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There's actually a picture of an asura rana in the book..

That said, what's Geryon obedience like?

What were the races in the book again? I can remeber the ghoran and the gathlain races, but not the other...

Well, I'm pretty much excited for the Environment related rules, the First World content, the shifter and the new races, exactly in that order.

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I'm so excited for the first previews of this book. I'm anxious to know how much of this book is new, specially the illustrations for the TOP fiends. With 8 Archdevils, 4 Horsemen, 31 Demon Lords, Ahiriman and the 4 Queens of the Night... This one surely is the best release of the year for this "illustration lover" here.

I would actually like to ask:

Are all the major demigod groups getting an illustration in their "chapter opener", just like the one previewed in PaizoCon with The Four? I would love to see a picture of all the Archdevils together... *-*

Yes, I'm excited. XD

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Look at how the elves were affected by the sudden gap in their memories, and how their long lifespan weights more than ever. Regarding immortals I suppose this is a close exemple to how they would be affected.

I don't know about begins such as solars and pit fiends, creatures from the outer sphere, to which hundreds of years are a tiny fraction of their "existence". But they surely were also affected. Some previews even hinted that maybe even the gods might have lost sections of their memories in the gap.

We have sorcerer dragons, psychic dragons and even oracle dragons, all true dragons.

I would love new true dragons with kineticist abilities. They would fit well with a breed of true dragons with the elemental subtype, something that I have been dreaming since the primal dragons. I like the primal dragons, but they don't feel like "elemental dragons" to me...

Kineticist elemental true dragons, that my new wish.

Yes, it is.