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"Rex Duodecim Angelus"- Homestuck. e.e All day today.

Darths and Droids (irregularly)
Order of the Stick
Did I mention Homestuck yet?
In all seriousness, I love Homestuck. Mostly for the music.
I also need to read Goblins, I've been told.

+1 arcana to spellstrike/spell combat (Su)? It doesn't seem to be particularly overpowered and it makes sense thematically. It should definitely cost an Arcana to do so, though. And he uses it in place of a spell for this purpose. So. But honestly don't listen to me too much, I tend not to have any idea what I'm talking about. Just my two coppers.

To answer the original question, yes, he can, if it's for the sake of his friends and such. Lying is a chaotic act, which will NOT immediately cause him to lose his powers, whereas choosing to give it away probably would. A paladin should be able to resist either way, but if he should HAVE to act, then he should lie- a paladin should always choose the more Good course.

Too lazy to take more than a couple, and I've been given True Neutral and Chaotic Evil.

If you're using Golarion, make that a cult of Dahak, and use a Blue or Red dragon. Blue if you want a secretive leader (don't know they're being run by a dragon), red if you want them to KNOW.

Alternately, linnorms might be fun, if you want to start high.

With high dex, of course I want Stealth. ^^

Yes. Thank you. Found a good trait as well, even if it does end up being mostly flavor- Uskwood Hunter. +1 stealth, always a class skill.

Argh.. I can't remember which nation it was that favored Zon-Kuthon. I think one would look there for Kyton-spawn, maybe.. A Kuthite(if I have that word correct) might be fun to play.. probably throw everybody else off, too. Which would be good, since that was the point of the character.

On second thought, I think I'll just go with Heirloom Weapon. I have a better idea for backstory than anything involving Tieflings. Thanks for the help, though.

Ooh.. Interesting backstory, ahoy.

Can't seem to find Chain Master. What do?

I love that site, so much. However, looking for another trait. Any suggestions?

Thank you, kind sir.

What about stats, by the way?

pfft. the people I game with have a tendency to overlook combat manuvers entirely. the entire purpose of this character is reminding them of the usefulness of trip. And also to be a decent party member without a focus on dealing damage. And when I say "abuse" I tend to mean "be good at"... noted, I forget often to speak plainly with people I don't know.

Even more lost, I was. even worse considering how much I endorse the whip and yet forgot about it myself. I feel bad.

Like I said. I suck. ^^; I forgot about the Lore Warden entirely.

'lo there, forum lurker here.

I'm not exactly good at this sort of thing, so I was wondering if I could get a bit of help. I'm trying to make a fighter based around the idea of abusing AoOs, reach, and tripping. Lots of tripping. Was wondering if I could get a bit of help with a build. Also, I don't especially like dumping stats.

All I have figured out (I think) is a half-elf fighter (Polearm Master) with Ancestral Arms (Fauchard). 25-point buy, 2 traits (as usual.)