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Outside of the rules playtesting, I wanted to remark on the physical organization of content in the book. This has become, by far, the most common point of constructive feedback to come out of my lodge.

It's currently really labyrinthine. As I prepped my level 5 character for Arclord's Envy I had to flip back and forth an inordinate number of times. There were a lot of things I couldn't find without a lot of stopping and searching. It's just not very intuitive. I know consistency and page count matter, but the amount of flipping is too much. Where are the attribute bump rules again?

I prefer a set up where things that are universal to ALL classes are in one place. I think PF1 does this well. For example in the CRB, page 30. "Table 3–1: Character Advancement and Level-Dependent Bonuses". The rest of the information goes in the specific class section. I think something like this is easier to digest, and therefore kinder to new players and quicker for grognards like me.

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Another thing that would be good to add, in my opinion, is that each class needs a ranked spider diagram of its level ups - showing the feats and class features at each horizontal level, with the pre-requisite linked vertically.

I completely agree with this post. It is the biggest complaint I have with V2. I don't mind the changes to the rules, but having to look 3-4 different places to see how one single situation needs to be resolved is beyond frustrating.

Honestly though, it's no change from V1. The best players/GMs end up memorizing all the little corners of the books, so I don't know how easy it would be to fix some of these issues.

One actual suggestion I have is that if the rules continue to use the Secret trait for skills, then there needs to be a clearly posted table or list with those secret skill checks. I put an google sheets doc together here with such an example.

I like the idea of a Secret check and it seems like a decent way to handle character knowledge, but to even make my list there I had to search with a fine toothed comb through the book (and missed one even with that).

I suggest moving the general description of Deities to Character Creation. Class specific rules can still be kept in the corresponding section, such as Table 3-9 for the Cleric.

Sometimes new players do not choose a deity from the start (usually because of an oversight), instead focusing on the mechanical rules to get the game up and running.

The game halts when the issue comes up. It is not intuitive for newbies, with level 1 characters, to look under "Advancement and Options" for this information.

I think of the rules for stuff like Runes. You have rules for weapons and armor under Equipment, quality is a bit separated but still in the same chapter, but you won't learn about magical weapons and armor until five chapters later with the Rune section. It's a massive split in information, and it doesn't even have the courtesy to post a page number for you. Same with all the magical equipment to be honest.

It'd be less of an issue if I didn't have to refer to a PDF to look up rules, if we had a properly updated wiki a la d20pfsrd. Someone on Reddit very kindly put together a very handy updated version of the PDF, which allows you to click page numbers to go instantly to that page in the book which I wish Paizo would do for their final PDF, but PDF's simply aren't designed as a format for easy reference on digital devices. You can't have multiple tabs open to different things, you gotta scroll up and down a bunch to follow the text instead of just scrolling in one direction, you can't adjust the font size without zooming in, it's almost completely unusable on a smartphone.

EPUB at the least, please. Those play way nicer with screen readers, and those with perfectly fine vision can actually read the thing worth a damn on a tiny smartphone screen with an AMOLED-friendly color scheme to keep the battery going.

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