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Well, the Fever Sea is a sandbox. My Players started to play again and missed Tidewater Rock this time. Thats more time for me to reconfigure the model.
I will try to cut off the tower and place it in the lagoon while keeping the basic outline of the island.

Laithoron, that's beautiful!
Yes, I missed it and I should have asked earlier since I will use the island today :-(
Thank you for sharing!

. Next Step

Added more green, a small forest, static grass for bushes and small stones for the coastline.

still struggling with a small pier for a rowboat. I think the scale is to tiny for this. So I have to make it larger than planned.

another option is a half sunken ship, but I have no idea for material that could be used for that..

I couldn't find a Map of windward Isle and eventually searched for a counterpart on Google Earth. It was the Caiman Island which was at least near to the Description and I decided to go one step ahead, building it as a 3D model:


The Rock itself still needs some color, the greens aren't finished yet and it's still lacking some trees and bushes, but my main 'problem' is:

How do you reach the Rock? Via rowboat on a small beach? A small wooden pier?

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Thanks for everyones input. My Party (alchemist, twf rogue, fighter, skill monkey rogue all level three) entered riptide cove last night and faced the challenge of having no healer amongst them. They like it ! They call it 'the real feeling' and that makes it easy for me to let them beat up my monsters.
Entering the cove at high tide is a risk, but they are willing to rescue sandara and giffer tibbs from the grindylows at every cost.

I think its always the question if you and your players have fun. They had fun with every encounter so far and we had 9(!) four hour sessions so far!
If the mood is 'bloody' I am willing to give them their fights. But most of the time they like to roleplay and that's why I let them run from the swarms.

We are on bonewrack Island now and have played eight Sessions of four hours.
My players love to roleplay every detail. This takes a Lot of time but is pure fun!

I agree, it's a nice alternative story, but you don't need to do it.
Of course, Mr. Plugg is the main focus on board and reason to mutiny, but if you catch them by surprise and let harrigan pick up a helpful NPC and send her to the sharks with no real reason... You will see, the main focus will at least be devided between Plugg and harrigan.

I used cottonwood/poplar plywood and made the masts from beech wood (16mm).
I drilled the holes with a forstner drillhead (16mm too). It fits very neat. The 60mm high wall tiles are just to ensure proper distances between the decks.

Balsa is indeed expensive. The plywood is much cheaper. The biggest expense was the map pack $10 I glued on the plywood.

I hope that answers your questions...

dromanin wrote:


Anyone tried to use Playmobil ships for S&S 3D terrain?

I have one and it looks like it is really close to the scale for the Wormwood/Man's Promise.


Yes, it's close to scale in length and width, but that's all imho.

Playmobil figurines are approx. double the heigth of the 28mm scale Minis. In fact it is like a big rowboat...

It will look like this, if you place twenty pirates on the deck:

Jim Knopf and the Wild 13

It's still a good option if you just want to add fun and 3D to your campaign. If you want the whole ship and play at all decks or give it a real feeling, then you have to use deck plans/maps or a real to-scale-model.

I explained some of the building process in this thread:

How to build the Wormwood

I used wooden boards and the masts are the "dowels" for the decks (If my translation of your question is correct...).
Small wall tiles made of black foamboard hold the right distance between the decks.

Yes, space is a problem. I will give the dioramas to my son for playing with my miniatures. This way they will be used at least twice.

Any more ideas on sites to build?
I thought about the grindylow caves, but they are far too complex and my house is too small... ;-)

Thanks mirona that's it.

If I remember it correctly :
The NPC were closing in with weapons drawn. PC won initiative and drank his mutagen.
NPCs attacked and failed, PC attacked

The first drink wasn't the critical one.

The mutagen is the problem. I doubt there is a second class which can copy this boost in level 2....

I can live with the STR boost. Hard work in the bilges plus long night before...

What pi**es me off are the three attacks. Basically.

Good point with the 'potion'. The fight started two hours after beginning of the shift.
The fight was of course provoked by the NPCs.

My real problem is how to keep a balance with the other PCs...

But first thing first, i have to read the rules.

You know the Situation:
Day 19. Pick one poor PC Strip him off his weapons and drop him in the bilges. Close the door and have a look at the situation an hour or so later.

Well this time it turned out like this:
My PC is an Alchimist (we havn't used this class before) Level 2 and when he was ordered to the bilges he drank a STR +something homebrew.

Fipps Chumlett and Aretta Benison drew their weapons and were closing in. The Alchemist drank one of his selfmade-potions and started with a better initiative.

He grew two claws and a bite-attackable head. He rolled a bit lucky and had three hits against AC 13.

Damage Output:
W8+4=10 (Bite)
W6+4=8 (Claw) Fipps down

W6+4=9 (Claw) Aretta countered with W4+2=4 and was dead after round 2...

Sooo, I tried to calm down, but that didn't worked out very well.
Even our Fighter with a 2h-bastard sword could not make such damage with a crit.
What fun should this class be? I DONT GET IT !

And for worse the next level improvements will be even more hilarious.
This will split the party in two factions:

The Alchemist and the others who are just sitting there drinking beer/softdrinks and planning characters for the next campaign.

Where is the balance gone?

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Hi there!
I've been busy working on our campaign and thought that 3D-Models of ships, landscapes and sites might add extra flavor.

As you might know I have been building the wormwood to use it during the first twenty days on board and she has been sitting in the middle of the gaming table every time. One day I put her aside and my PC's were complaining about the removal and ordered me to put her back in place :-)
I realized that there has to be a second build for the Man's Promise and again the Paizo pdf's and maps were quite useful:
Wormwood vs Man’s Promise

As soon as they reach Bonewreck Island, they will cross the Mire

and of course the Castaway's Stockade of Aaron Ivy:
Stockade 1
Stockade 2
While the Mire was an easy build with a river piece from ebay (I pimped it with the wooden bridge, pebbles and bushes), the stockade is a new build.
I felt that the Aaron Ivy Encounter has to be one with a special flavor. There was an option in this Forum to play it with a living Aaron Ivy. Still dangling from the roof with a rope around his neck, but just pretending to be a dead man.
It's a fast build with a cardboard hill and a fence made from corrugated board and stripes of wood from a tangerines case to improve stability.

Well that's it for now

I played around with acrylics and tried to make them stackable.
Its a 5ft to 20ft range for now and i think its playable up to 40ft height difference without too much toppling:

Acrylic Stands.

you could always use the GameMastery-Figure-Flight-Stands

Fligh Stands

I haven't started the campaign yet, but when i first read the AP it was obvious that simple ship tiles wouldnt help playing on board the ships.

The idea with the playmobil pirate ship is ok, but only for ship to ship Combat or simple on deck happenings.

That's why i love this forum, solutions and ideas for every possibility!

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Snowheart, thank you for your inspiration. I want to share my version with the folks as I tried some improvements:


As you can see, its the Wormwood from the map pack. I left out the bilge because of stability reasons ( and it would have looked ugly). I considered using Black foam Board first, but took wooden boards instead. The stairs are made from the same material. I even made two stepholes in each of them to hold fighting combatants.

One Thing I learned from papermodel building is 'edging'.
Just take a black marker (Edding or the like) and paint all edges from paper, Wood, foam board, whatever BLACK. You could use brown on a ship though. The effect is massive.

A picture of the wormwood itself can be googled. You will see three different masts with rigging etc.

Using transparent rigging from Fat Dragon Games takes some space and could spoil the playing fun, but it looks much better than without any rigging. I defined the diameter from the crowsnest with the help of a regular D&D Minibase

Maybe I will even add some raised sails. And definitly a steering wheel ;-)

For stability: the three masts are very helpful, but I needed at least three wall-tiles for the main decks to avoid seasickness.

That's it. Two more days and the wormwood is ready for adventure.
Hope you like it!

Greyhaze, if you could temp Lisa to put your Kraken KS on the Paizo Newsletter...

This Kraken is awesome! I will definitly use it within the skull&shackles campaign against lazy pirate PC's!!
With the extra big tentacles it will be a thrilling battle.
Though I'm not sure if it fits on the Flip-mat... ;-)

Thats true. For 30$ you'll get 27 +x mp3 and they Sound really good.
I will use them for planning the campaigns, just to come into the mood.

The Sounds should even work for tabletop games like 7Ages and axis&Allies.

Background Music in gaming sessions is often a problem. My own players say that they are easily distracted by everchanging themes.
I think this kickstarter could solve this problem and give my upcoming skull&shackles campaign the ultimate feeling.

What do you think? Is this an option worth trying?

Go to Mp3 kickstarter.

I'm happy to say that I can argue with my DM and WE always find a Solution for these kind of Rules conflicts. It'a always a win-win situation, because we just want to have Fun playing pathfinder.
But of course... I will always try to get the best out of my PC's ;)

Thanks to all of you for your interest and helpful advise!

My DM unofficially hates this weapon combo, but it could have been worse if I were using two shields...

Seriphim84 wrote:

Time Scout. A few notes for you.

1. The Bull Rush supplied by Shield Slam never provokes:

prd wrote:
Any opponents hit by your shield bash are also hit with a free bull rush attack, substituting your attack roll for the combat maneuver check (see Combat). This bull rush does not provoke an attack of opportunity.

2. Even if it did, you would have to Bull rush your ally in order to move the enemy in your diagram. If you did not bull rush him then the enemy would not move and thus would not provoke.

3. Unless your ally also has outflank the feat does nothing. Both you and your ally must have the feat for either of you to get the bonus.

@3 yes we all have this teamwork feat

@1 I build this fighter with Treant Monk's Guide to Fighters. It's kind of complex, but I used tons of feats for this fighting style and of course have Improved and Greater Bull Rush too. Greater BR gives the AoO for my allies.

@2 yes, of course. My Shield attacks with +26/+21 and the attack roll is used instead of a CMB for the bull rush AND my push receives a +9 (+4 from Greater BR +5 from Impact weapon). This way most Allies are easily pushed backed even with a -5 for the '2nd' push.

Lochmonster wrote:
blackbloodtroll wrote:
Can you use Lunge with a readied attack?


Lunge works ON YOUR TURN

Readied action:
"The ready action lets you prepare to take an action later, after your turn is over but before your next one has begun."

Also you can't lunge on an AoO since they do not occur on your turn either.

Good point!

Hi Grick, thanks!

The flanking situation is the simpliest possible:
Ally - enemy - 5ft free space - me

If my Shield Slam/bull rush succeeds I push my enemy 5ft in direct line towards my ally (and follow the enemy doing this, still flanking him). This push triggers the AoO from my ally, wether I push him too or not.

Answer number 3) is my favorite (of course) and I would love to see my DM to agree with your point of view...

Ascalaphus wrote:

You switch on Lunge to make an attack at 10ft. This triggers someone's readied action to do something at 10ft from you which happens to be worth an AoO. Since Lunge is already active and it's still your turn, you get to make an AoO.

Or: some other side effect of your actions in between your first attack (which is when Lunge goes active) and the end of your turn triggers an AoO.

But all in all it's pretty rare.

Just one more question on Lunge and this situation would be not so rare...

I have a Lvl 14 pure Fighter with improved TWF with three longsword and two nasty shieldbash attacks which allow me to push the enemy back as a free bullrush attempt.(yes, I have all feats needed and a heavy +5 spiked bashing / +1 menacing impact quickdraw mithral shield)

If I am right, you can use Lunge and gain a flanking bonus when your enemy is threatened by an ally. I will recieve the bonus, make my full attack and...

1) my allies gain the flanking bonus for their AoO from my successful bullrush attempt
2) my allies gain the flanking bonus for their AoO from all of my successful bullrush attempts including the last one, which will be the 'end' of my turn
3) all of number 2) plus the flanking bonus lasts until the end of the enemies turn, since he could provoke an AoO from me.

Which answers are true?

Don't get me wrong, I love the game as it is, but with Outflank and a menacing weapon it would be a +6 bonus to my allies! and I think that's worth the question ;-)
Thanks for your thoughts

Ennie-Awards 2012:
Best Aid/Accessory
GameMastery Chase Cards (Paizo Publishing) *Silver Winner*

I wonder why Paizo doesn't promote his winners with these awards...

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can't wait for the Thornkeep pdf

why is there a green and a yellow goblin??

There was this Atlantis Set at worldworksgames. Maybe The Set is retired, but there were undersea tiles in it.
I think its called seaworks: Atlantis

Hey Imper1um!
Would love to hear more from your AP!
I enjoyed reading your preparations and it helped me alot for my own try on it.

Thanks for your responses. It's One Thing to read The AP and Enjoy The Slang and Flair of The writings, but being a DM and living it is another matter. And of course all of my Five Players know 'everything' about pirates ;)
This Forum helped me alot so far. So thank you again.

While translating the naval slang I stumbled over The quartermaster.
The job that Grok has is nothing near to that what I found on Wikipedia and similar resources. Quartermaster 'should' be The Second in command, leading The boarding party and has a veto right against The Captain...
So just for my understanding, what am I missing?