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Orthos wrote:
Kirth Gersen wrote:

You know, for kids to be born, their parents probably had sex at that point. That's a direct link between children and adult sexual activity, and I intend to prosecute under it, to the full extent of the law. ALL PARENTS GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL. DO NOT PASS "GO." DO NOT COLLECT $200.

We are all criminals, just waiting for a jury to convict us.

I'm not married and am of a "no premarital sex" morality, so I swear off ever marrying and I'm clear?

Your lack of activity may actually encourage others to engage in early sexual behavior, because they "don't wanna be like the prude-dude."

Conversely, your single status Joe Cool coolness may actually discourage others from engaging in a healthy, adult relationship, which otherwise would naturally result in a "good Christian, American marriage." In this way, your life encourages promiscuity and early sexual behavior in minors.

We'll hold the cell door open for you...

Dark Archive

It's only recognizable if you are familiar with the bag. Otherwise, there is not enough of the trademark name, symbol and associated font to definitively be a Crown Royal bag. To the uninitiated, it's a gaudy purple bag with the word 'Royal' embroidered in gold thread, Palace font; nothing more.