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Getting extra add ons when casting spells is something that I think feels really cool so I was bummed out when it doesn’t work for cantrips.

I actually like the four slot system to show that a magus *can* do normal wizard things if they had to but that’s not why they went to magic university.

I don’t mind that my murder wizard can only cast discern lies a few times a day but I feel like I should be able to cast something to the effect of mirror image or shocking grasp forever given a high enough level

That being said I was wondering if having feats that added to the list of spell effects a Magus could replicate short for a round whenever they cast any spell. Something like

MIRROR SHATTER- free action once a round-
When ever you cast a spell you some 1 image of yourself as per the spell mirror image. If the spell was from the illusion school add 2 images instead

This way a Magus could get a long list a abilities that they could customize over their career.

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Am I correct in thinking that everything with the mental trait activates?

If so, it lets someone detect lies at a lower level and more accurately. Also someone asking to pass the salt and their head exploding is a funny visual.

The ninja archetype actually has a better death attack then the assassin. I would suggest alchemist if you want to be a poisony type character.

If you want to craft poisons the master alchemist feat is pretty cool.

The raging deathblow feat has similiar wording and states that when you rest you lose any bonus rage rounds you might have. So I'm pretty sure you can go above your starting rage rounds.

Since the feat just requires the ability to cast divine spells I think you could go Cleric 5\ Dragon Disciple x. However, the feat also says that the casting Progresses for a spontaneous class so you would be stuck at 3rd level spells.

What is your party's make up? I say this because at that level things like fly are very real things and capturing your party maybe way more difficult to capture without fiat. If it is obvious to the party that they are overwhelmed they can always just leave.

If there is someone that needs a particular item to function (holy symbols, spellbooks, or alchemy labs) they may feel like you are taking away there characters away.

If this plot thread happens you can be sure that everyone will contingencies incase something like this every happens again.

Once bitten, shoot every animal with teeth on sight.

I got away so I guess I am going to live out the rest of my life in rural farm towns and a metropolis that I can never ever, ever go back to.

I think I have a record for a bounty of 300k. This to much to just handout and needs to be in property or something. I now need to make a clone so I can become a kingpin.

I need to be paraniod about bounty hunters though.

My character was a wizard\ razmiran priest. However, since we use homebrew gods I talked to my gm if I could try to make razmiran as a completly fictional character that she would use to gain power slowly and be more like a real world cult leader.

She is hard lawful evil and was in the "don't destroy theworld it's whe here all my stuff is". While she feels her companions are family she does not like people beneath her.

I think I went over board because I earlier got away with everything before this with rediculous skill checks and being able to blame the changling witch for things and most town folk would believe it.

As the player in question, I only acted after the monk slaughtered a handful of commoners with a homebrew bow. The item is a bow that once a round casts a random harmful spell at the target. The spell he got was snowball swarm.

The next campaign that my DM is running is starting at level 12, which higher than most usually end. The catch my DM came up with is that we all receive 1/4 the starting gold and the magic wal-mart has gone out of business.

With this in mind, I would like to know if there are any tactics or items that would help the group deal with CR appropriate encounters. I am worried about DR and high saving throws.

My party is a Order of the dragon Cav, Stonelord Paladin, Order the Cockatrice Sword Saint, Healbot Cleric, and Transmuter Wizard.

We are allowed to start with magical items but it will be all we have for a while.