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GameMastery Figure Flight Stands

****( ) (based on 11 ratings)

List Price: $5.99

Our Price: $4.49

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Set of 2 multi-part stands. These Flying Figure Stands are designed for adventure games where you need to show a levitating or flying figure on the table. Each stand stands 60mm tall and feature cutouts to accept 25mm/1- inch round bases. The bottom platform of the stand can be used as a die tray to show the current elevation level of the flying figure, or as a place for another 25mm/1-inch round-based figure.

Assembly required.

We recommend Craftics #33 Thick Acrylic Cement for assembling our multi-part acrylics.

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Ships from our warehouse in 2 to 14 business days.

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Product Reviews (11)
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Average product rating:

****( ) (based on 11 ratings)

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Not bad...

***( )( )

I'm running a Castles & Crusades game set in a home-brew of Ahirde and in the midst of the Adventure: Assault on Blacktooth Ridge. We don't have anyone flying yet, but I see it coming and figured I'd give these a try.

1. Comes in a small resealable baggie. You'll get 2 full flight stands, by the time I glued it, I realized (after looking at the picture that all the pars are used), oh-well.

2. Compared to the plastic in the invisible figure stands, this is much better. Slots all fit pretty nicely and had slight lean, as the tabs go past the bottoms of both figure holding areas, which is used for the other parts. My initial thoughts were that these will work well, until I went to disassemble and put in the baggies. The middle piece on one broke off at the base.

3. At this point, I simply used some Zzap and glued it all together. The broken piece is holding, but not sure if this will hold up to the antics of the gaming table. Certainly a tumble of the table will end these quickly.

Overall: Not bad - 3 stars due to the flimsiness. Would probably not buy again. I think Paizo should re-look at some other options using their pawn set-up and transparent plastic of the same consistency as their base (if possible).

Perfect Flight Stands, but you have to use your brain...


It took me a while to realize that each stand consists of five parts (platform, ring, pillar, platform, ring). Was just wondering why there were four of each with two pillars....
After assembling with glue I can tell that they are perfect for playing with flying PC's. Biggest problem with alternative Stands always was the situation, when the PC was directly above the enemy. This is now solved. I highly recommend them.

They work great for what they are!

****( )

Okay, it took a while to figure out how to build them., so I'll go from 5 to 4 star. But they've been great. Even used them to mean someone was "lower in a pit" by putting them on the lower platform.

Again, they are sized for medium WOTC pre-painted DnD figures. But they're a great improvement over my inverted blue prescription pill vials.

Heck, even laid one down on its side with the plastic stand "covering the miniature" as my player "hid under the bed".

Very fragile

**( )( )( )

Pretty great idea but the acrylic is just so thin i dont expect them to last very long. i cannot recommend the figure flight stands.

Oh snap!

**( )( )( )

I really want to like these. They look cool and are useful. I was disappointed at first because they didn't even include instructions. Had to look at the photos to figure it out. A simple line drawing would be sufficient and wouldn't mean a trip to the computer during assembly.

Assembly isn't difficult, but you need to make sure the top and bottom are parallel when drying. Don't stand them up, rather assemble with them laying on their sides. Mine started to sag and unfortunately the glue had dried before I noticed. Snapped off the tab when I tried to reposition it. I was able to fix it.

The c-shape is great for round based plastic minis. My pewter square base didn't sit well. You can flip them upside down which helps. But the stand seemed to sag a little under the weight of a 'real' mini.

What I was most disappointed with was while the acrylic seemed to have the right balance between flexibility and stiffness neither of two I bought survived the first game session intact. Dropping one on a concrete floor resulted in three pieces.

I don't think I'm exceptionally ham-fisted when it comes to this stuff, but I don't think these guys will withstand anything but the lightest use for any length of time. Accidents do happen at the table, eventually someone will drop one when moving it.

Who knows I might give these guys a second chance after I see how well the repaired ones hold up to real-life usage.

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