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Hey, I'm really interested in picking up one of your card bundles (and I already have some dungeonmorph dice from the kickstarter, which are awesome!). The checkout system on your site just locks up on my browser after entering my zip code on the "cart" screen.

I don't have as much of a problem with this feat as many here, I suppose. It can be really strong if power gamed, but you should probably come up with a good story reason for your new companion, and maybe not have them contribute directly very often.

In my case, I played a LE cleric of Asmodeus in Wrath of the Righteous from Cheliax that wanted to prove himself to his family by establishing a foothold of Cheliaxian law in the Worldwound. I ended up taking leadership and didn't even bother building the cohort, I just designated him as my second-in-command to spread the unholy word around the camps. The plan was then to have the low-level mass amount of followers basically be the foundation of a new church. I was then going to take the mythic power Divine Source, and essentially become the new thing they worship that gives them power.

Of course, my GM took offense to this plan and had 5 teleporting demons warp adjacent to me and spear me to death (and my body, for 3 rounds afterwards). Plans never quite work out. Oh well.

Hi, I've been getting the paizo error page pretty frequently lately. I was just able to recreate it in Firefox 48 and Chrome 52.0.2743.116 on Ubuntu 14.04.

Signing in takes me immediately to the error page. I can access the messageboards by going directly to secure.paizo.com/messageboards and it seems to work fine (including being properly logged in). Using the site-wide search crashes pretty frequently, but not always. I just tested with "asdf" and then "kobold quarterly" and the latter has crashed for me every time, but "asdf" worked fine.

Happy to post other info if you need it.

So, I've been playing the game for a while now, but I've only ever run Adventure Paths and done some PFS games. I've collected a ton of Pathfinder material, though, and I'm really interested in using it to begin creating my own settings and campaigns.

My big question is; where do you start? It seems like there are nearly an unlimited number of things you could prep and add detail to. What techniques do you guys use to start fleshing out a world and its driving forces? Also, please feel free to share any blogs/articles that help inspire you.

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@DM Papa.DRB

Honestly, that sounds like a bug that should be reported to the developers of Fixit and Nitro. It's more likely that the issue is on their end.

If you're using an Android tablet, I highly recommend SmartQ Reader. It's the fastest loading PDF reader on Android that I've come across.


Just picked this up during the great golem sale. It was $5 then, and up to $9 now, but I was just reading through it yesterday and it is a very nice book. Full of information.

When you say to pledge for the revised original dice as another dice set, if I want the original 3 plus 1 new set, should I pick the $20 level and pledge $80? Or do I pledge for the $80 level for 4 sets and specify that I want the original 3 as well?

I'd suggest Rise of the Drow. Level 7-18, with a prologue available that takes you from 1-6 and an epilogue that takes you from 18-20.

Also the quality of the book is awesome.

Bump. I understand you guys are massively backlogged, but it's now been almost 3 weeks since i sent out my original email. I fear I'm getting buried under issues coming from the big sale going on.

I sent a reply choosing your option of sending me a replacement book and having me ship back my defective one. I haven't seen a response to this yet, though. Is everything on track to send out this new copy?

Thanks as always for the help!

What's the sunder against? How much HP and hardness do a user's shadow have? I'd say that rather than wording the 8th level ability as a sunder check, that you word it as some sort of check against their caster level / hit dice/ something else.

I'm not familiar with the MTG material, but based on other people's feedback, it seems like planeswalkers are a pretty powerful thing, eh? A lot of powerful abilities (like plane shift) that you would want to give early on to fit the theme, but feel are a bit too powerful to give so early. So, I want to propose a different approach.

How about instead of making this a player class, you instead make it a Mythic Path? Then you can work within the existing spell system, but drop color themed abilities on top of your spells on the fly by spending Mythic Power.

And this talk about manifesting different colors of mana sounds kind of clunky, tbh. It is going to greatly complicate a player's turn, I think. How about, instead, you draw mana power from the type of land you are currently interacting with? I.E. reach your hand into a nearby bonfire or desert terrain belowfoot to manifest red mana power, water for blue, trees/grass for green, etc? It would add a lot of flavor and fun feel to your class, I think. You'd have the theme of being very in-tune with whatever your environmental plane happens to be.

I've followed up again too, looking forward to your assistance.


Java and JavaScript are two different things, just FYI.

Car is to carpet as Java is to JavaScript.


I sent an email to customer.service@paizo.com on Sun Sept 21 about this issue, but other than an automated response I haven't heard anything back. I figured I'd post here about it just incase the email was missed.

Basically, the issue is that my copy of Rise of the Drow is missing pages 1-15, so the first page that appears is page 16 immediately after the table of contents pages. I have pictures of the issue attached to the email that I sent out, and I can provide them here also if needed.

I'm really happy with the book otherwise, as I received an autographed copy (which I didn't really expect). The missing pages contain all the backstory and setup to the adventure, though, so I basically can't run the beginning of it straight from the book.

I appreciate your help to resolve this issue. Thanks in advance!

Simple and obvious enough to solve. Clearly a minor oversight. Allow it to skalds in your game as a class skill. Please, let's not turn this into another "the ACG is terrible, the sky is falling" thread.

I just got to play with this guy at a Golem Arcana demo today. The game was a really good time, this guy was enormous, and the paint quality was pretty nice.

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Wannabe Demon Lord wrote:

I've been working on consolidating all of my monster wishes into one giant list. I haven't added descriptions yet (I will), but here it is:

1. Aatxe
2. Abaasy
3. Abada
4. Abura Sumashi
5. Achelous
6. Achiyalabopa
7. Achkay
8. Adjule
9. Adroanzi
10. Adze
11. Aeternae
12. Afanc
13. Aglebemu
14. Agloolik
15. Agrios
16. Ah Muzen Cab
17. Ahool
18. Ahuehuetl
19. Aigamuxa
20. Aipalookvik


Wow. That's... an impressive list.

You can get on the mythic mania train!
https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/legendarygames/mythic-mania-three-myth ic-rulebooks-for-pathfinder?ref=nav_search

Mythic Spell Companion, Mythic Monster Manual, Mythic Hero's Handbook all in hardcover.

The kickstarter is over, but I'm sure these will all be available from legendary games after the kickstarter is fulfilled.

EDIT: I just saw that you are aware of the 3rd party support, but I guess I have to plug it anyway. I'm of the opinion that only allowing Paizo sources is a little bit silly these days, considering how high-quality the content from most of the 3rd party publishers is.

Interesting. The forums work great using Chrome on my Nexus 7. Are you using the older "Internet" browser that included on all <4.1 versions of android? If so, I'd say the problem lies with that browser's rendering engine and not Paizo's site.

Who? What is the source material for this character?

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Hey all,

So, I'm going to be doing a homebrew campaign set in Cheliax. Devils are going to be a big theme, and I had the idea of having public "contract houses" where anybody can freely and legally take part, provided they have something of value to a devil to trade.

Anyone want to help me come up with some interesting deals? I would ideally like to have a list to draw from for my campaign that would cover people from all walks of life. Political deals of the elite, deals for commoners, even slaves would have the rights to make these deals.

Looking forward to the creativity of the community.

Seconded on nexus 7 with chrome browser. Sounds like a chrome mobile issue and not a device specific issue.

I'm excited to see if we hit 30k and unlock mythic psionics! It would go awesomely with the copy of Ultimate Psionics that I have on preorder :-D. Let's make it happen guys!

137ben wrote:

I have a question:

I see it is $75 for all three PDFs. How does that compare to the expected prices once they come out?
I want all three (PDF only), and I want to support the kickstarter, I just don't want to be spending too much more than I would be if I waited.

Anyways, for future stretch goals, have you considered trying to get either Steven Russell or Mark Gedak involved?
I've enjoyed pretty much all of Steven's work so far and would love to see some of it mythicized.

And, while I really doubt it will happen given how busy he is, if one or more stretch goals involved Rich Burlew I think a lot of people would be very happy about it...

IMO, even if you save nothing compared to when the books eventually launch, funding now vs later helps increase the quality of the books (by funding stretch goals). So, even if the books are the same price when they launch, it is still worthwhile to back the project early.

If you can use Ultimate Psionics as source material (pdf is currently available), then you could create an Aegis. I believe I read about an archetype that modifies their body instead of creating armor.

EDIT: It's the Aberrant archetype.

Hey all,

So, I'm looking to play an oracle with the metal mystery for an upcoming campaign. Now, at level 10 that mystery will grant me the bonus spell Major Creation (metal items only). If you look at the description for minor creation, it says that you must succeed a relevant Craft skill check for complex items.

I would like to take a craft skill for character backstory, and it got me thinking; what creative uses can you guys come up with for this spell with various craft skills? At the level this unlocks, I would get 10 cubic feet of metal to play with.

Would I be able to use this spell to create objects with mechanical parts, like a portcullis?

Could I create anything fun like small siege weaponry?

I'd love to have a craft skill that could enhance my character backstory while adding really fun options for use with this spell!