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A few years ago I purchased a WOTC Folder with Character Sheets for all of the PHB Classes and some extras in it. And recently after dieing twice in The Second Darkness. I found myself running out of these awesome character sheets.

This got me to looking for other high quality character sheets. I could easily print my own, but when I do that it's usually with xerox copy grade paper or card stock and its always in black and white.

I really liked the way those character sheets were put together. My vision of a good HQ character sheet would be:

A folder type Character Sheet made from Cardstock or something else that is durable:
Cover: Graphic Art of a Class with label. (Example: Seoni on the Cover, titled Sorceror at the bottom)
Inside Cover: Character Stats and Skills
Second Page: Character Feats, Traits, companion/familiar section
Back Cover: Spell List, Misc Character info

You could maybe package them together. Different art of the same class on each cover. One as the Iconic, and 3 other depictions of the same Class. I always certainly like having spares of character sheets for my inevitable deaths or multiple games.

Would anyone else be interested in this sort of product?

So I'm running a Vampire the Masquerade game (oWoD) and I'm wanting to run a scenario involving my group of players making a visit to Silent Hill which is a horror setting for some video games and a movie of the same name.

Basically some Sabbat vampires that stole a magical/viral weapon that a Mage was creating. The PCs are trying to track it down and secure it. The Sabbat of course choose this abandoned city to hide out in. The PCs of course will have no idea WHAT city they are in until its too late.

I'm wondering though, how do you spook Vampires? lol In general I know I can channel some old fashioned creepiness factor using some inspiration from the film for some shock factors.

But any additional advise or ideas would be great!

I'm using the Resident Evil D20 rules that Zeta Kai posted in Giant in the Playground forums. They were extremely helpful in setting up a small zombie apocalypse adventure for my players.

However My players as well as I are all Zombie film/game buffs. I know they will not meta-game as they are mostly all mature players and will do their roleplaying well. They've seen it all however, and that brings me to what I would like some help with.

I know scaring them will be difficult, but I want to focus on surprising them.

This is what I have so far:

Common Types:
Slow Zombies (Night of the living Dead, RE1/2/3)
Fast Zombies (28 Days Later, Dawn of the Dead, RE4)
Smart Zombies (RE4can use doors,ladders,simple weapons)
Dog Zombies (RE series)
Crow Zombies (Re series)

Uncommon Types:
Lickers (Wall climbing, tongue lashing RE1-5)
Hunters (Leaping, Clawing RE1-2-3)
Tank (Tough and Strong, Left 4 Dead)
Boomer (Attracts other zombies with its vomit, Left 4 Dead)

Tyrant (RE series)
Giant Crow Zombie (Huge Sized crow) Made this one for an aerial battle

What I would like are some suggestions on other types of zombies that others may have. Don't need to stat them up, but you can if you feel so inclined. They are in an urban environment but there is a zoo, so other types of animal zombies are welcome.

I'm working on a shambling corpse gatherer that spews out the foul digested remains of victims and other dead zombies that it has fed on. Unlike the boomer this will not attract other zombies, it will just sicken/nauseate the players and deal a little bit of acid damage.


The Spitter, is a humanoid zombie that appears to have an elongated jawline that seems rubbery and disjointed and has a large pulsating pear shaped sack growing out of its back. The sack pulsates as it digests the remains of its victims or fallen zombies it has fed on. The Spitter emits a nauseating aroma of decaying flesh and bodifly fluids. When provoked the Spitter will unleash it's stored fluids in an explosive strem of acidic bile to stun new victims, after it has subdued them it will eat them and whatever it expelled.

Many thanks for any assistance provided. :)

I've only run APs, and I'm trying my hand at an original campaign. I'm working on the various "bosses" the party will face throughout the campaign.

But I'm having trouble with them, probably me confusing myself but I was wondering if someone could either explain how to make a boss fight challenging but not impossible.

My problem lies with the fights were the group is expected to battle a spellcaster by himself.

4 Level 5 PCs against a single NPC Wizard boss. A Level 5 Wizard really isnt the same as a CR 5 Monster.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

First off I'm a player in STAP so no spoilers please!

The other PCs and I are wondering what to name a newly captured ship, and we're wondering if we should buy more ships to have a little fleet going.

We currently have 2. One that we sort of comandeered and one that we won during a pirate attack at sea.

One is the Sea Wolf (It was called the Sea Wyvern) at first.

The other didn't have a name. It's been given the name Purity of Rage.

We don't really have a group name either. Our group consists of a Wanna-be Demon, A Rogue, A Demonic looking Monk, and myself a Scorpion Clan Samurai (Basically an Assassin)

Unfortunately I have to ask to have my Patherfinder AP and Chronicles Subscription cancelled. Money is a bit tight these days and I have to cut back on some stuff.

I will continue to purchase items when possible. Pathfinder APs and the progressing work on Pathfinder RPG is something I cant ignore. :)

I have a player who is really liking the idea of Sin Magic and Runes but the ones provided he likes but doesn't really find to be too useful for him. He's very strongly Envious. So the Covetous Aura is really good but at this point the enemy isnt really casting 3rd level spells that are harmless. His allies do sometimes still that saves him from casting the spells himself. So he still uses it but he's been asking for other sin spells.

So I was wondering if anyone could help me with creating some Adjuration/Envy based magic. Other kinds are of course welcome. Or Alternates to the Envy Rune. Abjuration really isn't my cup of tea so I don't really know how to approach making a spell that would be great for an Abjurer.

Hello! I figured I would start this, since it was my suggestion.

The goal is two-fold here first it is to give Jason and the rest of the Paizo crew a genuine gauge as to how many of the players and DMs wish to use Psionics in their games using the Pathfinder RPG system. Secondly it is to provide them with insight on their player base as to how and what we think should be included in a seperate Pathfinder Psionics Handbook.

note: weird, tried posting this before but it didn't go through. @_@

An issue I have with my group is that they are lead by a character who is excessively prideful and arrogant which effects the group. I want Karzoug to strike bone-chilling fear into the hearts and minds of them. But I'm not sure how to pull it off. They got to the library in Fortress of the Stone Giants, and I read them the little paragraph that was included. It shows how utterly merciless he is, but I want them to 'be afrad, very afraid' to the point where they think they are on a one way quest to glory. I don't need him to be kicking puppies evil, they know he's evil and ruthless. But how should I instill FEAR.

Any suggestions?

These two orders were unable to ship when they were scheduled to because of a payment issue. Is there anyway these can be re-processed and shipped with my pending order for Pathfinder#7?

Also if I ordered Pathfinder Module Seven Swords of Sin could that be included aswell?

If not, then can I just have the three sent in one shipment. Since it might be too late to package them with the Pathfinder#7?

Heya, I'm starting to put together a character for STAP with my friends. We're going to be mostly made up of anti-heros mostly. Probably at least one of two Necromancers, not sure about the two other open slots. But this is what I put together so far.

I proposed a self-proclaimed Paladin of Asmodeus, and oddly my DM stated that it would be concievable in this campaign. Which I found quite amusing, anyway this is what I came up with:

Basically what I'm looking for is input on how well this background would fit into STAP. I'll be playing a Human Dusk Blade Lawful Evil.

Tony Frost

Self-provided Titles and Alias':
Paladin of the Star- This alias is used most outwardly and subtely at the same time. Tony Frost proclaims his faith to a 'godling' that sent him a message in his dreams. This God of the Star, as he calls it has an unshakable will for the word of Law and Justice. Tony will under no circumstances publically admit that the God of the Star is actually Asmodeus. Even his holy symbol, while it represents Asmodeus' symbol is silvery white and solid coloured. Any prayers made in public are generalistic and vague. Private prayers and rituals are very much directed to the Lord of Nine.

The Executor- This alias is used when confronting enemies, Tony Frost considers himself the Executor of Law, and when confronted with chaotic or any person(s) that do not serve his own twisted agenda, or other hostile forces he will do all in his power to demoralize, frighten, and murder his opponents (Usually in that order.)

Rhet Veiceed- An anagram of "The Deciever" Tony Frost uses this alias for those 'hard to get to opponents', as he sums up his victims weakpoints, any important information, or close family/friendships to anyone within the local community. He actually prefers these kinds of law breakers or other opponents as he has a thriving taste for assassination, he's been known to even speak with or at rare times warn his victims that they are being targetted for murder only for the joy of increasing the difficulty of his target.

Physical Attributes:

Tony Frost is slightly muscular in build, very lithe and athletic do to some of the activities required to reach his victims. He's of a generally short height, giving him a lower center of gravity that he uses to his advantage when necessary. He has short black hair, and usually has a light tan. Though he has been known to drastically change his skin tone, hairstyle, hairlength, and minor facial features as disguises. He however is branded on his upper right shoulder blade with a prison brand during his trial and conviction of a series of serial murders, the tattoo is a red cudgel with a chain wrapped around it.

History of Tony Frost:

What is recorded of Tony Frosts earlier years are that he was brought up in the Cudgel District, his parents teaching him the finer points of St. Cuthberts religion. As he grew into an adult he studied law eventually becoming a district prosecutor. He was successful to start but soon became restless with the gapping flaws in the system of justice practiced, it was very different from the laws and punishments as written. The Azure District most especially, where whalers would receive minimal punishment because of the nature of their work. After losing a major case that he had been working on because of the defendant having close ties to the Azure Districts Representative on the Dawn Council Tony snapped. His anger and frustration over the laws bending and breaking by people who were supposed to be upholding the laws surged after years of dealing with it. Tony became obssessed with his latest loss. For weeks along with his normal work he would follow the Defendant using disguises and watching his habits from afar. Whent he sailor went out to sea during whaling season and returned. He found his wife and child hanging from fish hooks left for him to find, Tony Frosts lesson of taking advantage of a bar maiden. Eventually a couple of months later, letting the emotional wounds fester Tony Frost went back and killed the sailor in his sleep.

Tony did not stop with his first victims, the thirst of meteing out the laws justice and to those that have gone unpunished would not be quenched. He stalked mostly the Azure District, The Merchant Disctrict, and the Shadowshore for victims, claiming 4 more victims over the course of 11 months before his capture in the Azure District by the City Watch during a botched break in. He would later be linked to the disappearances of a family of three, and the attempted murder of a ship captain who Tony was convinced had been selling bad whale and other fish meat to restaurant owners and butchers in the area. Tony Frost represented himself admirably and ably, but was sentenced to prison for 4 years, as the prosecution could not provide solid evidence that he had any hand in the disappearances of the small family.

Tony Frost was released 2 years early for good behavior, upon leaving he immediately was set free in the Shadowshore. After leaving the prison, his mind was working in a much stricter and twisted tone. He found general work in some of the few legitimate businesses in the area. His taste for justice did not dull however as he saw the injustices occuring every day. He vowed that he would bring order to this chaos.

Current information:

Tony Frost currently is inbetween jobs doing odd ends to get by. He's saved a lot of his money so far so that he might be able to either start a business in the Shadowshore or possibly move to a better resident in another district. He has gained infinite wisdom watching thieves, thugs, and murderers everyday. A lot of which has influenced and sharpened his skills. Working in the different businesses he's made business contacts with less official means though he usually doesn't do business with them in general. He has hired himself out for murders, seeing as most of the people he's had to kill are usually the exact kind of people he'd kill anyway he sees it as easy money. He's had various employers, Most of his work is done in the Shadowshore, but he's been known to do jobs of his own request in other districts when he feels they are low enough risk.

Basically a sociopathic serial killer.

Again, please no spoilers. Thanks for any input.

These are pretty much still a work in progress. But these are homebrewed for Sin Wizards both PC and NPC alike. They have been working pretty well so far. But I was wondering if anyone was doing anything with Sin Wizard Specializations in their campaign, if so would they like to share. Or suggestions if some of this seems too potent. (My characters are level 6 at the moment so far I only have had to deal with a Wizard of Envy and he seems to be enjoying it so far.)

Envy: Focused on the suppresion of magic other then your own.
Specialization: Abjuartion
Prohibited School: Evocation and Necromancy

Level 1 2+ saves vs magic and spell-like abilities, DR 5/Magic
Level 5 2+ caster level to Abjuration spells.
Level 10 Additional 2+ caster level to Abjuration spells.
Level 15 May re-roll the result the die roll of an abjuration spell. Second roll stands. (re-roll Dispell Checks, Spell Turning, Prismatic Wall, etc.)
Level 20

Sloth: Focused on calling agents and misions to perform your deeds for you, or use magic to create what you need as you need it.
Specialization Conjuration
Prohibited School Evocation and Illusion

Level 1 Duration of Conjuration spells are doubled.
Level 5 Summoned Creatures have an additional 2+ HD.
Level 10 Summoned Creatures have an additional 4+ to Str, Dex, and Con scores.
Level 15 Summoned Creatures have an additional 4+ bonus to Attacks Rolls, Damage Rolls, and Saves.
Level 20

Lust: Focused on using magic to control and dominate others to force them to satisfy your desires.
Specialization Enchantment
Prohibited School Necromancy and Transmutation

Level 1 2+ saves vs mind-affecting spells and spell-like abilities. 2+ Caster level to enchantment spells.
Level 5 2+ DCs to enchantment spells.
Level 10 Additional 2+ saves vs mind-affecting spells and spell-like abilities.
Level 15 2+ DCs to enchantment spells.
Level 20

Pride: Focused on the destructive powers of magic, and the use of magic to channel destructive forces.
Specialization Evocation
Prohibited School Abjuration and Conjuration

Level 1 May re-roll 1's on the results of Evocation spells. The second roll stands.
Level 5 2+ DCs to evocation spells.
Level 10 May re-roll 1's and 2's on the results of Evocation spells. The second roll stands.
Level 15 2+ DCs to evocation spells.
Level 20

Pride: Focused on using magic to perfect your own appearance and your domain through trickery and illusion.
Specialization Illusion
Prohibited School Transmutation and Conjuration

Level 1 2+ DCs to Illusion spells.
Level 5 Duration of Illusion spells are extended by half. Does not stack with Extend Spell feat.
Level 10 2+ saves vs mind-affecting spells and spell-like abilities.
Level 15 2+ DCs to Illusion spells.
Level 20

Gluttony: Focused on the use of magic to manipulate the physical self in order to maintain an unending thirst for continued life.
Specialization Necromancy
Prohibited School Enchantment and Abjuration

Level 1 2+ saves vs Death Affects and Poisons
Level 5 Undead under the control of the Sin Wizard of Gluttony have a bonus 2+ to Attack Rolls, Damage, and Saves.
Level 10 Undead created by the Sin Wizard of Gluttony have max HP/HD.
Level 15 May re-roll 1's on the results of Necromancy spells. The second roll stands.
Level 20

Greed: Focused on the use of magic to transform things into objects of greater value or use, and to enhance the physical self.
Specialization Transmutation
Prohibited School Enchantment and Illusion

Level 1 Duration of Transmutation spells extended by half. Does not stack with Extend spell.
Level 5 2+ caster level to Transmutation spells.
Level 10 2+ DCs to Transmutation spells.
Level 15 A failed Transmutation spell may automatically be re-cast the following round with a successful Concentration check as a standard action.
Level 20

comments/suggestions all welcome! Even the harsh ones, since these are all still works in progress.

My PCs investigated the misgivings thoroughly. Going through each room as they searched for their quarry. Much to my (and more importantly their) enjoyment. It was a lot of fun getting them caught up in the events that happened in some of the rooms. Needless to say they had some real bad luck on some of them. Luckily none have been added to the obituary just yet. But they've taken a lot of punishment and they were actually thinking about leaving and resting before going into the basement area (They checked the first and second floor, and most of the attic.) Battered and weakened they were about to leave when they noticed the dangers waiting outside, they quickly decided that was a bad option in their case. They decided then to hunker down in a room that 'wasn't dangerous' and nothing suspicious happened in them when they investigated.

Needless to say I wonder what I should do with them since they were pretty adamant about getting some rest to recover some and get spells back. Any suggestions?

I never thought they'd try sleeping a good 8-10 hours in this place but I guess they are desperate. :)

A player of mine is thinking of playing a warforged character. And I was wondering if they could have similar ties to their Ebberon background of being created in ancient times.

I was wondering if it would fit that they are left over from the age of the Rune Lords. Limiting them to very few in the general populous. And them not knowing anything about the Runelords either.

Possibly being created/constructed near the time of the fall of the empire but not awakened until just recently. Possibly a curious Pathfinder or other organization discovering them?

Not sure how all this would fit and if it would mess with anything in the later Pathfinder Volumes.

I don't know maybe it's just my group. But I can only recall 1 time where a anyone from group played a bard. And it was only for one session even.

Do any other groups have this kind of look for Bards?

I've tumbled across the thread about fixing Wizards. And was very interested in it. And I've decided to make a few homebrew changes to it that I think will work out pretty well.

But I also want to see if maybe there are some changes one could make to bard. I think that bards have a nice nitch that they could fill in this new world Paizo has created. Varisian Bards seem to have a new inspiring flavor that bring new life to Bards. I just figure it'd be nice to make them a bit more attractive for Players to use them.

I have some ideas, but I'm about to head off to start Burnt Offerings. But I will post them tomorrow, maybe some of you have been thinking the same thing! :)

I figured that it would be mailing out near the same time as Pathfinder#1. But I looked at my account today and it's still listed as pending.

Are these going to be mailed out after the Pathfinder Subscriptions are all taken care of? I only ask because I wanted my players to all have their own copies before we started the AP. So they could make some nice characters that blended into the game well.

I can always print off mine, but I wanted them each to have their own...........for when I kill them mercilessly and they have to make a new character. :3

To distinguish them between alignment and type?

I'm just wondering, I've always liked the idea of running into a gold dragon and not knowing if it would try to kill our group outright or not.

I'm very interested in learning more about the Rune Lords. As I think I will be able to adapt them to a campaign I was working on a few years ago.

In a home brew campaign I started to run I had a very similar design for rulers. They also, purely by chance where called Rune Lords. They rose to power after a ingenius wizard made copies of what was called the Goddess Rune. It was a rune created by the planes creator, she had a mortal avatar that she blessed with the Goddess Rune. During an all out war between Dragons and pretty much every other race that did not have draconic ties the Rune was lost. Only to be found by an arch magi who attempted to duplicate it. During the Dragon Campaign, as the dragons began to lose ground they threw up a power shield encompassing half of the entire world to seperate themselves from the other races. The magi was attempting to duplicate the Goddess Rune to hopefully use it himself, since he could not wield the original himself. When he tried he was not able to duplicate it in full effect and no rune was powerful enough to encompass more then aspect of the original. I broke the runes down into each of the base ability scores, basically one powerful rune for each stat. Eventually the Arch Magi gave those runes to his greatest minions, each of them empowered by the runes.

So basically a similar but much less indepth story. I very much like the fact that each of the Rune Lords that the Pathfinder series will be using also distinctly seperates them using the 7 Sins, since it gives them a bit of their own personality.

I look forward to seeing how these 7 Rulers develop, aswell as the Pathfinder AP as a whole! Keep up the great work!