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In scenario 2, scene B, it states:
"Act 2: At the start of your turn, each character must succeed at a Constitution, Fortitude, Stealth, or Survival 5 check or suffer the scourge Entangled. Then if Proxy A is displayed at your location, suffer 1 Combat damage; if Proxy B is displayed at your location, add 1 to your checks against banes this turn. Then display the proxy at the rightmost occupied location."

There is no mention of what to do with the proxy when that rightmost-occupied location closes (and thus leaves the game).
Does it hang out in limbo, if you will?
Or does it display at the new rightmost-occupied location?


Amiri has a power feat on her role card that allows her to explore after defeating a barrier. And a feat that allows her to move after her location closes.

Question is: If the henchman or villain is a barrier, and defeating them closes the location, can Amiri move and explore a different location using those two feats?

On first blush, it seems like it should. You cannot take the free explore until the encounter with the barrier is completely resolved, and resolving it includes closing the location. Do the latter, move, then do the former.

Thoughts? Thanks!

"At the end of your turn (□ or when your location closes), you may move."
"When your defeat a barrier, you may examine the top card (□ or top 3 cards) of you location deck. You may put any examined boons on the bottom of the location deck. (□ Then you may explore your location.)"

I've been working with a game store in Oak Park, in the near-west suburbs, to get the card guild up and running.
We've taught the game to a fair number of players, but just can't seem to get enough of them together at the same time to run a consistent game.

So I'm here to look for other interested parties. Preferably players who can make it out two or three times per month.
Saturday afternoon is the easiest game time for me, and we can almost always get a table at the store, but I'm open to other days based on people's schedules.

Please post here if you are interested. Thanks!