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Somewhere else in the Studio, an elderly watchkeeper strolls through the display of Du’Orbna’s greatest fictional heroes, from stage and literature, and as he turns a corner to face the mannequin of “Captain Phantom” he stops in his tracks. The mannequin is bare, missing is the long flowing cape of blue and black, the long dark blue gloves and sequined “night avenger” mask.

He gulps, and then says quietly to himself, “Man, I am so fired.”


You are still in the same building with the others, just a few doors down, so unless you share with them the situation you have uncovered, you will probably have to excuse yourself for a moment, as everyone is getting ready to go, and sneak out of the building to buy the things you need - which can be whatever you imagine the costume would be, spending as much as 20 gold on it if necessary. A magical mask, similar to an opera mask, which produces a "non descript human male appearance" can be acquired for 50 gold pieces, but is only a party type prop, close scrutiny will reveal it is a magical disguise, the DC to notice the magic is 16, but there usually must be some reason to cause an observer to want to look that closely.


I'm sorry I disappeared on everyone. Real life issues and I did not want to come in here in the thick of it and start sounding like I was complaining.

Right now everything is settled or settling down and I am ready to try to get going again, if everyone hasn't lost patience for the last time.

I'll be posting some things this weekend.

Thank you


"Disguise?" the fellow whispers while holding a finger over the lips as if studying a glazed platter nearby, "Definitely a good idea."


The letter is in your PMs

Does anyone else have something they want to do next?


The figure looks left and then right, trying not to draw attention to them self while saying, "Yes, it is a pinnacle of the genre, I have something I think you need to hear, but it might take a while to tell you, so I wrote it down." The shadow elf holds out an envelope. "I think you should read it before you go."


You get a feeling that Keryth is wise to separate from the group, probably following up on a lead that requires a delicate approach, and you decide to let it go without another word.

It seems obvious to you that Keryth has discovered something important and feels a need to keep a low profile as he investigates – there is something serious about the fact that he did not even bother to dismiss your comment, even though you know he heard you, and what’s with Niversal? Is he trying to cover up for Keryth’s absence? Are the two of them in on something together they are keeping from the rest of you?

You enter the room and see it is not packed with people, but it is a popular display of antique pottery, and dinnerware – some of it is actually quite beautiful, and this means the room is not entirely empty either – the person you are looking for is standing in a far corner, isolated from others, with their back to you, apparently reading a display card near an exhibit of tall narrow blue glazed vases.

I will impart some brief information to Keryth in a private message – for the rest of you I hope you are thinking about what you intend to do next. For clarity – It’Dupree’s speech to you will take longer than Keryth’s brief absence, when you decide to leave It’Dupree’s presence, he will be a few steps away from the room he snuck off to, headed toward you – UNLESS, the remainder of the group tries to tie up It’Dupree fro a bit longer – What do you do?


Bud, Zaehyra, and Niversal should now all do Sense Motive Checks.

Your group is not large, but it is a group, and among many groups visiting the Gallery today. As you make your way toward the meeting that is described above, you notice Keryth slip away, mingle with another group, then another, and then casually step into a gallery down the hall before you ascend the stairs.


Bud and Zaehyra:
Your group is not large, but it is a group, and among many groups visiting the Gallery today. As you make your way toward the meeting that is described above, you notice Keryth slip away, mingle with another group, then another, and then casually step into a gallery down the hall before you ascend the stairs.


The halfling who spoke to Bud, comes back into the room just as Keryth is asking for the scroll and says, ”Is your friend alright?” She gestures with her thumb pointed back over her shoulder. ”This little creature,” she moves her hand forward now and points at the little blue, winged elephant on the floor, ”seems to be upsetting him for some reason.”

The Elf who had been talking to Ballar turns toward Keryth and says slowly, ”I’m not certain that is a good idea and yet,” he gently places his hand on the scroll, not intending to pick it up, but as some kind of test. ”Peculiar,” he says. “There must have been some specific trigger that caused your dwarven friend here to be subjected to the compulsion he described, while I can detect no magic in this artefact at all. Then again, links to the deities of other dimensions can be difficult to identify with common magic.”

He removes his hand and gestures to Keryth that it is alright for him to try and pick up the scroll, then waits to see if anything happens. When nothing happens, he frowns, and says, ”Very strange. Let’s take this information to Olivia, Miss Dupree’s personal assistant and if she determines it is important enough, then you can take the matter to the Lich Baroness herself.”

A short walk up another flight of stairs and down a grand hallway leads the party to a gold desk and a middle-aged human woman carefully cataloging notes as she goes through a stack of mail.

Ballar, Bud, Niversal, and Zea, please make a perception check. The DC is 10

It is while the party is being escorted by the five curators and the Dungeon Minion, to see It’Dupree that you slip away, seeing the hallway that leads to the gallery that was mentioned

The elven curator briefly explains the situation to Olivia, and then the woman stands, and says, ”wait just one moment.”

She enters a large door behind her, and returns almost immediately, ”Miss Dupree will see you now, but she asks that you be brief and please do not disturbed the dressers.”

You are taken into what is clearly a large dressing room. There are several mirrors arranged in different parts of the room, and a small round raised platform is placed in front of each mirror station. At one of the stations, It’Dupree stands on the platform, surrounded by half a dozen people, humans and halflings, and these people are busy adjusting an enormous gold and green gown that It’Dupree is “trying” to wear. The dressers are adjusting, pinning, and making alterations to the layers of garments It’Dupree wears in a hurried but very profession tempo.

”Tell me about this trance,” It’Dupree says seeing your group in a reflection of a mirror without turning to address you proper.

When you explain what happen to Ballar, she listens, only nodding her head slightly while the event is detailed and the message that Ballar delivered is repeated as best you can remember
When you are done, at the prodding of the dressers, It’Dupree lifts her arms and the busy folk begin work on the belt and mid-section of the gown.

”I don’t know that I understand everything in the proper context,” the Lich Baroness says. ”I’ll get more people on the research as soon as I return from the gala. Drat, I both hate and love these events. It is a dreadful pain to be sure I am dressed in something that won’t make the papers for all the wrong reasons, but at the same time I get an opportunity to learn first hand what is trending in our fair city.”

The dressers lower It’Dupree’s arms and gently turn her around. She is radiant, even for a person who as been dead for a very long time. The dressers begin work on the back of the gown, and as It’Dupree faces you she says, ”There are connections here, clearly, and it is obvious that a powerful being from another dimension is working through the artifact to bring these connections to the forefront. A Vampire lord is gaining power in a country on the continent of another world. That world, by the way, we discovered is called Qtheria, the continent is Alodoa. This being, if it is a goddess, for some reason, is interested in my interference with the vampire lord’s plan. This could be to our advantage, or it could be an unnecessary complication. There is still too much to be uncovered, but this I know. There are elves of this world who are like elves of our world, both the kind that are touched by the fey realm and those touched by the realm of shadows. The power of these elves is not completely know to us, but it seems clear that there is an ongoing struggle that is directly related to this ancient goddess and the shadow elves of Qtherria, and it must be connected to this vampire lord in some way. Many puzzles to unravel, many,” It’Dupree’s voice trails off just as the dressers signal their work is through.

Without any obvious signal, a small retinue of well dressed lords and ladies enter the room, and It’Dupree motions for the dressers to leave.

”I have no more time for you at the moment, and I was counting on you getting started as soon as possible in your attempt to rescue my associate, Jacquelyn. I will ensure the proper attention is diverted toward unraveling this mystery you have uncovered, but for now, complete your preparations and get started. I will be late at the gala tonight and will not want to be disturbed tomorrow. I hope the next time we talk you will have information for me on Jacquelyn’s condition, or you will have brought her to me as I requested.”

As the well-dressed lords and ladies gather around It’Dupree making faces that seem to suggest there is a matter of pressing engagements to attend to, her voice, for the first time, begins to take on a cold, sinister, and uncompromising tone. ”We can spend countless lifetimes learning who has been wronged, what gods and goddesses believe their plans are being interfered with, but I will not have it. Get to the task I asked you to accept, or like the cowards before you abandon your commitment and never cross my path again. This choice was yours. See to it, or never speak of it again.”


No, you missed nothing - I have been stalling, not entirely on purpose, but I am struggling to decide where to go with this

It'Dupree can spill a bit of information, or it can all just be summed up in a narrative - then move the party toward actually going through the gate as soon as we can.


It has been ten days since Keryth's post. I'm sorry I did not update sooner. Summer can get all filled up with stuff, but other than being a little more busy than normal I have no excuse.

I will see what I can do today.


The halfling in the room goes to the door, apparently attracted by something

“Excuse me, sir,” she says to Bud, “is everything alright? You seem troubled by something. Can I help?”


Back in the room the elf who has trapped the book on the table while still in Ballar’s had listens patiently while he rambles. When Ballar is through he takes a breath and is about to speak when Niversal and Zae add more to the story.

The Man lifts his hand from the book, giving Ballar a look that says, “you are welcome to read that, just don’t hurt yourself.”

”You say this scroll ‘took’ you someplace?” he says to Niversal, and then turns to Zae, “Normally I would say that is impossible, as none of us, even the minion, have the authority to interrupt Miss It'Dupree when she has strictly demanded she be left undisturbed, but you might have stumbled into something she will want to know about. Tell me more about how this device ‘took’ you someplace. Was it within the city? Within the building? Was it a triggered spell of some kind?”

He then turns back to Ballar, and says quickly, not concerned if the information he is giving is understood at all, “Yes, tall sorts, yes this is an issue where Jaquelyn is being held, no, no one is doing anything about it, as far as we can tell, and no she is not fighting any elves. The origin of this scroll is a mystery on this world and how it came to be here is completely unknown. It was recovered from the temple where it was found because of its off-world properties but has never proven to be anything more than a brief tale of a old goddess and her triumphs against the forces that opposed her.”

My favorite thing about "That's not how time travel works" is that it solves any time travel story plot problem, because

That's not how time travel works is bullet proof because

no one knows how time travel works

That's not how time travel works. - HISHE


The minion continues to play with the small blue animal, which makes occasional noises with its trunk toward the open door behind Ballar, while one of the Elves approaches Ballar with a stern look on his face.

”That,” he says as he tries in vain to gently put his own hand on the book Ballar is waving around until his actions begin to border on the farcical, and he surrenders to Ballar’s reluctance to simply hand the book over, ”is a scroll from the temple of Aonyr, from the northern islands of Athorosse. It is harmless, as all these items have undergone a power disenchantment ritual before they were cataloged into the museum here in the Studio. It has been identified as NOTW, not of this world, and probably has its origins on the world of the Qthria. It is an elven heroic mythical tale of a once power protective goddess, but the records we have indicate that she was imprisoned in a rebellion of deities on that world, and her diminished power may have led to a genocide of elven people that occurred, or may still be occurring on that world.”

Finally when Ballar lowers the book close to the table, he has an opportunity to trap the book under his hand against the surface.

Roll an opposed Dex Check, Ballar. The elf has

Kitty Slap: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (17) + 2 = 19


As Keryth can easily tell that this is not a remarkably rare creature, and as he begins to wonder why there is so much interest in it, the words of the Minion clue him in as to why they are all so taken with the thing. Apparently, it isn’t the creature, itself, which is peculiar, but that it is able to enter the building at all, as keryth pieces together what is being said and comes to suspect that the building has special wards and protections against unauthorized entrants.


As Bud barges his way back out into the hall, Ballar approaches the table and as he asks about the creature innocently causes a mild disruption to the stacks of papers and books lying there.

As papers are rearranged, one of the elves says as folds his arms across his chest, ”We don’t know, but it has been trying to get in for the past hour.”

The other elf reaches to try and help Ballar while saying, ”Rather extraordinary creature, actually, it is not of this world and has a peculiar magical aura, which, for some bizarre reason is not triggering the building’s defense against extraplanar intrusion.”

Soon the human woman loses interest in the little blue creature and recognizes the commotion at the table. She rushes to help saying, ”Oh, that’s my fault I was supposed to clear the table a while ago. I’m afraid we let it get pilled up a bit as we worked, and it wasn’t your fault at all.”

You catch a glimpse of the scroll roller with the strange bull like creature engraved on the outer rims of the top and body of the cylinder as it comes out from under a heavy parchment. Near it there is a leather-bound book, it looks new, with a title in common, “Elven Deities of the Known Worlds.”

When Zae asks about the small blue creature, the Dungeon Minion stands up, and just before she can say anything, Niversal asks if the creature is “safe”?


Ballar manages to approach the table without drawing attention to himself. When he speaks, the group around the table all stop what they are doing and look up from their work. The dungeon minion isn’t startled, but her expression is one of curiosity and annoyance.

[spoiler=Ballar]You do not see the scroll, immediately, but there are many “layers” of unorganized things on the table.[/b]

Zae peers through the door trying not to add too many distractions to the proceedings, while Niversal quietly enters the room and, taking one step to the right, gives the room a careful looking over. He doesn’t see anything that grabs his attention until his gaze falls on the window. His keen perception picks up some animal, a large bird perhaps, silhouetted through the curtain, standing on the window ledge outside.

The halfling woman at the table is keen to keep an eye on the members of the group who enter the room, and when she sees Niversal, her face becomes stern, and her eyes latch on to him like a hawk, When she notices he has seen something in the window, she looks over her shoulder, lets out a heavy sigh, and says, “Syna, that thing is back at the window.”

The Dungeon minion’s expression changes quickly to one of glee, and whatever answer she was about to give to Ballar is lost in her sudden excitement.

“Quick, get the peanuts. I wan’t to see if it will come inside. It’s so cute I am going to die. Have you ever seen anything like it?”

The elf on her right moves to a bookshelf and retrieves a brown paper bag, while the halfling hops down from the box and tiptoes over to the window. Drawing the curtain back you, who are in the room or are looking into the room, see a animal about the size of a large house cat. It is blue in color, maybe covered in fur or feathers, and it has wings, a large head, and a trunk.

A trunk?

The animal appears to be a winged elephant, no larger than a tabby cat.

The creature is hunched, as if it has not enough room on the window ledge and looks in through the window longingly.

The halfling unlatches the window, swinging it inward, while the elf throws shelled peanuts on the floor below. The creature looks downward, raises its trunk and lets out a trilling bellow, then leaps down, using its wings to slow its descent, and begins eating the peanuts slowly, one at a time.

The dungeon minion is giddy with excitement, and claps her hands approvingly, then turns to Ballar and says,


Ballar heads for the stairs on the left. The party follows, but for a moment Keryth lags behind. He has plenty of time to catch up, as Ballar and the pothers pause at a kiosk where a map of the second floor is proudly displayed.

“You are here” the map declares with a shinning silver star, and from this position you can see the wings of the building stretching out to the right, left, and ahead of you ( behind you is open to the foyer below).

The map shows there are exhibits in the west and east wings (left and right, while to the north is a twenty-foot-wide hallway, lined with posters and parchment notes, bulletin boards and announcement flags.

Along the hall are doors. The map labels the spaces beyond these doors as, “research and study offices.” You quickly identify room G and are on your way.

The door to room G is closed, but not locked or latched, and you can simply push your way in.

Once the door is opened you see a large room, possibly thirty-foot square in dimensions. The walls are lined with book shelves filled with books of nearly every shape and size. In the center of the room is a large table, eight-foot square. The table is covered in papers, books, objects, scrolls, paper weights, and assorted other bric-a-brac. Around the table are five people, three women, one who is the Dungeon minion, and two men. The me are both elves, the common variety, while the other two women are a human and a halfling standing on a wooden box. Each of the individuals, including the minion, are bent over some object, paper, or book deep in study. The room is otherwise quiet, and there are no chairs. Across from the door, on the far wall, in a break between the bookshelves is a tall narrow window which lets in light. The light would be bright, but a thin gossamer curtain hangs in the window cutting the light down to a comfortable level.


The walk back to the Great Studio is calm, and the day is pleasant.
Once you reach the great Studio you are, for a moment unsure of how to proceed. Usually, without any explanation, the Dungeon Minion seems to appear as if on cue, telling you where to go or what to do, but right now, she is nowhere to be seen. The main hall of the Great Studio is a gathering place, and a place where small booths stand against the walls with clever signs above them that read

“See the latest water colors from Dorvin Gul, third floor Oak Gallery”
“Tour the last remaining Finidare Machine Shop – Saturday June 18, reservations are limited apply here”
"Maple and Ash Gallery openings in September – apply Now”

At each booth there is a small crowd. People here are quiet, polite, and seem happy. Some folks walk around with pamphlets in their hands as they stare at the art, architecture, or just other people.

While you move slowly through the main hall, you begin to wonder exactly what the process is for running down the minion when you need her, when right to your left another, younger, minion arrives. She is dressed in blue, a sharp pants and jacket combination, with black boots, and she is carrying a clip board. She is also wearing horned rimmed glasses (something new that the minions must have taken a liking to) and she address you all simultaneously


As they leave this part of the city, Keryth looks back over his shoulder, catches Ballar's expression, and then looks past him at the old temples and fields. He knows this place, only in passing, and then shrugs it off as not important at this time, letting his mind focus on the scroll, and if he can remember what it looked like so that it can be identified once they get back.


Zaehyra is unable to draw any conclusions. This particular part of the city is given over to older buildings, fields, and shrines which are protected more out of a sense of nostalgia than historic or religious importance. The site itself gives no clues about what brought Ballar to this place, but perhaps the scroll or its rollers can shed more light on the event.

The group moves back to the Great Studio, this time at a more casual pace, and as they go it seems a good time to go over last minute details and preparations.

There is little thought, in anyone's mind, that it would be possible, outside of the Lich Baroness herself, to find anyone who might know something about this vampire on another world. Though there are secret societies within the city that claim to have knowledge and experience in "hoping" between worlds, dimensions, or planes, these mysterious groups do not divulge what they claim to know for anything less than a small fortune.


Keryth, Zae, Niversal, or Bud may try a Perception Skill check if you beat a DC 32, you may have noticed Ballar's glancing touch of the mysterious stone roller, before he fell under this "spell"


It isn’t a thing that is often spoken off, so easily slips from memory. Mulgar is an animated object when it is given sentience, such things are often seen as abominations. Elves, with similar physical and racial characteristics as the Und’ire, called Bharahine are sometimes, though not often, seen in D’Orbna. They are secretive, cautious, and seem troubled and lonely. Word is that they escaped slavery from the world they come from, Ahlar Dhora, and live in fear of being recaptured. Keryth knows the world of Ahlar Dhora only from legends and myths, but as he thinks about the situation at hand, it is not a long stretch from Ahlar Dhora to Alodoa, and possibly the legends and myths are about this other world. As to the spider-god of Ahlar Dhora, even is less is known this deity by any of the Und’ire.

When Keryth slaps Ballar across the face, the dwarf is released from the enchantment he was under, if it was an enchantment at all. He stands looking confused, or rather, normal, for a moment before he speaks.


Niversal - I hope your recovery is quick and as painless as it can be. Get better my friend

Ballar - I know, but...


Okay, I'll try to get the game going

You know, I have a decidedly different GM style. I'm not meaning to complain, but when I put up a post like the one I just did and it

Generates no questions
Generates no discussion
Generates no comments

It sort of makes me think I am absolutely doing this wrong. Unless, it is just taking a bit of time for each of you to decide how to respond to the scene.

If everyone is ready to proceed, I'll do another post to try and move the party toward crossing the mirror back into the world of Alodoa


When Ballar is trying to help the minion juggle the stack of things in her arms his fingers come into contact with the roller of a small scroll. The roller is made from black stone, and carved, where it can be seen, with elaborate images of an ox dragging an ogre’s head. Ballar takes no special notice of the incident at the time, until…

As Ballar speaks the names out loud he rolls them around in his head. The words knock about like the stones in a game of Gaknok* until suddenly there is a revelation.

He wasn’t prepared for one. They do not come frequently. Ballar’s eyes glaze over and his mouth falls open as the thoughts tumble around gaining bits and pieces like Athgal Gum. Suddenly, as if a bolt of lighting has struck it becomes clear to him what he must do. Drawing his hood down over his eyes, Ballar darts away from his associates, running as fast as his legs can carry him.

His friends, Bud, Keryth, Niversal, and Zae exchange clances. Each is thinking the same thing but does not speak it out load for fear of being right. Ballar has snapped. With a collective shrug they quickly follow the mad dwarf as he runs through the city, passing brothels, pubs, and specialty book stores, the places Ballar normally frequents, the group is thoroughly convinced he is completely off his rocker.

Then, still mouthing the name “Bar-rav-kof-fia,” Ballar comes to a stop, deep within the old city, where shrines line the busy streets.
He turns to his right, and he is facing a filed. The field is chocked with weeds, and abandoned bits of stone litter the vacant lot like poorly placed headstones, but these are not the graves of forgotten souls.

In the center of the field sits a small monument, and behind the monument is a simple stone building, unmarked and unadorned. The monument is a set of three objects, carved from black sandstone they are weathered from centuries of exposure. They once represented a bowl, a maul, and a scroll.

He stands quietly, still mouthing the word when his friends reach him and at that moment he has finally puzzled out his complex thought. It seems as if something takes hold of him, and Ballar begins to speak, in a clear and cold, slow voice, unlike him completely.

Baravkovia, ah dinna know the name, but it is like this one. Bara Ako Anavia. She is an old goddess from before the time when there were dwarves, men, and elves, separated into their own kinds. She was a dark hearted goddess, not cruel, but not kind either. She was a strong protector of women in childbirth, and a warrior goddess who defeated the demon Fulsbredg, by cutting off his head and lashing it to the tail of the ox demon Gurrd then forcing him to plow the world for all eternity, dragging the head back and forth boustrophedonically. It is said that that is how elves were taught to write their laws. She crafted the bowl and hammer, to give to first dwarves, Trembor and Yillise, the Homedwellers, created by Ismea the mother of all beings. The bowl she gave to Yillise to make the first meal, while the maul to Tremblor who passed it on to the great grand daughter of Jaskor so that she might lead the dwarves in war against the grey ones.

Bara has fallen far from a place of reverence. She is a mystery to most of the living, but she is known to those who practice the dark arts of necromancy. She cares not for the complaints of young gods and goddesses who are denied the souls of the faithfully departed when those unfortunates are called back into the world by the power of the energy of the negative world. Bara is a master of both positive and negative energy and some used to believe she was responsible for keeping the two forces in balance as they crossed into the material world. She is only understood by the greatest of the never dead or never living, the Lich and the Mulgur. She is worshipped on many worlds, and her power has never diminished, even if her temple here has been forgotten.

When he is finished, Ballar stares across the simple, weed chocked field for several moments. A hand waved in front of his eyes does not even break his stare.

But, it is when Ballar is Speaking that Keryth remembers something about the planes of energy that may be important

Ballar’s ramblings do not mean very much to Keryth, but he is reminded of something dark from his people’s history that seems connected to all of this. His kind are not native to this world. There is a dark-elven home world, somewhere, and the oldest legends of his people tell of a great migration fleeing a population ending plague, a voyage of fifteen vessels that were lost in a maelstrom on a great sea on a world of thousands of small island nations. A group of priestesses had been praying for deliverance from the storm when a goddess of dark energy surrounded the ships with a whirlpool sucking them down below the surface of the waters and transporting them to different worlds in the hope that one of these worlds would be able to nurture the race back to the glory they once knew. On some worlds these elves are called Drow, while on others they have different names. One such name that is known to the shadow elves of this world (feel free to create your own word here, I do not intend for their to be RAW Drow, on Riom, the world of this setting) is the name Bharahine, the dark-elves of another world who have appeared on Riom due to a portal that was opened by a spider-god – that world is called Ahlar Dhora by Keryth’s people.

Things that will have been made clear to the party before they cross the mirror – you will be provided with clothing, upper class (noble) attire) that matches the attire of the place you are going. Those outfits, there will be many, are waiting for you in the Inn at your destination. You will be given money, By the Innkeeper, Edward, but that actual currency is rare in this part of this world, many merchants trade in “Good For” tokes and many of these will be available for you to use. It will be pointed out that if you find large stockpiles of copper, silver, or gold coins, it will be best to bring them to the inn in secret, lest the town get caught up in an economic unbalance or catastrophe.

*Gaknok – a field game played with large polished, round stones painted different colors. There are multiple teams and points are awarded by striking certain color combination by putting the stones into motion with a soft-headed mallet.
**Athgal Gum, is a sticky gum derived from the Atharessa plant. It is often formed into small balls and used to correct printing and writing mistakes. Because of its stick nature it can be used to rub out ink and graphite while not damaging paper or velum. It does, in time, become “coated” in debris and must be cleaned with a rag soaked in alcohol.


Happy Easter Weekend (if you honor those sorts of things). I am heading off to visit granddaughters. I hope to pick things up a bit when I return.

Before I add a bit to follow up on Ballar's Knowledge check, would anyone else like to take a try at Knowledge Planes?


It is singularly unlikely that Ballar would have come across the Names Barovia, or Baravkovia, as they are on another/parallel material plane (another world). But that roll deserves something - let me see what I can come up with that might be helpful, and still make sense to a Cleric of this world.


Silvering your weapons can be done, OOC, and I will assume your characters can earn enough to have this done before you leave.

I sympathize with Keryth, it can be hard to get a dialog going sometimes, particularly when it comes to treasure and tactics.


I've put up a post with some minor, but still important information - This is the Dungeon Minion talking to you as you leave the Great Studio to take care of all your last minute needs. I assume your characters will take a day or two, maybe three, to buy supplies, and then return to the Great Studio to travel to your destination. When you are all ready I will set the situation at the great Studio, before you travel through the mirror.

You will be able to travel back and forth between Alodoa (the world you are going to) and Riom (the world you are on) as often as you like, but remember that there are locals working, possibly staying, at the Inn (possible spies of the Baravkovian government?) and the more often you disappear for days at a time, the more likely you are to draw suspicion to your activities.

Once you are ready to go through the mirror there will be some last minute bits of information, and you will be able to ask question before you go, as well as gather information in the fishing village if you chose.


Well. lets get that done - please work to get your current gear up to at least the wbl table your level. Don't forget normal non-magical gear. Let me know when you are ready to proceed.

Keryth Tarathiel wrote:
I'm technically ready. We haven't officially made any preparation purchases mind you.

What do you think would be the best way to handle that? Should we do it "in game" or just take care of it off line. How much spending money would be reasonable to get you all the "non-magical" items you think you need to proceed?


If everyone is ready to begin I'll start posting introductions to set the stage for the adventure to begin.


no, no, I misunderstood. I forgot for a moment Zae was able to make items for the group. Keep it.

Tomorrow let's try to get ready to start. I'll send a message to Bud

Niversal Two Blades wrote:
Getting the boots of elvenkind (2500)and crafting the wayfinder of vanishing(8000) put me way over from being under. I am at 31,654 out of 23500.

Must you take the wayfinder? Seems that if you do not, and say settle for some one use items totaling up to 3,000 gp you might be better off.


Good trip, with occasional almost bad incidents - just overall exhausting - We had a wedding and then a reception, and then some travel from Kathmandu to Pokhara, some hiking, tons and tons of food, and the 30 hours of plane rides at each end, just wow. I'm recovering.


Back from Nepal, *screams into pillow for twenty minutes straight*

Okay, okay, let me see where we are now.


Also, I suggest you compare prepared spells, to optimize your chances of success against Strahd Von Zorovitch I mean, some random vampire dude.


I leave for Nepal Saturday night, and return to the US on April 2. I might check in to answer equipment related questions, but I think that the game is ready to be paused until I return. Then we will set out for the rescue of Jacquelyn.


I'd like everyone to be able to pick up additional gear if they would like to at this time, but I want to try to keep all the characters balanced. I know it is a lot to ask, but please do an audit of your character's wealth, and if you are below the standard WBL value for your current level, add additional equipment to bring you to that level. If you are above, don't change anything. If you feel your character is still below the party average after reaching WBL values, let me know and I will try to make something work.

Thank you.


Anybody out there?

Here is a note on an upcoming event. On March 16th I will be traveling to Nepal, for 12 days, and will return on April 3rd.

I don't imagine I will have much internet access while I am gone, but I do hope the game will survive a little break time.


I forgot to mention - the cart with the orange juice arrives

Excellent time for a spit take, in my opinion

I want to try it out. I got a Switch as a Christmas present from my sons, but right now the price is just a bit out of my budget.


That was a big post, almost 2,000 words. I hope that you do not find it too much of a nuisance to read it.


My plan is to get up a good long post this afternoon. Tomorrow I travel to Austin for a wedding and return on Sunday, so I will be watching, hopefully, to see how the post I make is received.



The doors open quietly to a large room taking up most of the southern face of the top floor of the building. Much of the walls and ceilings are made entirely of glass panels set in thick iron frames. It has been hundreds of years since the sun was visible as a blinding source of light, instead of a faint white glow in the sky, and currently it hangs low in the southern sky as it passes along its path from east to west.

The solarium itself is a sort of miniature garden. There are small trees, with foliage that is bright green and dark yellow reaching to within a few feet of the glass ceiling overhead. Pathways are clearly marked by short dense carpet lined on the sides with tile and on either side of the paths are planters set a few feet off the floor with flowering plants, colorful shrubs and even smaller bushes and trees bearing fruit, berries, and nuts. The room is not crowded with plants.

It is a tasteful, sparse, but well cultivated little garden and you can see from one glass wall to the other on each side of the room.

Ahead of you, straight down the first path ahead of you, in the center of the wall, near the glass is a fountain, small, and plain. Clear water bubbles out of the top of the fountain, shaped like a large three-frond fern. The room is quiet except for the sound of the lightly splashing water as it runs off the fronds to fall into the small pool at the base of the fountain.

There is cart, with large spoked wooden wheels on the left of the fountain. The cart has two levels. On the bottom tray there is a mound of dark, rich earth with a small spade sticking out of one side. On the top tray there are small ceramic pots, and a woman, dressed in a dark blue and pale grey gown, wearing thin leather gloves is working soil into the pots.

She is not tall. Perhaps five foot six at the most. She is frail, and her skin is an unnatural pale white, almost grayish-blue in color. Her dress appears at first to be fancy, but then it might just be a garment that is old and was once suited to a noblewoman’s light gardening hobbies. The woman’s hair is jet black, dull, and thick, pilled into several thick crisscrossing braids on the top of her head. Her face is serene, and at the same time seems distant, almost vacant. Her nose is small. Too small, perhaps it is not a nose at all, but the bone of her face where her nose ought to be. Her profile is elegant, feline, but gaunt. She is at one beautiful, and hideous as it is plain to see this is the face and form of a woman dead for many centuries and yet preserved by the most powerful and forbidden of all magic.

She does not, immediately acknowledge your arrival, but then turns her head slightly, nods and smiles a tight-lipped smile, and then raising her left hand she curls her fingers toward her palm several times without saying a word as if to beckon you to come closer.

It seems that the functionality of the new(?) site is not as clean and easy to use as the former iteration. Am I missing something important.

Posts seem to disappear when I am trying to make them, or duplicate themselves for no reason.

Players in my game do not always see updated threads

Searching for older posts is much harder than I remember it used to be.

What am I doing wrong?


Keryth and Niversal meet Bud and Ballar in the Great Studio.

It is a remarkable building, three stories tall with large glass windows on the highest floor. Inside there are workshops, black box theaters, and artist lofts (for rent at below standard rates). The building serves as a central meeting house for the intelligentsia of the city. Often, one can find Abigail, the scientist and inventor of many of the “A” dungeon features, hanging about poking her nose into everybody’s business, but today the place is quiet.

The four companions trade a brief bit of information among themselves, as much as they are willing at least, about what has been going on for the past two weeks and that is when the realize Zaehyra has not arrived. It is almost four o’clock.

A minute before four, as is shown on a large mechanical clock on the wall in the assembly hall of the great studio, the Dungeon Minion arrives. She appears through a nondescript door at the far end of the hall, under a set of stairs that leads to the second floor. She is dressed differently than her normal attire, but you recognize her at once. She wears a simple outfit, loose fitting, practical, and clean. Her hair is arranged in a professional style, piled high on the top of her head, and not loose and bouncing over her shoulders as you remember it normally looks.

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