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This was another two session (~4 hour) grind, with Curses a-plenty for our intrepid adventurers making everything more difficult. More than once we finally got rid of a particularly annoying one just to get it right back at the next opportunity. I once again got to enjoy the Curse of Fevered Dreams for most of the game, while Oloch had a bad batch of Poisoning. ::sigh::

We ran into a Living Sandstorm at one point; when we found the resulting Sandstorm later on the Baited Jewel Box was on top of the deck, adding more things to do and causing some of those cards to get banished when the wrong character ran into them later. We hit the Villain twice before getting it and the Jewel Box to the bottom of the deck; thankfully we didn't have to shuffle the deck again.

After all that, though, we'd gotten down to just the Villain remaining with one cycle of turns to go. Damiel distracted a chain-summoned creature while Padrig and his supply of Monsters were able to defeat the main summon and (thanks to a 3 and 1 on the 2d4) the final roll, defeating the Villain! No good upgrades, sadly, but everyone was just happy we finished the AP!

I think we're going to try the capstone next time; the group was mixed on the idea but I'd really like to make an attempt at it.

Looking ahead to next year and a new campaign, we might be taking some of the...less savory characters into Tapestry's Tides. I'm personally looking forward to not playing a pure support character. :)

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Another long fail this week with 3-6D.

During setup we decided to try what worked for 3-6A: multiple Elemental Treaties, some Curse removal, damage reduction substitution Items, and so on. Sadly, the group started with none of these things. I got lucky and acquired a helmet on my first turn that saved me from the curse at the end (I still took some damage, just not the Scourge) but after that there were plenty of Scourges and other Curses to go around.

It took a couple times around the table before we found our first Henchman...who is a tough fight and doesn't let you close the location. Sigh. Not too long after we grouped up for Curing purposes, and found the Villian for the first time. Thanks to lack of cards in hand and the initial damage we weren't able to defeat her, so we lost a round of turns and gathered more Curses. :(

By the end three of us had no hands, so we could do our final explores with no concern for the consequences. ("Before You Act damage plus two Combat checks! I'll just roll 3d10 so you can grab some Scourges.") This caused us to run out of Curses of Poisoning. If you were to set that aside, I would have had 7 of them along with their good friends Curse of Fevered Dreams, Curse of Withering, Curse of the Sphinx, Curse of the Mummy, and a Symbol of Fear for good measure.

One thing we exploited is how the Curse of Fevered Dreams partially negates Curses of Poisoning: since they're all happening at the same time you can choose the order, so do all of the Poisoning first then Dream up some more cards.

The worst part was that we got exactly one AD6 card: an Armor that nobody wanted (because switching away from reveal cards is suicide). The only upgrade taken was one AD4 Blessing.

So What's Wrong, Mike?

Well, what's "wrong" is that these have been slogs. Playing for three hours, one of which is "we're going to lose but we can't just skip to the end because of the ongoing damage so we might as well look for boons" (and get basically nothing out of it) is not fun. Building up Curses while you burn through the decks to close locations isn't fun. The tower looked like it was going to be bad for our group, but it "just" took a long time and a lot of help with checks. 3-6A was our longest one yet, taking over six hours in two sessions.

Also not fun is considering having the group look at their starting hands, decide it's not worth even trying, and doing nothing but take damage for 30 turns so we can start over. (That this suggestion was even brought up is a sign, I think.)

Anywho, if anyone has advice for 3-6D other than "get luckier with your initial card draw" I'm all ears. Otherwise, well, at least I got to vent. :)

One other question: is Season 4 this bad? (I'm not sure Season 5 will be an option, given the file problems.)

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I've been putting together a website that shows the Guild-legal pregen characters and their decks in a format suitable for play or filling out a sheet. Take a look at:

I'd love to get feedback! If you're seeing a visual issue, please include as much of the following information as you can:

- OS and Version
- Device (for mobile devices like phones and iOS/Android tablets)
- Screen/Window Resolution (for desktops/laptops/Windows tablets)
- Browser Name (version may also be helpful)
- Link to a Screenshot

Hope this helps.

I put together a summary of the PFSACG Accessory Perks and Retail Incentives benefits in the same format as the Character Tents. Remind your Guild groups how supporting their stores also helps them in their games!

You can find it with my other PACG play aids at


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Sparked by a discussion on the Guild forum, I've been playing with some slightly different layouts for the recording sheets used in Guild games.

So far I've put together a couple variations on fill-in-the-blank headers and a pair of Scenario blocks. I also did a sample page with pre-filled Scenario and Adventure Rewards, which is a lot easier to read than my handwriting. :)

If you'd like to take a look, you can get the file here:

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I've been creating character tents for use with the PACG. At some venues space can be at a premium; tents can help you save space over the character sheets by extending your character information into the third dimension!

Each tent has all of your character's statistics on the side facing you, while the side facing the others has your character's name and picture as well as spots for your name and your character's PFS number. I haven't done the base sets yet, but all of the class decks are there. (The monks are missing their pictures, as those hadn't been released as of the last time I was working on these.)

You can download the files from my website: PACG Page at ESG Labs.

If you try them out, let me know how they work for you and your group!