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Right now it is difficult to know if a given god is a Deity, Demigod or Quasi Deity (sometimes called Lesser Deity in some 2e books).

One aspect of the lore I love is the cosmology of Golarion, back in 1e you could instantly know if a God was either of the three by the amount of domains they gave to the followers (5 for Deity, 4 for Demigod and 1-4 for Quasi Deity) or if they had statblocks (Deity didn't have, Demigod were 26-30 and Quasi Deity were 21-25).

With the change to 2e now all gods have 4 domains, but they don't have 2 linked to the alignment, so they can express better what the god is about. For example: Immonhiel, in 1e was a Demigoddess, and so she had 4 domains: Chaos, Good, Healing and Plant, but only really 2 of them define her as a goddess, compared to 2e where she has Creation, Healing, Nature and Repose. I like this change, but the problem comes that in 2e Immonhiel is not clarified as being a Demigoddess anymore, so if we didn't know from 1e what she is we wouldn't have any way of knowing, this is even worse with gods that only exist in 2e.

Right now it doesn't have a mechanical implication, but in the future if we get a way to fight demigods and quasi deities (the last one we really can do already) it would make it easier to think how hard fighting such a god should be.

To me (and I know many other) it would be better if going forward we could get this info written down in the gods, be it in the tittle of the god (something like “Deity/Demigod/Quasi deity of XXX”) or with just a simple trait added on to it.

In the last PaizoCon AMA I asked Luis Loza about this, and he told me that this classification of the gods hadn't changed from 1e and that they could look into it if people thought it was important. So what you guys think about this? Should they add it? Any ideas how they could do it?

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Right now, we almost ever only get erratas when we have a new print of a book. This policy made sense a long ago, when internet access was uncommon and PDF version of books were so rare, but that is not the case any more.

With this petition I don't want there to be a constant stream of changes or balance passes, I would just want that erratas as we see today being published online before we get a reprint or even if we don't ever actually get said reprint. We know that we are getting some errata changes with the new core rulebook print, those could be online already. It's not like most people buy a new copy of every book after every new print, it shouldn't affect the sales that much, and it would let us play with the intended rules as soon as possible.

The adventures takes the worst hit because of how things are handle nowadays, since they almost never get reprinted. We get things like the Bone Croupier in Extinction Curse, that took 2 years to get fixed and in the end it was not with errata, but by reprinting the same monster in Book of the Dead. In the case of Kingmaker there are an outstanding amount of errors and since it's a new book we can't expect a reprint any time soon, leaving us with a lower quality book for years to come.


I was charged even though my preorder (order 3855605) was cancelled.

The cancelation was done in this post

Was there an error with the cancellation?

Could you send me my money back?

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I want to cancel my order 3855605 since I am no longer interested because of the "Shipping & Handling" cost associated.

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