Does Poison Use let you poison Natural Weapons

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Obviously not on a Bite, but claws or gore attacks seem like they would be viable poison vectors for Poison Use

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Not a problem... just remember to make that poison save as you are directly putting it on YOURSELF. And a saving throw each round of exposure until you've passed the poison to an intended target. The whole thing about poison use as a class ability is that it allows you not to accidentally do to yourself what you'd be doing DELIBERATELY. Effectively you're circumventing the poison use ability by trying to apply poison to your natural weapons.

well poison use should by wording allow it for injury poisons at least.

Contact is kinda iffy.. you don't poison when applying but then.. your onstatnly touching it so it would go off on you...

There are also specific feats for applying it to fleshy bits (adder strike and a few racial specific feats) that deal with poisoning natural..

Interstingly you could in theory use poison use and mouth to store inahle and blow it on someone

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Interesting. I'll have to look into injury poisons. Thanks!

Note- the alchemist, which is a fairly popular class for natural attack builds due to a discovery that grants bite/claw/claw, eventually gains poison immunity at level 10 via poison resistance (which also gives bonuses to saves against poisons prior to that)

Druids also gain poison immunity (referred to as venom immunity) at level 9. And I do not need to go into how well they work with natural attack builds, right?

So there are always options.

I would say there's no chance of accidentally poisoning yourself (poison use ok), but that there was a 100% chance of intentionally poisoning yourself :P. Depending on poison type that might be important or not.

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