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Minor question.

Argentus (in Savories) is supposed to be using his wand of charm person and his Suggestion spell to make the PCs more agreeable to him. How is he... doing this?

I assume he's not walking up to their table with drink refills and shouting HOCUS POCUS to cast Suggestion on literally just one person, but he doesn't seem to have any way to do it more subtly.

Ha, true. Nobody else is gonna advertise for me!

It's just always felt odd to me, I've been doing the Pathfinder streams for over 3 years and content creation in general for a damn decade but I always just feel wrong advertising. Truth be told one of my players had to basically force me to even post this!

I wasn't sure whether I should post this in Gen. Discussion or Advice, but I figure your average person is gonna see this as an ad post either way (and it kinda is, I suppose) so I'd put it here. If this sort of post isn't ok, I apologize, I'm not terribly familiar with the goings-on of these particular forums.

We recently got the opportunity to bring the Pathfinder livestream we've been doing on Twitch for a few years over to the official Paizo channel! We've been running various first-party adventure paths for about 3 years now, going from Dragon's Demand to Skull and Shackles and most recently finishing off Strange Aeons a few months ago. Now, we're working our way into War for the Crown.

Most of us are relatively new to the scene. We haven't been playing Pathfinder (or even tabletop RPGs at all, for most of us) any longer than we've been working on the livestream, so we're surely much less experienced in the game system than most people here. Mostly, we sit on the bridge between "theater of the mind" style full RP, and number-crunching Mathfinder.

I want to know what advice you guys have for making our show as good as possible!

What do you like to see in a live Pathfinder show/podcast? What turns you off from live play sessions? What can we add or remove to make the show more watchable/interesting?

Presenting a tabletop game live through a visual medium like Twitch is always difficult because the medium itself isn't terribly visual. This is extra true given the fact that we play over Roll20 and don't have an actual live table. We recently adapted the cast to include at least the webcams of all the players, something we've never done before (it used to just be my ugly mug).

Now, I know regardless of me asking for advice here, this is going to come off as a self-promotion post. And admittedly, sure, it half is. But I really do want to know how to make our show as good as possible. I've listened to some of the more popular shows like the Glass Cannon podcast and Called Shot, and have taken some of what makes those shows so great to heart in trying to improve our presentation and my own GMing. I spend... what's probably an unhealthy amount of my free time looking up GM advice and discussions and ideas trying to figure out what things I can do to improve both the player and the viewer experience. Recently, I picked up a Syrinscape subscription to add sick soundboard effects and background ambiance.

Since this is getting ridiculously long, guess I should bold the main idea up above and give you guys some links:

-The show is live every Monday at 4PM EST/1PM PST, over at the official Paizo twitch channel!

-The full playlist beginning with Songbird, Scion, Saboteur is also here on the channel.

-We do also have a podcast, hosted over on Podbean.

-Any other useful links, like our Discord with the quick story catch-up (and an almost full mini-novel of our adventures in Crownfall) or the various players live on the 2 Perception twitter page. If this post is half advertisement, screw it, might as well advertise.

And finally, seriously, thank you to anyone who does take the time to check out our new-ish show, and especially to anyone who has any feedback. Of course I want visibility, but I really do want to make this show as enjoyable as possible. I want to grow this by putting on a real entertaining stream, not by spamming links all over subreddits and forums (hence why I haven't really advertised here in the 3+ years we've been streaming, save the mini-novel write-up I was pretty proud of).

motteditor wrote:
I'm still reading -- and really enjoying it -- but thoughts on allowing PCs a chance to rest? They could take time to do so in the basement, but I imagine most will try to push on through there (none of the nobles are really likely to want to linger down there but I imagine they'll accede to it if the PCs insist). After they escape from the Senate building, though, I can imagine a lot of PCs wanting to refresh resources, while the adventure feels like it's pushing them immediately on to the next locale.

Echoing this because I didn't see any replies in the thread. I'm especially concerned about the Senate basement itself- are the PCs meant to be able to rest either before/after dealing with the Walcofindes? Arcane casters like Wizards are effectively still level 1 for this entire dungeon if not, they can't rest for their new spells.

Two quick questions, Upianshe (the ghost near one of the Stela) is a bit of a weird case, since she's a magus wielding a weapon that's technically a natural attack of a ghost.

Can she spend a point from her arcane pool to give her spectral bastard sword speed+keen and get 2 attacks that crit on 17s?

Do her attacks hit touch AC? If not she's... probably incapable of hitting a decent level 13/14 PC.

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Richard Pett wrote:

In terms of Kisetz, I've only quickly read the published adventure but in terms of the draft: ** spoiler omitted **...

Ah, that makes MUCH more sense. In the final publish that sidebar appears to be omitted entirely, and she effectively declares war on the PCs for no reason at all.

@Spatula The party was sold to Lowls by Weirlai, I thought. I don't believe they've been to Okeno before, but admittedly I've only given the AP one read through.

I feel like I'm missing something with Kisetz. Why does she hate the party SO MUCH that she directly betrays her master, an act that it specifically calls out she's horrified of doing?

She has to live a very busy and tiresome life if she puts this much effort into a grudge against every single person in Okeno who's ever looked at her funny.

So I'm realizing now, Fort Hailcourse only has one entrance. The front gate is barred behind a DC 35 (!!) STR check, making me think its not really the intended way for the PCs to get into the Fort in the first place. So... how ARE they supposed to be getting in? Scaling the walls? Hardly seems subtle.

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I've only been GMing for a little over a year, and I'm still not fantastic at gauging the difficulty of combat. That said, a couple of the "bigger" NPC fights look... lackluster.

The assassin Risi is the worst offender. Am I missing something or is she a complete dumpster fire? When she goes after the party in Event 5, she is going up against, most likely, a level 4 or 5 party. If they don't have a way to detect her while she's invisible, she gets one sneak attack at 5d6+2 that MIGHT drop someone instantly if she's super lucky and they fail a DC13 Fortitude save. Then she... gives up and goes home? It's that or gently tickle the party with 1d6+2 swings every round.

The encounter with Melisenn at the very end confuses me a bit as well. Is she really relying on a single CR4 monster with less than 50 health to tank a full party of level 6 characters? Her channels do 4d6 which while it'll hurt a little isn't really threatening in and of itself, and she has almost literally no attacking spells. That little byakhee is going to get blown up in one round and she'll just faff about in the sky wriggling her arms for 4d6 until she gets melted too.

My group is definitely a bit more "rollplay" and I'm excited for the Tatterman at the end of book 1 as he looks absolutely deadly, but I'm not seeing the threat in some of these book 2 encounters. What am I missing/not considering?

While we're on the subject of the Revenant, a Revenant specifically trying to kill a level 4 party member seems extremely deadly. 2 claws +18 for 1d8+11 with an automatic grapple at CMB +21 for another 1d6+7 damage? Holy ouch. That doesn't even factor in that the Revenant has Haste, so that's actually even worse.

Any advice for running this encounter without dropping the PC in question within the first round or two? I don't want to hold back player death, but this seems like a really questionable situation to just kill a PC. As far as it will seem from a player's perspective, a Revenant will run up from nowhere and drop them within a round or 2 (literally in the middle of town!). That feels like a cheap death to me.

I'm gonna add this post here because this thread is at the top in Google search results for a ship stat sheet.

Modified Tryn's sheet a bit, highlighted squares meant to be edited and added in the ability to include the Sailing Skill Modifier of your pilot and have it be added into the AC/CMB/CMD of the ship. Also fiddled with formatting a bit to show up better in the current incarnation of Google Drive. Hope this helps someone!

https://drive.google.com/previewtemplate?id=1vBWfuThZlNspQm7yybnP6xub-zSB88 _0-JiRJ1J_TnY&mode=public