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I know you need more than one of these cards. I think mechanic wise it's the only one . Maybe for people. Who have a subscription can get extras with the purchase of the play mats or if for 8 dollars the misprinted cards are fixed the subscribers could get one for incentive for that.
I'm all for p and p but I would rather pay to have the cards fixed:) that makes a possability of 3 extra blessing promos? What do you think? Creative minds behind pathfinder card game?

What's your thoughts on the promos one of each per game or more than one of each per game?

For example if I bought 2 of the second chapter in October can I add the weapons from both?, or promos for example is it limited to one card per pathfinder game or can you have as many copies as you want? I hope I was clear. I'm really curious about this:)