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No posts. Organized Play character for Parody.

Organized Play Characters

The Rake
Sovereign Court Alcen Eiron

Male Human (Taldan) Investigator 3 (0 posts)
Arnistolientar Popswicker
Liberty's Edge Tremmet Trimblewicket

Male Gnome Sorcerer 4 (0 posts)
Silver Crusade Kaelendel Eiron

Male Elf Bard 13 (0 posts)
Market Patron
The Exchange Xinto Letios

Male Tiefling Magus (Bladebound Hexcrafter) 4 (0 posts)
Chung Po
Scarab Sages Tak Hwan-sung

Male Human (Tian-Hwan) Oracle of Life 5 (0 posts)
Grand Lodge Valder Stonehand

M Dwarf Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) 8 (0 posts)
Trinia Sabor
Silver Crusade Alennia Tarniel

Female Aasimar Cleric 2 (0 posts)
Kaerishiel Neirenar
Grand Lodge Kelem, Son of the Sky

Male Elf (Snowcaster) Ranger (Falconer) 1 (0 posts)
Azmur Kell
The Exchange Coril Seedsinger

Male Half-Elf Druid 1 (0 posts)
Dark Archive Zelanna

Female Aasimar (Peri-blooded) Witch 4 (0 posts)

Scarab Sages Aldorion

Male Half-Elf Wizard 1 (0 posts)
Grand Lodge Bjorn Arnarson

Male Dwarf Fighter 1 (0 posts)

Grand Lodge Michael Miller 600
(0 posts)

Acquisitives Gilmar Pantone

Male Human Envoy (0 posts)

Sorcerer Sorcerer Deck - Valendron

Sorcerer Sorcerer Deck - Amaryllis

Sorcerer Sorcerer Deck - Qualzar

Sorcerer Sorcerer Deck - Seoni

Ranger Ranger Deck - Harsk

Ranger Ranger Deck - Agna

Bard Bard Deck - Lem

Bard Bard Deck - Siwar

Wizard Wizard Deck - Ezren

Wizard Wizard Deck - Radillo

Druid Druid Deck - Gronk

Gunslinger Gunslinger Deck - Skizza

Barbarian Barbarian Deck - Ostog

Gunslinger Gunslinger Deck - Angban

Magus Magus Deck - Talitha

Rogue Rogue Deck - Jirelle (Unlocked by 0-1)

Witch Witch Deck - Raheli

Ultimate Magic Ultimate Magic Deck - Enora

Horizon Hunters Halindar Eiron

M Elf Bard 1 (0 posts)

Vigilant Seal Arnek Stonehand

Male Dwarf Barbarian 6 (0 posts)

Grand Archive Gerard Louis Berenger

Human Wizard 3 (0 posts)

Envoy's Alliance Krig Swifthand

Halfling Rogue 1 (0 posts)

Radiant Oath Ransuer the Rescuer

Male Human Champion (Liberator) 1 (0 posts)
Vigilant Seal Maximilian Sokolov

M Human Dhampir Sorcerer (Undead) 1 (0 posts)

Liberty's Edge Kemmet Trimblewicket - Dead

Male Gnome Bard 1 (0 posts)


Planar Alchemical Catalyst
Sovereign Court Amaryllis Eiron
(20 posts)
Grand Lodge Captain Jirelle
(0 posts)
Member of the Ninth Battalion
Dolgar Thunderfist

Male Dwarf Magus 16 (0 posts)
Silver Crusade Michael "Parody" Miller
(0 posts)
Siwar Kurash
Scarab Sages Siwar the Manipulator

Female Human Bard 5.3 (11 posts)