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Acquisitives 4/5

Hilary Moon Murphy wrote:
Thank you for updating this thread every year, Stephen. I'd love to see this thread in SFS. I never know how to spend my Starfinder credits!

see SFS Items that can save you. It's quite short at the moment. Starfinder doesn't have the breadth or history of materials that Pathfinder has to draw on. It's likely that PF2 will have a rather positive impact on that.

Acquisitives 4/5

Serum of Healing, Mk1 L1 ¢100 SCRB Blk:L : std ingest|inject gain 1d8 Heal. Much the same as a Potion of Cure Light Wounds so always have 2 on you. The price scaling makes 3 Mk1's more efficient than 1 Mk2 ¢475(if you have time).

Spell Gem of Mystic Cure L1 L2 ¢140 SCRB Blk:L : cast & tch tgt, tgt heals 1d8 + WisMod. Not as cheap as serum and requires a caster. A Spell Ampoule Spell L1 -> item L3 comes in at ¢300... a heftier price.

Acquisitives 4/5

In early August things will change and we'll all roll with the changes.

Acquisitives 4/5

We all know death is an expensive and unfortunate experience, but there are some items you can buy that can help keep you alive and survive in the game...
Rather than a general gear list, let's keep it focused on real "game changers" and things that will keep you up in a scenario, and under 7500 credits.

This list contains basic core items for Home Games and SFS use (SFS--> Home Game is pretty much guaranteed for standard items).

For SFS remember to check your Reputation and Character Level as not everything is 'always available'.

Remember that Fame/credit values can be split on Raise Dead and Vendor Program bonuses make you very hard to kill... just in case you forget.

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Item name (slot/boon) Level(L)&(¢)Price credits source: short description.

MedKit, basic () L1 ¢100 SCRB: DC25 Medicine to treat deadly wounds.