want some Linnorms, Morlocks, Satyrs (DnD has no good satyrs), some of the plantlife beasties, assassin vine, that giant man eating flower, etc...

It would be really great to get more NPC's of different areas of culture.

Anyone keeping a list of what Mini's have been made for Bestiary 1, or maybe a list of beasts missing a mini for Bestiary 1?

I ask as I believe Erik stated his goal was to have a mini for all the creatures in Bestiary 1.



Morlocks, Thriae, Linnorms, plants and Oozes?

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captain yesterday wrote:
With kids and Adventure Paths, it's as much as what you don't say as what you do, kids just want to have fun, they don't care so much for the details :-)

exactly, good point, I understand.

RotR just seems pretty heavy. We have ran our kids through Dragons demand (Modified of course), portions of Mummy's Mask, and several Pathfinder Society scenarios, and they had a lot of fun.

For kids under age 15 we try and run and modify some of the modules and pathfinder scenarios.

I couldn't even think of running Rise of the Runelords for kids, especially if you have read the Skinsaw and Hook mountain sections.

Can you guys suggest a AP that's seriously nasty? One that's responsible for a lot of character deaths.

this is easy, Giantslayer... it constantly gets tougher, and has most of its equipment from UE so the PC's have a little more chance.

You can follow the Amber Die group who has ran the whole AP with a written guide and suggestions for running it.

Will that river tile match up with the other river tiles in the river map pack or river flip mat?

We need Thriae, Morlock's, Derro's, Lzardfolk, ratfolk, Tengu, Fairies, Pixies,...

I haven't seen a Linnworm mini yet, and some more "were" creatures would be great!

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Chris Lambertz wrote:
You can now grab the digital version of the 2015 catalog on our front page and the Product Catalog & Schedule page.

Thank you Chris & Eric.

Eric any idea time frame wise when the 2016 catalogue would publish? I would assume before the end of the year?

David knott 242 wrote:

I haven't either, but around GenCon time is the usual time. I don't know whether the fact that GenCon is being held slightly early has any effect -- but I am hoping that it moves that release earlier, since all releases this time of year do seem to be event rather than date driven.

If I remember correctly I believe last years was out before Gencon 2014. I think it came out right around paizocon 2014. was hoping 2015-2016 would be out, but guess well wait till after gencon. thanks

Apologies if its common knowledge when the catalog comes out, but I haven't seen or heard of when the new one is being posted.

Thank you,

I spent a fair amount of time on Rise of Runelords, and felt that the next installment wasn't going to advance the game play much more, and so decided to wait it out until I read reviews on the next installments. So far I haven't read or seen any game play that made me want to purchase another set.