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Gisher wrote:
A Golarion cookbook is a great idea.

Seconded. I'd buy recipes of the inner sea!

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I found the recipe I mentioned before. It's in Edge of Anarchy (set in Korvosa), but is more like road-food for Varisian caravans than what might be served in the city. It's a spicy chickpea stew. Looks kinda like goulash in terms of spices, so Korvosa food could lean more towards Baltic/Roma style cuisine?

As for the others my totally random guesses:

Shoanti - likely to be cooked in an open fire, so plenty of skewered meats, maybe flatbreads?

Irrisen - Arctic cuisine a la Norway? Lots of smoked and salted fish and/or meat? Berries?

Chelaxian - I agree with Gorbacz, though I'd lean more towards Spain than Italy.

Please let us know what you do end up cooking by the way!

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The distinction between ability scores and ability modifiers. It just adds a level of complication to new players that I think could quite easily be removed.

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Sound travels better in water than air. If anything, you should do more damage!

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Male Halfling Rogue 1

All looks reasonable to me. I might suggest adding a bell (1gp) and some string to set an alarm.

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Italy shouldn't have too big a problem re-industrializing, provided that they can come to some kind of trade deal. Either they can build a lightning farm and hire a few druids for electricity, or they can trade with an Avistani nation for oil (if it exists on Golarion) or coal. They can quickly build (or retrofit existing) refining facilities to produce petrol etc. from any kind of hydrocarbon fuel.

A church suddenly realising (after 2000 years) that they were right all along (sort of)? There'd be a holy war by Christmas. The Italians would have a significant advantage over conventional troops (I'd like to see how well a lore warden fares up against a modern air force...) but would probably be totally unprepared for magic assaults or magic infiltration - dominate (or even just charm) person is a hell of a spell against someone with no knowledge of magic.

On Earth, we're suddenly going to have a lot fewer (or more) fish in the Mediterranean, because the Arcadian ocean (being an ocean) is going to have a different salinity to the Med (a reasonably well enclosed sea). In addition, a large portion of the Alps now suddenly stops at the edge of the sea. Huge avalanches would fall into the Med, both cooling it down and raising it. The south of France and lowlying areas of Croatia, Greece and North Africa will probably face severe floods. On the other hand, the view from the ski lodge would be amazing.

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So I'm running my group through CotCT, and have been throwing in a few extras to pad out the earlier chapters (I wanted them to feel like a decent amount of time passes in books 1 and 2). To cut a long story short, an ill fated Sable Company expedition into the sewers ended up with only one survivor, babbling that there is something Ancient and Evil under the city. He is of course referring to

Sorshen and her vampiric horde

I'd like to get Sorshen more involved in the campaign. Partly because one of my players knows a bit too much about the story as it currently stands, and partly because our group love us some Runelords. My question is, any suggestions for how?

I've thought about dialing down Kazavon a bit, and replacing some of the campaign related to him with stuff focused on Sorshen.

Possible ideas include:

Reskinning the brotherhood of bones to be cultists of a different runelord (possibly necromancy)

Moving the sunken queen to the dungeons under Castle Korvosa.

Effectively replacing Kazavon with Sorshen entirely (could be a lot of work, and might be too powerful)

Setting Kazavon up as a champion/consort/ally of Sorshen

Adding in a "book 7" in which Sorshen rises and threatens the city.

Has anybody done anything similar? Got any suggestions or warnings?

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Well it doesn't sound like most of us have many other options, so I'm in.

Sparky looks up and actually appears to be paying attention now.

You can call me Sparky. I guess most folks would call me a rigger, but I'm happy to get my hands on anything with wires, gears and servos. The more soft aspects of technology are probably best left to Axe here. I'm the one bringing in the electric cavalry if you catch my drift

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M Human Engineer 8, Data Scientist 2, Researcher 1

Beta-Axe - it's probably not worth it unless you really want to. Always useful to have a getaway car that can't be quite as easily stolen.

I'm toying with a couple of small changes to mine (all gear choices), I'll create an alias and fiddle on there, then let you know when I'm satisfied!

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I doubt the Kyton would like being unchained anyway.

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| HP 5/11 | Nonlethal damage 6/11 | AC 17, T 11 FF 16 | CMB +5 (+7 bull rush), CMD 16 (17 bull rush) | F 3, R 1, W 1 | Init +1 (+3 underground), Perc +1 (+3 near Grymm) Darkvision 60ft |

Ah'd suggest we stand close t'eachother and be all silent like. Least that way we'll her our deaths comin'

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Marc Radle wrote:

Am I evil? Yes I am.

Am I evil? I am man, yes I am.

Man I love that song!!!

Whoever writes these store blog posts has a great taste in music.

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| HP 5/11 | Nonlethal damage 6/11 | AC 17, T 11 FF 16 | CMB +5 (+7 bull rush), CMD 16 (17 bull rush) | F 3, R 1, W 1 | Init +1 (+3 underground), Perc +1 (+3 near Grymm) Darkvision 60ft |

I started about 4 years at uni with D&D 4. Then I moved house and found a new group who introduced me to pathfinder. Since then I've played and Dm'd a lot of it, as well as playing a bit of Shadowrun and edge of the empire.

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I'm a stoic, no nonsense dwarf, none of that excitement stuff for me.

Okay maybe a bit..

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I make predictive computer models of coal mine subsidence. So I would guess a dwarven diviner wizard? With create pit as a favourite spell.

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My party's enchantment heavy sorceress tricked Slugwort into taking it...

After several good bluff checks and charm person spells Slugwort is now being groomed for the position of caravan guard. Could be fun when he starts getting nightmares...

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Thought I'd share mine and my girlfriend's attempt at making a Paizo Goblin Cake