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Kthulu has it exactly right.

From a mechanical standpoint, it might not make a big difference, but from a thematic standpoint the difference is huge. The types of stories that you would tell with magic are very different than the ones you would tell with psionics -- and it's more than just fantasy vs sf.

That's why I tend to only have one or the other in my worlds, but not both.

Can you elaborate here? I'm really trying to rack my brain over the division between the two in terms of story, and how a Psion is any different from a Sorcerer in that regard.


I'll throw out two of my favorite authors, which I think demonstrate the difference very well.

Sean Stewart has a couple of different books (Ressurection Man, Galveston, The Night Watch) which deal with people with an awakened inborn magical talent dealing with learning how to control it. The important thing here (and what distinguished it from psi) is that the magic itself is still an external (and ultimately more powerful) force. To me this is the clearest thematic depiction of the 3.x Sorcerer.

** spoiler omitted **

Joan Vinge's Cat series (Psion, Catspaw. Dreamfall) deals with a psion awakening to his power. Because the power is internal, the thematic...

You're making a perfect case against yourself. Neither of those have anything resembling spell slots of 3e sorcerers. They are both closer to using a pool of energy a la 3.5 psionics.

I'm shunning you for entirely missing the point of the poster you're replying to.

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Dm Salsa, my background story is now complete, and so is my character.

He's ready to "orck & roll" if I may say so ;-).

As to his whereabouts :

Attewyl travelled with Rafe Wolfstan (see background story) for about a year, learning some things about the assassin craft and about fighting with pointy implements. But ultimately he had no stomach for meaningless killings (not that he did any, but he saw Wolfstan go on about his "business"), and so he left the man to his devices to pursue his own interests.

He has heard about Redwall, and the peculiar brand of iniquity of its lord, and so he decided to go there to look for trouble. He wants to do some bad to some evil masters, all for the good of his fellow human of course, and Redwall seems a great place for that.

Attewyl is a little thirsty for blood, even if he doesn't think about himself in that way...

Attewyl's crunch is done (with encumbrance), as is his description.

I have the background story to do, and the character will be complete.

I am re-doing the crunch of Attewyle, because I have let go of the Tactician Archetype.

The crunchy bits of Atewyll are mostly done. I must double-check it though, and finish choosing his gear.

Then : on to his background history !

Quiche Lisp speaking...

@Dm Salsa

I have begun to build the crunch of my character.

It's by no means complete (I'm a slow builder, I am afraid), but more is coming soon (tomorrow I think, when I am less busy IRL).

What's done is in the Profile section of Attewyl (not sure yet how to link to it directly).

I'm okay with Attewyl remaining Lawful Evil, all things considered. Not all heroes are pure of heart !

@Aden of the Shield

If we make it together to the starting blocks, I would be interested in partnering with you on some melee mayhem, if this works good mechanically (I'm not very up to date on the team feats).
Myself, I am very much interested in flanking (it's like a religious calling for this character ;-).