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Where other classes have feats that let you choose bits and pieces of the class features sorcerers are lock down into their bloodlines.

Instead I think there should just be a series of sorcerer feats you purchase and build as your own bloodlines rather than set ones.

Where druids choose an order, you might choose a power source e.g. divine, primal, arcane.. then you can choose feats like elemental which gives you heighten to spells with your element... that way you might choose primal and elemental feats to reflect you being from a dragon heritage or elemental... let the players choose the fluff that surrounds it.

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Lucas Yew wrote:
My only big peeve with Sorcs is that they STILL rely on the existence of a tongue and a free hand to control their inborn magical talent. It's just so wrong in feel...

I see why they do it in this new action economy, but I agree with the feel, I don't mind some type of action as it makes sense they need to focus the power through some type of action (I can't help but this of Prue in Charmed, or picturing someone gathering fire into their hands before flinging it in front of them).

I agree I would like a more build your own sorcerer feel (feat based purchases) with some example packages provided for those who don't want too.

In the play test I ended up with Fey, when really I would have loved a fire elemental bloodline but it was not a choice.

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Could anyone help me figuring out how many actions a trained animal gets. I had assumed it would be the standard 2 minion actions, but after some debate I can't find it anywhere in the rules where it stipulates non companions?

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Michael Foster 989 wrote:

Is this a home game party or for actual PFS events and cons?

There is a series of PFS games at a local con we are hoping to do the run through about 6 or 7 of them.

Great idea about the spell cards, I will make sure we all have them as it will definitely save a lot of time.

I like the gunslinger/gun tank option, unfortunately doesn't fit the theme, which also makes the first level of fighter (which would normally make perfect sense in this build) not an option. If it was not starting a first level I think I definitely would have taken one of those options.

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Warboss666 wrote:

In addition to Accelerated Drinker you could take:

Armour Expert, Bullied or Reactionary.

Unfortunately all four are combat perks (including Accelerated Drinker) and you can only have one of each type. I though about Soul Drinker but it takes an immediate action and likely to be only 1 or 2 hp early on.

El Baron de los Banditos wrote:
Largely-irrelavent Side note: The Spellslinger Archetype is not PFS-legal.

Can you advise why so I can pass it onto my mate.

Yeah I am hoping to go single class to keep the theme, so I might consider either dropping power attack, and replacing it and improved unarmed strike with die hard and endurance.

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Warboss666 wrote:
To make better use of the sneak attack from the rogue class, take the bomb discovery 'Force Bomb' when you can and with a bit of teamwork, you can keep the enemy on the ground drink a mutagen, then beat it into the ground doing extra damage.

Thanks Warboss, I am getting the sneak attack from Vivisectionist which gives up my bombs not from the Rogue class. Actually I do get them with 2nd Master chymist which is 8 levels away. But assumed as they are quiet weak they would not be very useful.

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Good Morning

I need some help making a tank alchemist for PFS, we have a party of magic users/university as the theme of the group. It’s looking life a master summoner, gnome pyromancer, inquisitor of knowledge (whip based), Spell Slinger and a Oracle Seer.

So the general idea is I will be the front liner hopefully receiving flanking from the master summoners minions. I took the two armour feats in order to increase my AC to starve of as many hits as possible. The idea behind the Vestigial discovery is to allow the character to keep using his long spear in the first round of combat will imbuing his mutagen. I did consider half orc to get the best of staying up with negative hit points but I did not think it would work.


Traits: Accelerated Drinker & ??

Race: Human

1st: Alchemist/Beastmorph/Vivisectionist 1: Alchemy, Sneak Attack 1d6, Brew Potion, Mutagen, Throw Anything, Feat: Medium Armour Proficiency Human Feat: Heavy Armour Proficiency
2nd: Alchemist 2: Discovery: Feral Mutagen, Poison Resistance +2, Poison Use,
3rd: Alchemist 3: Sneak Attack 2d6, Beastform Mutagen, Feat: Extra Discovery: Spontaneous Healing (Ex)
4th: Alchemist 4: Discovery: Vestigial Arm, Str +1
5th: Alchemist 5: Sneak Attack 3d6, Poison Resistance +4 Feat: Improved unarmed strike
6th: Alchemist 6: Discovery: Lingering Spirit, Improved Beastform Mutagen,
7th: Alchemist 7: Sneak Attack 4d6, Feat: Powerattack
8th: Master Chymist 1: Bomb-Thrower, Mutagenic Form, Mutate 2/day, Str +1
9th: Master Chymist 2: Advanced Mutagen: Extended Mutagen, Bomb 1d6, Feat: Unarmed Strike
10th: Master Chymist 3: Brutality +2
11th: Master Chymist 4: Advanced Mutagen: Furious Mutagen, Bomb 2d6, Feat: Weapon Focus Claws

Edit: Totally forgot about combat expertise needed for Gangup, swapped it for earlier improved unarmed strike

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Qik wrote:

Grr I thought I just moved it down guess I have no spare feats, mind you I am only starting at level 1 I do like to get a good idea of where I am heading at the start otherwise you can totally miss the mark with the starting traits/.

leo1925 wrote:

Ok first of all where is Piranha strike? (i suspect that you can't spare the points for STR 13 and power attack right?)
Also i don't like that bleeding attack rogue talent, it doesn't stack.

Yeah just not enough stat to go around for power attack, and I have removed bleeding attack from the last listed build.

Quick draw is so I can move and draw extra daggers if I need to move around the battle field which I would imagine I will need to do with a range over only 10.

Nos wrote:

I would be a little bit worried your int is so low, i would sacrifice the constitution for more skills, plus if you roll carp you can take the bonus human skill/hit point and let it float which ever way you want.

Int 14 is to low, I could sacrifice strength and Con to 8 I guess but I am fear thats only one extra skill. Yeah I intend to stay human now the extra feat at the start so I can get two weapon fighting and weapon finesse is to important.

Nos wrote:

Not having read the carrion crown i would wonder about the undead, and bladed weapons vs undead, they have resistance to slashing and piercing right?

That is an issue I had not actually considered, thankful I still get sneak attack damage but I guess that still needs to go against the DR. I beleive there are definitely undead wandering around.

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Yeah I definitely a fan of the throwing knives idea. And if I got two weapon fighting I get to throw 2 daggers at the start, or use them in hand to hand combat.

Deft Palm sounds cool but I really do not know when it would be that useful and while underhandled is cool with it only being able to use my Char modifier per day I do not think it would be all that effective.

Updated my build still not sure about the Talents and Feats now.

Str 10
Dex 16 (+2 Human)
Con 12
Int 14
Wis 11
Cha 12
Traded Int for Cha.

Rogue 1/Knife Master
Lvl 1 Feat: Two Weapon Fighting Human Feat: Weapon Finesse
Lvl 2: Rogue Talent: Combat Trick : Quick Draw
Lvl 3: Point Blank Shot
Lvl 4: Rogue Talent: Surprise Attack
Lvl 5: Gang Up
Lvl 6: Rogue Talent: Fast Stealth
Lvl 7:
Lvl 8: Combat Trick: Improved two-weapon fighting
Lvl 9: Agile Maneuvers
Lvl 10: Rogue Talent: Improved evasion
Lvl 11: Improved Critical
Lvl 12: Rogue Talent: Feat: Improved Dirty Trick

Skills: Acrobatics, Bluff, Diplomacy, Disable Device, Disquise, Linguistics, Perception, Intimidate, Stealth, Sleight of Hand, and Use Magic Device.

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Ambrus wrote:
The means to do so depend heavily on who the intended recipient and which sourcebooks are available. Those with spellcasting class levels possess some options while others with the Use Magic Device skill have access to other alternatives. More information would help.

In a campaign and I believe we are about to go fight an undead army, there are going to be no doubt allot of foes floating around trying to draining levels, doing negative energy damage (inflict) and so forth.

I was hoping to figure out a way for my necromancer (now undead himself) to cast undead anatomy on the rest of the party so they would be immune to it thus ignoring the biggest danger.

The party is about 15th level now. I am the only arcane caster, then we have a bard and a ranger and some other interesting things.

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Hi Guys and Gals,

I was wondering about the ways you can get away with casting (or at least getting them cast it on them selves) spells with the target you.

Obviously single use items and potions work, to a lesser degree wands because then they have to do a use magical item check which is likely to be difficult.

thanks for any advice

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I think it requires some investigation first, there is a strong possibility that these tribes meet rather regularly, for some type of religious or trading reasons.

Use the wonderful dominate power or some nice illusions to mess with the peace to start the war as described, in addition poisoning some of the wells is likely to lead to a war as I am sure there is limited water in the desert.

Framing up one of cheiftains as betraying the others works well if the dominate is not really an option.

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Although the ring requires you to wear it for 24hrs I beleive before it works, which is a rather powerful restriction.

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I could imagine a rather jealious and insane wizard who has mastered some rather rare and powerful magic not wanting it to fall into someone elses hands.

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mdt wrote:

Much like in the Dresden files, I think an argument could be made for 'animal undead are not inherently evil'...

...except that the undead template confers evil automatically.

I would love to see an undead template that didn't automatically make them evil. There are good lich templates in Forgotten Realms (if I'm remembering correctly).

I've always liked the idea of noble warriors being entombed and turned into undead who await Ragnarok (or some other world shaking catastrophe) and then move out to fight the minions of evil with a prayer on their undead lips. :)

The game we are playing its perfectly okay for me to animate undead as a good character. The dead are raised to protect the community and its a great honour to be brought back after you died, and considering its an atheist community there is no issue as no ones beleives in souls and such things.

I was more disgruntled at I could not pull of the evil tricks as barrels of undead swarm making and such.

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Damn, stupid Necromancer (wizard) being good... can not do any of these tricks....

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Sweet Sweet rules on sacrficing poeple to magic your magic more powerful and cool feats about selling your soul.

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Thalin wrote:

79 - Goblin Tinkering - Turns a pile of junk into a construct with random powers

80 - Improved Goblin Tinkering - As Goblin Tinkering, but you may choose half of the powers of the construct

81 - Goblin Guile - Target gains 6 Intelligence, but loses 6 Wisdom

They are awesome Thalin, I love gobbers with a passion and love the fact they are far more playable in pathfinder.

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Studpuffin wrote:
Wyldfire wrote:
71: Baleful Reincarnation - Kills and reincarnates the subject
Remind me to not play with you as GM. o_O

Lol was actually got approved from an previous GM who was running a druid game (basically we where also druids), was a higher level spell and I used to cast it on people who abused nature. We where not a very freindly group and sought to recapture cities for nature.

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71: Baleful Reincarnation - Kills and reincarnates the subject