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Thanks in advance!

I suggest moving the general description of Deities to Character Creation. Class specific rules can still be kept in the corresponding section, such as Table 3-9 for the Cleric.

Sometimes new players do not choose a deity from the start (usually because of an oversight), instead focusing on the mechanical rules to get the game up and running.

The game halts when the issue comes up. It is not intuitive for newbies, with level 1 characters, to look under "Advancement and Options" for this information.

I like number 2.

Perhaps roll 1d4 at the start of the rage to determine how many rounds it lasts, with some sort of modifier that scales up at certain levels or by investing in a feat.

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Sara Marie wrote:
I've also observed that with subjects where multiple threads have been started, often the same voices show up, posting in quick succession. If you find yourself repeating your arguments over and over and getting into the same intense debate on the same topic, consider taking a break and letting other community members who may not be online with the same frequency have a chance to read and comment before a thread goes off into the weeds.


This issue really detracts from the usability of the forum.

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I am very happy with the Playtest, as are my players. The simple fact of getting to play around with new rules is refreshing and also seeing Paizo tweak things here and there is interesting.

The final game will be improved as a result, but more importantly, I am sure that when 2e does role out officially a lot of the more controversial decisions will be smoothed out. We will decide then if we play it or not.

The best part of it: it's not costing us anything!

So if you are not enjoying the playtest process, do yourself a favor and step away.

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I greatly support the idea of this thread. I refrain from posting much in other threads because of how they tend to develop.

Nelroy wrote:

This would be incredibly useful for me as both DM and PC:

Conditions Table (...)

Master Table with Actions/Activities. (...)

Yes, this would be very convenient and would speed up gameplay considerably!

I would also like to see another one with all Traits that have rules associated with them.

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Although a bit rough at times, it has been fun to Playtest. My players certainly seem to be enjoying it and like playing characters of different levels in a short span of time.

Thanks to the Paizo staff for making the effort of listening to our feedback during this time! I do feel that you guys are making an honest effort to incorporate it into your vision of the game and being transparent while you are at it.

I look forward to the evolution of the rules as time goes on.

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oksananana wrote:
Chris Marsh wrote:

Just want to drop in briefly. The amount of work that went into this must be staggering. If we put ourselves into their shoes, disparaging language comes off, well, disparagingly. It can be a real bummer, and a sad designer isn't in anyone's best interest.

I agree 100% that superstition and 3 round rage produces problems, but we should describe it in helpful terms.

These are players who are paying or who will pay for a product, not a volunteered service. Some people feel let down, some people will express their dissatisfaction more strongly.

I have to agree with Chris. Not even taking politeness into account, it is unfortunate to think that people with this attitude do not realize how counterproductive and negative they are.

Paizo staff must have very thick skin to put up with this kind abuse.