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The dealer made good on the stuck together deck. Not a dealer's fault, but the printshop

Went to Dragonflight. Played lots of the Card Guild. Totally loved it. Saw to horrible thing however, one of the fighter decks were not totally separated into separate cards and another was totally missing a fighter character. I think that someone was asleep at the switch. Personally I don't think that this should have happened

Sarvei taeno wrote:
afk all the way!!

The AFK Elizers and Eatery was the site last year.....can hold up to about 100 folk. The food is great and the company is awesome. I for one vote for the

Afk :)

The music was more of a hindrance then an asset. the I loved the plot line and the players reactions. As a whole it was fun. I guess sitting under a speaker did not help.

Looking forward to seeing you there...AFK is open till 3 am

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After last year my gaming group has dubbed me the Frying Pan Lady for obvious reasons. Actually my dash 2 in involved in Eyes of Ten. But what the heck last year dash 1 was the first character creation. Level 13 but where do I go from here? Moral of story: never fight a 9 hit pt character against a 54 die monster...Oh Lawdie

Shadowborn wrote:
Matthew Pittard wrote:
Wow, its a distance from Seattle.
Same company, different location. AFK Elixirs & Eatery is in Renton and a bit closer to the hotel.

It about 4.2 miles from the hotel. This one is in Renton not Everett

I'm sure that car pools might be a good suggestion and fitting several people in a cab would help with the cost. My car holds 4 passengers and a driver. We can make a "drive by" to see how we might help in transportation.

Happy gaming

Save a spot for Paul and I

I'd suggest going to the EMP. They have some very cool displays. Last year they put in a fantasy exhibit which is awesome. There are lots of other displays with equal interest. It is 1 time admission for the entire day

Wolfsnap wrote:

Just taking a quick look at Google Maps, most options close to the Marriott appear to be a bit of a hike but still within walking distance. There's a number of places to the southwest, probably about a 15-20 minute walk from the hotel. Most of them are attached to other hotels, but there are a few restaurant possibilities.

I have to say that I still prefer the pool area for hanging out, but that means expensive hotel food.

It's not that far from the convention center I'm sure car pools could be arranged. The AFK Tavern is a geek bar. I's compatible for board games card games and rgps. It's is kid and gamer friendly. They have a web site for the original one but it is the same for the Renton one. Be sure to order the Warchief. It is the souped up version of the Orc Buger

How about the AFK in Renton? Open to all ages

My suggestion is call Paizo and see what has happened to your tickets. The same thing happened to me. I called and found that their system was a muck. They probably have your money. They told me that and also to show up with ID. Make a blind faith roll. :)

I loved the convention last year. It was a blast. One thing I found that was really bad, the prices of the food at the hotel. Several conventions have a hospitality section. Several people have suggested the possibility of food trucks. To be honest, most gamers don't have a ton of money for food. My friend and I brought food from a local grocery store. Why can't items like parking discounted passes be issued to the conventioneers who don't have rooms in the hotel.

As I remember it was $12.00 on the way out no matter how you stayed. It was a turn over at midnight.

Does it have any motorcycle type vehicles in it? I heard it might,

Before one starts to paint the Bones figures. I soak them in a bowl full of warm water an dishwashing liquid. This takes off the film from the figures when painted, the paint does not bubble.

My roommate and I are looking for a PS game. We both have low level characters. We like near the Card Advantage in Normandy Park. Please contact me if you have a game going that needs players :)

Thanks for replying. There is nothi8ng going in end of neighborhood. Please keep us in mind should anything happens. Have fun :)

Jason Nelson wrote:

Hi all,

I'm in West Seattle (south end, near Burien/White Center), and our group just recently had a dropout (a second dropout, I should say; we had one a few months ago), that puts us in the 3-4 regulars (plus GM). If any of you are still looking for a game and don't mind heading north we would like to add a new person or two.

One of our players now lives in Federal Way (but works in Seattle), so it's possible some sort of carpool could be arranged, but that would be up to him.

You can reply by thread or by PM.

Current campaign has just started pretty recently. Characters are still 3rd level, and will be incorporating mythic rules as characters advance.

My roommate and I are both interested in possibly joining your group if you would have us. When does your group normally get together, because my roommate is running a game of Skull & Shackles on Thursday nights, so we would not be available on that particular day.

New to Pathfinder, my roommate and I are looking for a Pathfinder Society gaming group that can get together closer to Burien or Normandy Park area. We would both like to be able to experience more of what Pathfinder Society Organized Play has to offer, but are willing to play in any other type of Pathfinder game as well. For PFS, we only have low-level characters, with a single 2nd level character between the two of us.