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I might be reading too much into it but I think crossbow ace is a bit confusingly worded:

Crossbow Ace wrote:
When you use Hunt Target or when you use Interact to reload your crossbow, if your next Strike with that crossbow before the end of your next turn is against your hunted target, add half your Wisdom modifier to your damage roll; if you are firing a simple crossbow on a qualifying attack, also increase the damage dice on that attack by one size (see page 91).

What exactly is a "simple crossbow"? Is it all crossbows that are simple weapons (i.e. all crossbows)? Is it the crossbow that is just named "crossbow" as opposed to the heavy & hand crossbows?

If it's the former, then the wording is a bit redundant. If the latter, a bit confusing!

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So I'm running my group through CotCT, and have been throwing in a few extras to pad out the earlier chapters (I wanted them to feel like a decent amount of time passes in books 1 and 2). To cut a long story short, an ill fated Sable Company expedition into the sewers ended up with only one survivor, babbling that there is something Ancient and Evil under the city. He is of course referring to

Sorshen and her vampiric horde

I'd like to get Sorshen more involved in the campaign. Partly because one of my players knows a bit too much about the story as it currently stands, and partly because our group love us some Runelords. My question is, any suggestions for how?

I've thought about dialing down Kazavon a bit, and replacing some of the campaign related to him with stuff focused on Sorshen.

Possible ideas include:

Reskinning the brotherhood of bones to be cultists of a different runelord (possibly necromancy)

Moving the sunken queen to the dungeons under Castle Korvosa.

Effectively replacing Kazavon with Sorshen entirely (could be a lot of work, and might be too powerful)

Setting Kazavon up as a champion/consort/ally of Sorshen

Adding in a "book 7" in which Sorshen rises and threatens the city.

Has anybody done anything similar? Got any suggestions or warnings?

Does anyone know of any APs, or modules, that feature prophecies as an important part of the plot?

I was wondering if there are any Pathfinder modules or adventure paths that have a "religious prophecy" kind of feel to them, or story elements based around that kind of thing?

Preferably a more railroad-y type adventure, as this is for a first time DM.

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Thought I'd share mine and my girlfriend's attempt at making a Paizo Goblin Cake

So one of my players is Ameiko's rather arrogant younger brother (a Samurai), and he's decided not to tell Ameiko about the note he found in the hilt of the whispering shrike (He's also not showed it to any of the other party members - just invited them to come to Brinewall with him to claim a family treasure).

Obviously this will bring up some issues with assembling a caravan (I don't think any of the PCs are particularly good friends with Sandru) but I think it could still be done.

When the party recovers the Amatatsu seal I was planning on still having it show Ameiko on the throne (and possibly having her dream about it), but I'm wondering about changing some of the adventure leading up to that, especially with regards to the Kami.

As the younger brother is technically an heir to the Amatatsu throne, I was thinking the Kami should attempt to possess him in the same way it does with Ameiko. Because I don't want to rule one of my party out of several sessions (and deprive the party of its only front line fighter) I think that making him comatose isn't really going to work. Does anyone have any clever ideas for an alternative?

My current plan is to start making him make progressively harder will saves every morning as they near Brinewall until he eventually succumbs, at which point he will wake up either fatigued or exhausted from a terrible dream. Eventually he'll start speaking in his sleep too.