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5 posts. Alias of captain yesterday.


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ShroudedInLight wrote:

Right, but you see the Judge, Jury, and Executioner of souls also wrote the laws so its fine.

Your sentence is the removal of your memories, personality, class levels, and everything that made you who you are. You are hereby banished to the plane that matched the alignment you no longer represent because every aspect of your personality has been destroyed by the previous process.


But, this is how bunnies and kittens are born, do you not want bunnies and kittens.

Paint a dainty frog and kiss a lite breeze... Oh f%!+, I've been listening to too much Tori Amos again!

Road trip! Whoo hoo!!

Hauls ass to the Lollapalooza system.

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Pain is your friend, embrace it.

Wait! That doesn't sound right. I think it was the glaive saying that, never mind!

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Oh, he's not so bad, he's just rebelling. He'll get it out of his system in a few thousand years.