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Since we're getting the time jump, I think it would be cool if the Ysoki from Akiton made their way through some underground, magical gateways to Golarion and started a cultural renaissance with the Golarion Ratfolk. Also, they could be instigating inter-planetary adventures both directions through the gateways, causing adventurers to go to Akiton to face threats there. Then, we could get some Barsoom-style adventuring material for Akiton and other worlds without having to resort to spaceships. Also, I want to see the android and kasatha races get some love for some adventuring in Numeria, post-Iron Gods AP.

I know he isn't a kobold, but I have always thought of Snarf of Snarfquest as a cool design for a civilized kobold.

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Here you go: Bestiary, 2nd Edition