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Brilliant game so far, feels very raw and magical and adventurous to me right now. (I love it)

Some features need to be removed to improve the Alpha build. ( Which I think says a good thing about your progress so far)

  • Remove monster hit-point/stamina bar [unless I have anatomy skill or a wondrous item of see hitpoint bar]
  • Remove Global Chat [unless everyone has a linked crystal ball or telepathic bonds]
  • Remove the World Map [let me buy a map or learn cartography skill]
  • Remove the Nav Map [Unless I have tracking skill engaged, let me physically spot enemies/players or learn what different resource nodes look like. Could take advantage of perception/awareness skills]
  • Remove the Numbers from the Damage [ Hit/Miss/Critical or maybe the dice roll I got ]
  • Remove some of the Character Sheet [ unless I have good appraisal skill, I don’t need this cheap way out to semi-identify items for me by figuring out which armor gives more resistance or protection while quickly changing between armors and looking for the differences]

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In a hypothetical situation, an item duplication bug is found, what will Goblin Works official response be? (ElderScrolls Online just experienced a massive item dupe bug/exploit)
I know most of it will depend on what technology or how far back the logs go to index items and actions.
But I am curious because some exploit will eventually be found, and there never seems to be a contingency plan, and its always knee-jerk reactions at the time.
Can we crowdforge it out before it eventually happens?

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How creative will the game let us get?
Im trying to make a case for Emergent Gameplay via verb-noun parsing for objects in the game to fully experience the sandbox and PnP creativity we associate with PathFinder. The introduction of the "keyword" system for crafting in the Murder by numbers blog brought this to my mind.

Could I cast an anti-magic field, cast shrink on some boulders. Pick up now pebble sized boulders and throw them through the anti-magic field at my enemies? With the pebbles turning back into boulders once they hit the anti-magic field.

Could I put hidden explosive wards or runes on some arrows, so they explode when notched?

Could I pay a Necromancer to make a clone of me. Armor and arm the clone and hide him in my merchant caravan. Disguise myself as a merchant and get the surprise attack on some bandits when they kill me?

Could I incapacitate someone, store their soul in a magic jar, posses their body and then pretend to be them? Even accessing their secure bank vault in town?

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I would like to make a graphic novel documenting my Character's story in PFO after playing for a few years (or even a web comic).
Would I be allowed to? Do I explicitly need to ask for permission?
Will I end up having to modify it so that it has no association or resemblance to PFO?

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Oculus demo

I always wanted a rpg that used forced first person perspective.
seeing that this oculus is compatible with unity and is now being offered to developers. it seems like the perfect match?

I have been impressed by how intelligent and knowledgeable the GoblinWorks employees are in terms of MMOs and game design.
We as a community could easily share thousands of years of experience from hundreds of different games for their consumption.
Please stick to game mechanics, exploits, design, bugs, community and game play relevant to Pathfinder Online