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Yesterday I went to go check up on what was shipping for my next subscription total and discovered that there nothing listed. I checked again just a few minutes ago and still the same thing - I'm still subscribed, there is just nothing listed for my next subscription shipment. Help?

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Here's my take on the situation for redeeming Ileosa:

After reading the AP, I was under the impression that despite Kazavon being the motivating force for many of her actions, Ileosa still had the desire to do evil for her own benefit, even if she never acted upon it. When the psychic influence of Kazavon struck Ileosa, it initially infected her and merged with her, coring out her original soul and replacing it with a hybrid - the memories and mannerisms of the Queen are still there, but by the time of the campaigns climax she has been thoroughly corrupted by the influence of the Crown of Fangs over the course of the AP. Add to it this new gestalt beings (Ileosa/Kazavon) contract with the powers of Hell and you have one seriously epic quest to redeem her for one who is so inundated in evil. My suggestion as a GM would be that the PC's must sever *all* influence of Kazavon upon her soul permanently, destroy every copy of her contract with Hell, and have her undergo an atonement for each of her numerous crimes in order to be redeemed. And even then, without a Greater Restoration, Wish or Miracle she may be left permanently spiritually scarred and maddened by her time under the psychic dominance of the champion of Zon-Kuthon.

So in other words, way beyond the scope of most campaigns.

And IMO, removing the Crown of Fangs from her head would only stop her from accessing the artifacts powers, not heal her tattered and blackened soul nor turn her back into the person she was at the beginning of the AP.

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James Jacobs wrote:

The rune side of Thassilon's magic hasn't been ignored. We did a big article about it back in Pathfinder #5, actually. It's a big enough subject that it would have been TOO much to put into Inner Sea Magic. The sin magic stuff is simple and one page long, so that was easy to get in there.

Maybe someday if we do something more with Thassilon, though, we'll do more about their runes.

Yes Please! More on Thassilon and their magic, please! I've been looking for something to really make the magic of Thassilon something special for my RotRL campaign and while the article in Pathfinder #5 is great as a jumping off point, I was hoping for a bit more on the history of the tri-partite rune language, the goddess Lissala (and the Peacock Spirit), the Rune Law, Old Xin, and how rune magic was corrupted and/or perverted into being associated with sin.