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Thanks for the clarifications.

As I said, you need crusader's flurry and the flurry of blows class feature.

Two weapon fighting is a special full round action which requires you to have 2 hands using 2 different weapons to attack simultaneously. You cannot use it if both hands are being used to make any single attack in the sequence.

It's like this: I'm lvl 1 and have EWP bastard sword, TWF, and quick draw -- I can't make one attack with the bastard sword with both hands, then quick draw a dagger/other weapon/use my fist and get a second attack from TWF. This is identical to attacking with a bow, then trying to get an extra punch from TWF.

I could if I used 2 monk weapons as part of a flurry, because there's no one/two handedness to the mechanic.

How about with an item like a belt of giant strength; after 24 hours the enhancement bonus is treated like an inherent bonus - how does that interact? Or if I took a class that gave an inherent bonus to something?

EDIT: And looking at the wish spell, it looks like inherent bonuses are capped at +5 but the item/class abilities go up to +6....

The only thing that seems to be confusing you is the difference between a free action and an attack action.

You can always choose not to reload the bow, and instead substitute an unarmed strike using your normal BaB progression, but you can't two weapon fight in the same round that you make a ranged attack with the weapon because both your hands are occupied.

The only way I can think to do something analogous is with the crusader's flurry feat (diety's favored weapon would need to be a bow) and flurry of blows.

The general rule is if you use a limb as part of making an attack (drawing ammo, and drawing/firing a bow), then that limb is considered "occupied." So you can't for example make claw attacks, or punch, or (strict raw) qualify for TWF.

So I was reading through a post earlier, and had a question:

Do inherent bonuses stack (sources)?

Strict RAW a bow takes 2 hands to use so regardless of whether it's a "two-handed weapon" or not you are not considered as having an "off-hand" with which to make the extra attacks.

Side One: You are treated as a 4th level fighter for these class features. The item does not grand these abilities however so unless there's some weird archetype i don't know about there is no benefit.

Side 2: Correct.

I would say there's no chance of accidentally poisoning yourself (poison use ok), but that there was a 100% chance of intentionally poisoning yourself :P. Depending on poison type that might be important or not.

Chess is correct; in order for levels in a class to count towards a feature they must actually possess said feature. In either event you get only one swift action per turn and insight/dodge bonuses are separate abilities.

To clarify; falling damage is something YOU take when YOU fall. If you pushed the swarm off a 20 foot ledge I would expect there to be some damage. If I fell into a 10 foot by 10 foot pit full of critters I might crush a few, but not a meaningful amount. Especially as I have a habit of trying to land on my feet and not my face.