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The PCs are headed north across rainy and foggy moorland. Such an evocative location deserves an equally evocative encounter. But for the life of me, my imagination tank runs dry and I’ve got nothing. Any assistance is appreciated…

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Let me hear about your current PF1 campaign. I’m currently playing via Zoom every week, with actual minis on a variety of actual battle maps. Just hit 7th level after finishing a heavily-modified version of ‘City of Golden Death.’

Guys - I should know this. But I can’t find a historic thread for this question.

Does a monster attract an attack of opportunity if it uses ‘Awesome Blow’?

Thanks all.

Looking for the stats of some elven rangers, maybe 2nd to 4th level. The 1st level ranger in the ‘NPC Codex’ is close to what I’m looking for, just too low a level...

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So I’m in the midst of running a campaign right now that has had elements of wilderness. And I was recently telling one of the players in that campaign that I have come to the conclusion that PF1 just doesn’t do wilderness well.

But now I’ve got this idea in my head to run a one-shot where the PCs are all rangers (well, actually a mix of a ranger or two, a hunter, maybe a wilderness-centric rogue...) fighting a guerrilla war against an incursion of hobgoblins.

I want to really stress-test the game a bit, and prove myself wrong.

Help me - guide me - inspire me. What products, Paizo or third-party, should I be looking at? What concepts and rules should I be playing with? Are there specific builds that will help tell this story and prove PF1 can do wilderness well?

I want chases through woods, LotR-style. I want fear of dark woods. I want players rewarded for using the terrain well.

PS - Incidentally, I’ve gone through ‘Ultimate Wilderness, and it is of limited utility...

Ok - I’m certain this has been asked before, but I really can’t find it anywhere.

When do you make a PC who is poisoned roll? Like bleed, at the beginning of their turn? Or at the end of their turn?

More generally, when do you get PCs to roll against something imposed upon them?

Many thanks for asking a question that I’m sure has been previously answered...

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It’s a little quieter, with considered, measured discussion around a system we love and aren’t giving up on yet. Sure - we know that PF1 has its failings. But it’s what we’ve invested so much time, energy and cash into. And I like this community as it is now: a little less noise than before. And I intend to share, borrow and steal from all of you for the indefinite future. Thanks

Okay - apologies - this is a question I'm sure has been answered in the 18 or so years of the underlying game engine's existence. But I cannot for the life of me find the answer. Does the successful use of 'cause fear' on a target cause that target to flee immediately, and therefore make that the initiative count the frightened target now acts on? Or does use of the spell simply make the target 'frightened,' and then that target flees the subject of his fear on his or her normal initiative count?

Thanks in advance for your patience - like I said, I'm sure this has been answered elsewhere, but I cannot find the answer...

I want to make wilderness (and specifically trackless boreal forest) movement and actions more interesting; I have no problems with finding/making interesting encounters, but I want choices and uses of Survival to be meaningful in between those encounters. Right now, I move them off their desired route by one increment on the hex map for each 5 that they fail a Survival roll. And specific actions, like climbing a tree to see where they can help with that. Whether they use a fire at night may make their Survival check easier, but may also increase the chance of an unwanted encounter. II want choices, actions, and rolls to matter, and the game not simply be a series of linked wilderness encounters that feel like they are just sitting their waiting for the PCs to 'bump' into them, regardless of what they do between those encounters...

Looking for advice or a product in that regard; I've looked through 'Ultimate Wilderness' and it isn't what I'm looking for...

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I mean, it’s already an explicit part of PF1 PFS, and admitted implicitly in several APs. And maybe there is guidance to be found in old AD&D 1e, that had its ‘name levels’ once you got around 9-12th level. This would take some pressure off the devs to make the game sing at ‘higher levels.’ It would require a game that took a much more measured and leisurely pace up the level scale, which isn’t to everyone’s tastes...

Of course, maybe there is a bigger population of players who play past 12th level, in which case I’ll shut my big yap...

Incidentally, I’m sad the welcoming and civil tone that used to exist here seems to be missing lately...

In the mid-2000s, Mike Mearls proposed two separate combat manoeuvre systems in two separate 3PP for 3.5: first, in 2004's 'Book of Iron Might,' and a couple of years later in his 'Iron Heroes' hardcover. Both were attempts to add more cinematic action to 3.5 combat.

Has anyone tried using either of these for Pathfinder? And if so, how did they play at the table?

I'm curious - both systems show great ambition, but how they play practically I simply cannot imagine...

Assassin Vine had grappled a PC and is constricting. However, in a subsequent round, as part of its roll to maintain the grapple (for which it has a +13, and another +5 circumstance bonus for a total of +18). Assassin Vine rolls a natural '1'; however, that's still a 19, well over the opponent's CMD.

However - still a natural '1' - what happens? A 'miss', indicating a lost grapple, or is the grapple maintained?

Thanks, and kind and regards.

Play on, Paizo Nation!


Having a session on Sunday where the PCs are being harried by extremely cunning and skilled hobgoblin rangers. Looking for hobgoblins with a level or two in ranger to challenge a 4th Level party, or even evil human rangers (1-3 level). Already got a cool bad-guy leader (Stag Lord from "The Stolen Lands").

Anyone got any, or can point me where to look?

Most appreciated, as always.

Play on, Paizo Nation!

Cheers, Paizo Nation!

A query - my PCs missed Ameiko in the basement of the Glassworks and blazed right in to the Catacombs of Wrath. In their defence, they were hot on Tsuto's trail.

However, I want them to find Ameiko when they head back to town to rest, or after the Catacombs are completed. She is loaded with info: she's going to be able to explain what is going on with her brother, and more specifically, she should be able to explain much of what is going on between Tsuto and Nualia - after all, he apparently did tell all this in an effort to convince her to join them (bottom right of Burnt Offerings p. 20).

I want to write this out so it is properly evocative and informs the players correctly without fumbling through it and missing something. But I'm lazy (and busy doing, you know, life, which is no excuse...).

Does anyone have this speech already written out? I know, I'm almost embarrased for asking...

Also - on another point - did anyone replace Erylium with another foe? I only ask because I have read criticism (construtive, mind you) on these boards and elsewhere, that she is a bit of a pain for a low-level party, in that she can fly (and so is hard to hit) but that she doles out low damage anyway, making for a long but perhaps not terribly exciting combat.

No offence to the Mr. Jacobs - it is a truly classic module - and perhaps this is a GM issue, and a good GM can make it sing...

As always, Play On, Paizo Nation!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Looking for a little guidance.

1. Does the Decapus in the Bestiary #2 get 10 tentacle attacks, all at +8?

2. If so, is this only as part of a full attack, in that a melee attack as a standard action would only involve its bite?

3. As it can grab with its tentacles, does this mean it could conceivably constrict with up to 10 different tentacles, if all ten hit and were grappling?

Overall, this is a question I've had since I bought Bestiary #1 Spring 2010 - which attack does the monster use for a simple melee attack, when several are listed? Obviously, it uses all of them for a full attack.

Thanks for any and all counsel in this regard.

The SunKing.