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Amiri has a power feat on her role card that allows her to explore after defeating a barrier. And a feat that allows her to move after her location closes.

Question is: If the henchman or villain is a barrier, and defeating them closes the location, can Amiri move and explore a different location using those two feats?

On first blush, it seems like it should. You cannot take the free explore until the encounter with the barrier is completely resolved, and resolving it includes closing the location. Do the latter, move, then do the former.

Thoughts? Thanks!

"At the end of your turn (□ or when your location closes), you may move."
"When your defeat a barrier, you may examine the top card (□ or top 3 cards) of you location deck. You may put any examined boons on the bottom of the location deck. (□ Then you may explore your location.)"

AFAIK, unless you auto-close from a defeated villain, attempting to close the location is part of your *exploration*, but NOT a part of your *encounter* with the Henchman. Still, Henchmen allow you to *immediately* attempt to close your location - so that post-pones any other powers triggered by the encounter.
My take is: after closing you're left with two powers that can resolve simultaneously - even if you "defeated a barrier" before "your location closed"- and so per Rulebook YOU can choose the order to resolve. So yeah, pretty much the way you see it. Amiri rocks :)

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Any powers that let you explore again must be immediately used or forfeited; can’t play cards or do other things in the meantime.

Page 7: If a card grants you an additional exploration, after you finish what you are doing, you must immediately use that exploration or forfeit it.

(Edit: originally write something else here, revising)
So, you have two “immediately” powers on defeating the henchman (attempt to close, explore again), so you choose the order. You close first, and Amiri’s “when” power lets you move as part of that. Then since you’ve finished resolving the close (moving is part of resolving that), you can explore again. This happens to be at the new location. So yeah, should work.

See also this post (and the entire thread may be worth a read; I went into a deep dive of timing stuff in the post above the linked one).

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