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I'm going to incorporate Tomb of Annihilation into my homebrew campaign. A lot of the names are going to be changed, and I think I'm going to alter the "Death Curse" a bit.

The party will be 5th or 6th level and has a dirigible. I think this is going to bypass or eliminate or at the very least mitigate a lot of the "wandering around the wilderness and being zombie and/or dinosaur chow" aspect of the adventure.

One aspect of my homebrew campaign is that the continents float in mid-air, so there will be no ocean surrounding "Chult." The continents were raised above the seas by ancient aarakocra who performed a ritual that sacrificed their flight to grant flight to the continents. They lost their wings and bright colors and virtue and faded into kenku.

So I need an alternate winged race to replace the aarakocra monks that are harboring the princess.

I have the Monster Manual, Volo's Guide to Monsters, the Tome of Beasts, and the skills to stat out new monsters. :-) I just need inspiration on a replacement race. I really like the idea of the princess's little brother dressing up as a bird, so I kind of want to steer away from winged apes, batfolk, phanaton, flying saurials, etc. Well, maybe phanaton. Just thought of them....

Also, how important is the sub-plot about the Ring of Winter?

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Andre Braugher, Linda Hamilton, Michael Rooker, Mae Whitman, Malik Yoba, Dina Meyer, Will Yun Lee, Fiona Dourif, Yancey Arias, Clifton Collins Jr., James Remar.

I just started watching it on Hulu. It's been on my Netflix queue forever. Well, at least 10 years.

So far, so good.

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Are there any alternate Pact Boons besides the Book of Shadows, Weapon, or Familiar? Core or 3pp?

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This is for my steampunk/swords & sorcery Podwick/Xenique 5th Edition campaign, so if you're playing in it, please don't peek!


So, I plan on the PCs assaulting a tall, hollow tower to rescue someone. It's basically a giant stairwell with a hollow center, 30 feet in diameter, with 10 foot wide stairs winding along the walls.

I have ideas for encounters for the ground floor, the first half of the tower, and the top of the tower, but I need an idea for the top half of the interior of the tower.

The party is 5th level, and has a Halfling Tempest cleric, tiefling warlock, human gunslinging swashbuckler rogue, wood elf outlander monk, lighting and thunder wizard/fighter, and shadow sorcerer/cleric. So lots of ranged attacks, no real tanks, some skirmishing melee types.

The ground floor will have a swamp monster and a trap, the lower half will have some skirmishing kenku death-cult monks, and the top half will have a coven summoning a shadow demon or vrock.

There is deep water at the bottom of the tower, so it won't TPK if they're pushed off the stairs.

I'm thinking a flying or at least acrobatic urban fey monstrosity might work, but what??? Or a trap of some kind, like a complex trap that will encourage teamwork and cooperation to solve.



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Future Man! Future Man! He can do anything the future can!

I like it so far. It stars that short guy from the Hunger Games and Ed Begley Jr. and What'sHerName from Happy Endings.

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I just got it, and have been extremely busy, so I'm only about halfway through the classes, but the Kensei monk seems amazing!

A lot of it are re-treads from Unearthed Arcana, but it looks like that material has been refined. In particular, it looks like many mechanics that were just a rehash of the Battlemaster's superiority dice are now more similar to the War cleric's mechanics.

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What's a creepy minion monster that would work for an urban kidnapping hag coven? Ideally something that works in a group of a dozen or so.


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I have a NG Hill Dwarf Acolyte Life Cleric of Desna 15
AC 22
HP 138

Str 14 (23 with Belt)
Dex 8 (10 with Ioun Stone)
Con 15 (16 with Resilient Feat at 4)
Int 10
Wis 16 (20 with Feats 8 & 12)
Cha 12

Has a Dominant +1 Warhammer, +1 Full Plate, +1 Shield, Medusa Mask from RotRL, some scrolls, a wand of magic missile, cloak of +1 Con saves.

I mostly buff and heal, I usually tank while casting, and I try to be within melee of most BBEGs since I have a good AC and hit points. I used the standard array for ability scores, and I take the average hit points each level. The spells I usually cast are bless, cure wounds, guiding bolt, healing word, spiritual weapon, mass healing word, spiritual guardians, greater restoration, insect plague, mass cure wounds, heal. I occasionally use lesser restoration, inflict wounds, banishment, stone shape, contagion, and various divinations if we're in puzzle solving mode.

Skills are Insight, Medicine, Persuasion, and Religion.

We just hit level 15, so I haven't had a lot of experience with my 8th level spells. I'll probably prepare earthquake moving forward.

But 16th level is coming up soon, and I need help determining my 16th level feat. Things I'm considering:

+2 to Constitution (+16 hit points, +1 on Constitution saves)
+2 to Dexterity (Shore up a real weakness, but it's kind of a big character trait)
Alert (mostly for the +5 to initiative. 99% of the time, I go last, and that is hilarious, but it hampers my party buffing)
Heavy Armor Master (DR 3/- is nice, but is it worth it at level 16?)
Lucky (3 PCs already have it, and we have a Portent-using Divination wizard, so there are lots of d20 manipulation tricks at the table already)
Mage Slayer (I'm up front a lot, and we fight lots of spellcasters, and my melee attack is +12 to hit, 3d8+7 damage with my Divine Strike ability, so it will be cool; also Advantage on Saving Throws from adjacent spellcasters will also be helpful, given my usual position in battle)
Magic Initiate (getting goodberry, produce flame, and thorn whip to get 40 hit points from 1 first level spell and some battle utility cantrips)
Savage Attacker (depends if the DM allows me to re-roll ALL 3 dice of my Divine Strike weapon damage dice (1d8 bludgeoning + 2d8 radiant))
Sentinel (Since I'm usually up front in melee, I can lock down the BBEG)
Shield Master (I just really like the Shove action, and getting to use it as a bonus action would be nice. Adding +3 to some Dexterity saves would be really nice, and using my shield for quasi-Evasion would be nice)
Skilled (Adding +5 or +6 to Athletics, Perception, and maybe Arcana, History, or Survival)
Tough (+32 hit points is nothing to sneeze at, and it would fit the flavor of my PC. I have died 3 times already (the only PC to do so), so I could use some survivability enhancement)
War Caster (using spells to make Opportunity Attacks sounds super fun!)

So lots of options. I'm also looking for fun feat synergies with my 19th level feat, like Shield Master + Skilled (+12 on Shove checks!), Sentinel + War Caster (stopping a monster with a cantrip!), Mage Slayer + War Caster (fighting spell fire with spell fire!), Constitution +2 + Tough (+60 hit points at 20th level!).

And this campaign WILL got to 20th level. We've taken the PCs from 1st to 13th in RotRL, and we're going to take them up to 20th just to see how high level play goes.

If it matters, the other PCs are a human divination wizard blaster, an elf arcane trickster rogue archer, a human hunter ranger archer, a half-orc berserker barbarian with a golfbag of heavy weapons, and a human eldritch knight two-weapon fighter.

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How cool would it be if my 5th Edition Homebrew campaign started using Percentile Ability Scores?

What I mean by this is each ability score (Str-Cha, 1-20) would also have a percentile element. Each time you leveled up, you would roll 1d100 and add the result to your percentile element. If it exceeded 100, you would add +1 to the relevant ability score, and subtract 100 from the percentile portion.

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So, I have a player whose character keeps falling into water and gets attacked by something with tentacles.

I want to keep doing this to him. The PCs are 5th level (5th Edition too), so what are some fun tentacled monstrosities of depths?

Obviously, I'm going to bring him face-to-slime-covered-tentacle with an aboleth when it's CR appropriate.

Thanks for all your creepy advice!

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A druid in wildshape gains the beast's Hit Dice. Can a druid spend those Hit Dice to regain hit points?

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I'm running an urban steampunk campaign, and I'm trying to make a hag lair in the city.

Where is an interesting place to put a hag lair in the big city? It's a steampunk setting. The city has 4 quarters: Rich, Poor & Industrial, Not-so-poor & Industrial, and one being Gentrified.

I was thinking maybe a park or graveyard, or maybe a meat locker or slaughterhouse. The PCs have already explored a haunted house, an abandoned church, and they also did a heist at a private phlogiston factory adjacent to a mansion.

It's for 5th Edition, I'm homebrewing the hags, and customizing their coven spells to be more curse-like.

The mission will be to rescue kidnapped orphans (one of the PCs runs an orphanage, and she went on a month-long adventure without telling me her safeguards. OOPS! ***evil grin***).


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And go!



Paladin 2/Warlock 3 (Sir Smite-a-lot)

Ranger 3/Monk 2 (Flurry Hunters Mark

Fighter/Rogue (Action Surge + Cunning Action)

Barbarian/Druid (raging wild shape!)

Paladin 3/Cleric 2 (Channel Energy galore!)

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What the subject says!

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I have a 14th level cleric, Wisdom maxed out to 20, and I'm considering Magic Initiate (druid) as my 16th level feat.

What are the best druid spells and cantrips?

Also, what are the best bard, cleric, sorcerer, warlock, and wizard spells for Magic Initiate? I imagine there can be a lot of synergy between Bard, Paladin, Sorcerer, and Walock mixes and matches.

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Slaadi never seem to do any good, or even neutral, stuff. What makes then CN and not CE? (Besides the ones that ARE CE....)

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So, for my homebrew campaign, I have a massive world-spanning organization (The Commonwealth) that regulates language and banking. It's mostly a bad pun, but also works so everyone speaks Common and to make sure a gold piece is a gold piece is a gold piece is a tenth of a platinum piece is ten silver pieces is 100 copper pieces.

But then I thought, can't someone use regulating the language for something? Maybe using language to influence thoughts and speech to avoid a concept or promote an ideology or something?

The main campaign is a steampunk city near, but isolated from, a jungle filled Stone Agey (well, Bronze Agey) sword & sandal & sorcery stuff, including cults dedicated to Abyssal aberrations and other nasties. I'm also interested in having a Construct Emancipation struggle in the background if the PCs don't get swept up into it directly.

But the campaign world is pretty huge. 12 massive continents with all sorts of cultures and levels of technology and magic, and all part of the same semi-secret commonwealth.

Any ideas for the big linguistic conspiracy?


It doesn't even have to be an evil conspiracy.

One of the odd aspects of this campaign is there aren't a lot of evil deities. There is a creator deity that is the spirit of time, invention, and motion; there is a Holy Family that's a rip-off from the Paladin of Chalion series, but with some Good Neighbors and soe Bad Neighbors; there is a pantheon of feral angels based on winged monsters like dragons, chimeras, griffons, imps, etc.; and the Conservancy, a LN Vatican-like, anthropocentric ecological, Maester-like, druid organization.

There is a demiurge with a bunch of underling demigods and secret Lovecraftian cults, of course.

Maybe a diabolical tyrant trying to keep his existence secret from the masses?

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We're returning to our PCs from our 5e conversion of RotRL.

I play a NG Hill Dwarf Acolyte Life Cleric 14 dedicated to Desna. I usually do a lot of in-combat healing, buffing via bless, tanking, and liberal use of spiritual weapon and sacred flame--often at the same time. I also try to use spiritual guardians when I'm not using bless, and I also use a lot of guiding bolt and my warhammer (I have Strength 23 via magical belt). I'll also use contagion when I need to.

What are the good 5th, 6th, and 7th level spells?

The rest of the party is well balanced and takes care of doing the direct damage stuff (barbarian berserker, two-weapon fighting eldritch knight, switch-hitter arcane trickster, divination wizard blaster, archery focused hunter ranger). The wizard and ranger do battlefield control, and the ranger has a Horn of Valhalla for emergencies.

I'm just looking for ways to make everyone even better than they are.


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I have the PH, DMG, MM, Volo's Guide, and Kobold Press's Tome of Beasts.

What is the next crunchiest 5e supplement?



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I'm DMing for 2 PCs whose characters have prominent tattoos. I think they are great opportunities for magic item design space.

The swashbuckler rogue/soon to be battlemaster fighter dual wields pistol and rapier and has a tattoo of a silvery white dragon, so I think a wind or air-related power would be apt. Maybe gust of wind and/or fly, or at least feather fall or jump (they have an airship, and featherfall would be a great "parachute."

The other PC is an outsider wood elf monk of the 4 elements, covered in tattoos. His hands are scarred from when he first manifested his fiery snake powers. He dual wields tomahawks and has magical bracers that give them the "Returning" property. I'm think a tattoo that gave him an extra element ki power would be neat.

They just turned 5th level deep in a crypt that is deep in the jungle on a volcanic island in a lake. The rest of the party is a Halfling Tempest cleric, a human cleric 1/"shadow sorcerer" 4, an eladrin fighter 1/"brontomancer" weather wizard, and a tiefling warlock with a clockwork patron.

So no tanks. We keep trying to convince the Tempest cleric that she is a tank (breastplate + shield + decent Dex and Con), but she's not buying it, even though she has that cool Retributive Storm Strike ability if she gets hit. The monk could be pretty tanky, too (I think he has the highest AC), but he's more of a mobile artillery, like the swashbuckler and warlock....and brontomancer and shadow mage. At least the swashbuckler will jump in and out of melee to get his 2nd attack (he has a 3pp "Blade and Pistol" feat that's very similar to the Crossbow Master feat so he can dual wield sword and pistol, but he also likes to hide and snipe with a rifle).

I also have an idea for a quest for the "Tree of Life" that will give the PCs a bonus to their Constitution score equal to their Proficiency Bonus AND give them maximum hit points. Maybe proficiency on Death Saving Throws too. Maybe guarded by yuan-ti... a serpent played a big role in that story about the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil...

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Our DM converted RotRL to 5E, and at least one magic item was based on a class feature. We found a rod that let you use the 2nd level Evocation Magic Tradition's Selective Spell ability (you can choose to miss 1 + spell level's allies with your AoE spell).

Do you think any other class features would make good magic items?

I think there is a fine balance between stepping on other classes' toes and providing a cool benefit for the party.

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My six level 4 PCs have a flying ship.

What are some fun wandering monster-type encounters should they encounter? It's for a flying jungle and desert continent that has lost civilizations ruled by aberration-worshiping cultists, serpent folk cultists, rakshasa and other cat folk, ape and beastmen, gnoll and ghoul-land, and a fallen orc nation.

Monsters, storms, other flying ships, etc. They already fought a pair of manticores after talking to them (yuck!) and a flight of demon monkeys riding pterodactyls.

I'll start.

1. Half-dragon griffons
2. A thunderstorm filled with will-o'-wisps
3. A rival sky pirate ship
4. A drunk kirin
5. Vengeful manticores
6. Kraken-o'-the-sky
7. A mechanical problem
8. Problematic mechanical emancipationists (PCs from steampunk city)
9. Cloud behemoths (advanced floating dire hippopotami)
10. Ghost ship

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What is your favorite trap? The most fun--not necessarily the most deadly.

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Players of my Podwick over Xenique: Brass Gears & Bronze Spears Campaign--DO NOT ENTER:

So, my PCs are finally getting ready to leave the big steampunk city of Podwick, fly the Black Betty (their dirigible) down the giant beanstalk, and begin exploring the jungles of Xenique.

They're following a treasure map to the Crypt of the Monkey King.

But what kind of treasure should they find? They will be level 4 or 5. I have an idea for a monkey paw, but what else should they find?

The party is:

a human sky pirate rogue swashbuckler with a pistol and mysterious dragon tattoo
a tiefling scavenger warlock with a clockwork patron
a halfing urchin Tempest cleric of the Daughter who runs an orphanage
a wood elf outlander monk of the 4 elements and 2 flying tomahawks
a human cultist cleric of the Clock Queen 1/shadow sorcerer X
an eladrin elf sage brontomancer (thunder and lightning and weather) wizard

They found the treasure map at 1st level, so there should be kind of a big payoff.

Also, I'm looking for some non-combat encounters for a monkey-themed dungeon. Specifically, something to do with See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil.



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One of my favorite aspects of 5th Edition is how dynamic the combats can be. Particularly, how mobile combatants are, and specifically, how fun (and common!) it is to move your opponents around the battlefield. Thorn whip is my favorite cantrip, and I love spells like thunderwave that push opponents away.

In PF and 3.X, moving an opponent 10 or more feet could really muck up their full attacks, but that isn't really a factor in 5th Edition.

So I'm making a list of fun terrain features to push and/or pull your opponents into.

1. A pit
2. A campfire
3. A vat of acid
4. A puddle of tar
5. A patch of hallucinogenic toadstools
6. Caltrops
7. Ball bearings
8. A patch of ice
9. An oil slick
10. A cauldron of foul witch's brew
11. Skeletal claws reaching out of the ground
12. A swarm of tiny monsters
13. A radiant rune that heals
14. A "waterfall" of sticky slime that blinds you
15. Quicksand
16. A cloud of mist
17. A portal that teleports you to a random location
18. A cage
19. A frozen lake surface that's begun to crack
20. A swarm of flying creatures that lift you up 1d6 x 10 feet
21. A trapdoor leading to a chute to a different area
22. A clockwork platform that moves around or spins slowly
23. A vent of soporific gas
24. A trampoline-like membrane that bounces you up and far
25. A hunter's trap that restrains you
26. Phosphorescent spores that act like faerie fire
27. A balance beam or cat walk that requires an Acrobatics check

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Just started watching this on Hulu.

What is the significance of handedness in psychiatric diagnoses or synopses?

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The 3rd level party I DM for found an airship and want to improve it. Primarily with cannons.

It's a steampunk campaign, so gunpowder AKA thunder medicine is available.

But the DMG doesn't have prices for siege equipment! Pistols are 250 gp, muskets are 500 gp. Pistols do 1d10, and cannon do 8d10, so would 2000 gp be right? It seems a little pricy, but they have a range of about half a mile, but it also takes 3 actions to load, aim, and fire a cannon.

So far, there hasn't been a lot of money given out during the campaign, but they did get a free mansion and airship, plus some magic items.

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I am DMing a

party of six:

Human rogue (swashbuckler, pistol and dagger)
Human cleric1 /sorcerer 2 (homebrew shadowmage)
Tiefling warlock (clockwork patron)
Halfling cleric (tempest, rapier and shield)
Wood Elf monk (4 elements)
Eladrin fighter 1/wizard 2 (homebrew brontomancer)

and they don't really have any tanks (no dedicated d10 or d12 melee types).

One player mentioned hiring a couple fighters to join the crew of their newly acquired airship (they're level 3).

6 vs. 1 is proving to be challenging when it comes to dealing with the action economy disparity. They took out a level 6 wizard in round (even though the wizard got a surprise round, but lost initiative).

I'm concerned about balancing encounters. 8 vs. 1 action economy is horrible. Also, using higher CR critters in 5th Edition can lead to lots of one-shot kills of PCs, which I want to avoid. I know several lower CR critters is the way to go, but what's the best way to do it?

One CR appropriate with a bunch of minions? A couple CR appropriates? A bunch of lower CRs? I know mixing up types of encounters is ideal.

I want to challenge my PCs without killing them. Using CR +1 or +2 can be really swingy.

Any guidance?

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Nephew 14, Niece 12, Niece 9, Nephew 5.

The nieces are the game players, but they keep playing games with very little strategy, like War or Candy Land--which drives me crazy, because they're super smart. They do play Uno and Go Fish and stuff.

I'm thinking of Settlers of Catan for the 12 year old, and maybe Exploding Kittens for the 9 year old.

Any other fun games for kids?

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When you play in a homebrew campaign, what do YOU want in the campaign gazetteer?

I'm working on one now for my homebrew Steampunk/Dying Earth campaign, and I'm using the 2nd Edition Planescape Campaign Setting as a template.

But how much is too much? What are the bare bones you want for your campaign gazetteer? How much is too little?

I'm currently focusing on the hometown (a big city) and the basic cosmology and geography (gods and continents and empires), and some homebrew races. I want to keep the "main" continent a little vague so they can explore it.

Anything else I should consider adding?

I'm also going to have a few house rules (this is for 5th Edition), but they're relatively minor (swapping out some weapon proficiencies for firearms, magic item attunement, inspiration, and the number of spells you can concentrate on tied to your proficiency bonus (or half your PB for concentration)).

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Are The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Quantico gone from Hulu?

Or is my search-fu search-poo?

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During our last session, a bunch of players noted the lack of otter-related magic items and an interest in there being some.

So I'm working on some now.

Amulet of the Otter
Wondrous item, uncommon (requires attunement)
While wearing this amulet, you gain the ability to slide. When you take the Dash action, the increase in speed you gain is equal to twice your speed. You also gain advantage on Strength (Athletics) checks made to swim.

Staff of the Otter
Staff, rare, (requires attunement by a bard, druid, ranger, sorcerer, warlock, or wizard)
This staff has 4 chargers and regains 1d4 expended charges daily at dawn.
Spells. While holding this staff, you can use an action to expend 1 charge to cast one of the following spells from it, using your spell save DC: grease or Tasha's hideous laughter.

How do these look?

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The PCs discover a key.

What does it open?

What does it do?

Where can it be used?

1. A music box
2. A jewelry box
3. A clockwork toy
4. A treasure chest
5. A secret door
6. A pair of magical manacles
7. A locked gauntlet
8. A mechanism that disables a trap
9. A secret drawer in an intricate cabinet or desk
10. It activates the helm of an airship

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I think a major background event, and possibly more than minor campaign focus, for my new swords & sorcery steampunk mash-up campaign is going to feature the emancipation of clockwork servants.

Any ideas on what the two sides will look like?

Just spitballing here:

1. The constructs themselves
2. Humanoids who want the servant jobs the robo-butlers have.
3. The people who make clockwork friends

1. Rich douches with robot butlers.
2. Superstitious folk who think clockwork servants will steal their jobs.
3. The people who make clockwork slaves
4. The army with clockwork soldier cannon fodder

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I have a 7th level Half-Elf Urchin Rogue (Thief) with the Fast Hands feature. It allows him to use the Use an Object action as a bonus action.

I'm looking for fun options for Use an Object. He's a parkour specialist (Expertise in Acrobatics and Athletic, Mobile feat), if that helps.

So far I have:

1. Drop ball bearings
2. Drop caltrops
3. Drop oil flask
4. Grappling hook and rope



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I have a melee rogue, 7th level. Should I remain a Thief or get rebuilt as a Swashbuckler archetype? He was originally a Thief (urchin background, parkour specialization), but then the Swashbuckler came out in the Sword Coast splatbook and Unearthed Arcana web enhancement.

He is a CG half-elf urchin rogue 7.
12 16 14 8 14 12 stats.
Mobile feat selected at 4th.
Expertise in Acrobatics, Athletics, Perception, Stealth. Also proficient in Animal Handling, Investigation, Sleight of Hand, and Survival.
Uses a rapier.
Magical gear are Boots of Striding and Springing.

I played him from 1st through 4th, then DMed, and now the group is 7th level. Will almost definitely boost Dex to 18 at 8th level.

I'm considering Defensive Duelist at 10th, but I haven't played him from levels 5 through 7 yet, so I don't know how often I'll be using Uncanny Dodge (both Uncanny Dodge and Defensive Duelist use your reaction defensively, the first to halve damage against a single attack, the second boosting AC by +4 (or more), so possibly negating a hit). So in play, I would have to choose one or the other, and it would really depend on how the DM runs combat. It's for our World Serpent Inn campaign, which has a rotating stable of DMs. Some might declare they hit a specific AC, and then allow me to use my reaction to choose Uncanny Dodge or Defensive Duelist depending on what would be best. Some might tell me if I'm hit or not, and then I would have to guess if DD or UD is the best option.

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What kind of geographic features would hinder lighter-than-air flight, like phlogiston-filled dirigibles?

1. Volcanoes.
2. High winds.
3. ???

Remember, this is for foolhardy PCs!

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In 5th Edition, how do you determine the caster level of a monster in 5th Edition if it isn't listed?

Is it based on CR? HD? Extrapolated from the highest level spell it can cast?

It really only matters when dealing with cantrips, but some abilities (like Legendary Actions) let some things cast multiple cantrips in a round, and that can get significant.

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How "dragony" should dragonborn look?

Like dragon-headed humanoids?

Like Silurians from Doctor Who?

Like regular humanoids with exotic skin and/or scale tones?

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I can't believe there isn't a tread about this yet!

Based on the "What are you currently reading?" thread in books.

I just finished Continuum, Voltron, Season 1 of Kill Joys, Chronicles of Shannara, and Stranger Things.

I have 1 episode left of Dark Matter.

What are YOU currently binge watching?

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So, is ALIE like a (slightly more) evil version of a Pokémon Go character?

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

What would you make a steampunk construct's brain out of?

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I'm going to be running a steampunk/stone age campaign, and I thought of this house rule for Renaissance firearm proficiency.

You can trade out one or more proficiencies of your choice in Martial Ranged Weapons to gain proficiency in a corresponding number of proficiencies of your choice in bomb, pistol, or musket.

This allows warrior types to trade out multiple Ranged Martial Weapons (like the blowpipe, hand crossbow, and net), but allow less dedicated fighting classes to dabble in firearms, such as the bard or rogue trading out hand crossbow for pistol or musket.

Now I just need a good reason for elves to be more likely to have firearm proficiencies....

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I often read about classes being Tier 1 or Tier 2 or what have you, but I don't know where the list of Tiers is.

Can someone point me in that general direction? Thanks.

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OK, so I want there to be 12 planes in my cosmology.

Heaven: LG & Air
??????: NG & Positive Energy
Paradise: CG & Earth
Feywild: CN & Faerie
Abyss: CE & Water
Shadowfell: NE & Shadow & Negative Energy
Hell: LE & Fire
Cosmopolis: LN & Time
Outlands: N & ???

Prime Material

So....Mostly I need a name for the NG plane. And maybe some other trait for the Outlands.

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I'm starting a new campaign in a few months for six 1st level PCs.

The PCs so far:

Female Halfling urchin Trickery cleric
Male (?) Aasimar sage Brontomancer (homebrew thunder tradition) wizard
Male Human (?) Feypact warlock
Male Human (?) sage Knowledge cleric 1/shadowcaster (3pp) X
Male (Wood?) Elf Path of the Four Elements monk
Male Human (?) Sky Pirate (homebrew background) Swashbuckler rogue

Anyways, since it's a party of six instead of four, am I correct in planning to increase the average encounter XP by 50%?

For example, three CR 1/2 baddies instead of two?

If I do that, six "level appropriate" encounters will get them from level 1 to level 2, and eight "level appropriate" encounters will get them from level 2 to level 3.

Seriously, my players, don't peek! This means you!:

I plan on the PCs to meet on a dark and rainy night. Each will have received a mysterious envelope with the date, time, and address of the rendezvous, which will be a huge abandoned mansion in the middle of the city, as well as an alchemically-wrought brass key. The manor's locks will require all six keys in order to enter.

Once inside, the shenanigans ensue. And in the end, the PCs will have a homebase with a mechanical butler and roof-mounted airship (some assembly required!).

Sound cool?

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Do PCs get XP for traps? If so, where does it list the CR or XP rewards for different types of traps?

What about hazards and other non-combat XP rewards?


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Shield Block

Prerequisite: Proficiency in Shields

Benefit: When using a shield, if you are hit in melee, you can use your reaction to add your proficiency bonus to your AC against that attack. If this increases your AC above the attack roll of that attack, it misses you.

What do you think? It's VERY similar to the Defensive Duelist feat, obviously. Should it have a bigger prerequisite?

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Summoning vs. Animating vs. Pet vs. the Help Action.

Discuss. :-P

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