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I was going to do the banquet this year, but it wasn't until recently that actually going to the con was a possibility. By the time I bought my badge, the banquet was sold out. Then again, I may have balked at the $45 price tag anyway. So I'll be finding another way to wile away the evening.

Fromper wrote:

I had to look it up: Belkar getting the clasp from the gnome. I remembered he had it, but wondered why it didn't help earlier. I forgot that rubbing it was the activation, which Mr. Scruffy did.

Interestingly, Belkar is expressing his feelings, and the clasp isn't hurting him. His alignment just officially shifted - he's no longer evil!

As for Durkon's revelations, now I want to go back and read ALL of it, to see all the memories and how this was all set up. I'm not sure how I feel about this payoff, though - does this mean the vampire is no longer evil and no longer works for Hel? Shouldn't all vampires go through this when they're done absorbing all the memories of their hosts? I still don't quite get where that's all going.

Most vampires probably don't bother. They take what they need and discard the rest.

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Purchased and reviewed, specifically because of the baiting post.

Still going strong on Netflix. I'm really enjoying their Marvel offerings (aside from Iron Fist) and the first season of Lost in Space was enough for me to await a second season. I also enjoy rewatching stuff I haven't seen in years, like the various Star Trek series. Most missing shows I can catch up with for free on Hulu.

I tried Shudder for a while on their free trial, then an extended free trial they offered when I decided to cancel. I'm a horror fan, but I wasn't really impressed. Their selection ranged from good indy stuff to complete schlock that would gather dust on a Blockbuster shelf if the company still existed.

Cable services are really shooting themselves in the foot by not directly competing with one another. That would be incentive to vary their offerings, maybe try an ala carte, pay by the channel, system.

I've been considering a Roku or perhaps an Amazon Fire TV stick, but I'm still weighing the pros and cons.

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If sound doesn't travel through water, then how does sonar work? Dolphins use echolocation underwater, which is sound-based. Has your DM never heard whale song?

N. Jolly wrote:

Can't have been in a hardcover, eh?

(Hides copy of Spheres of Might)

That's not what they said.

"Anyone with a cover credit on a hardcover RPG book is ineligible." (emphasis mine)

So unless your name is on the cover, it doesn't count.

I liked the first season overall. There were a few things in the plot and decision-making of the characters that were annoying, but as a whole the show was enjoyable. They might want to tighten the bolts on overall production and writing. Some of the science had me shaking my head. (At one point they were measuring distances in both metric and U.S. customary units; no wonder they crashed.)

Easter Egg (and spoiler):

The real Dr. Smith was played by Bill Mumy.


Hey folks,

I've written a tale for LPJ Design's NeoExodus Legendary Tales, a collection of stories set in the NeoExodus Campaign Setting and featuring the settings iconic characters. The Heart of Midnight is available through DriveThru Fiction/One Book Shelf in pdf, as well as through Amazon. (Free for Kindle Unlimited readers, and free to borrow for Amazon Unlimited customers.)

If you decide to read this offering, please consider leaving a review as well, even a short one. It would be much appreciated. Happy reading!

I'm four episodes in, and greatly enjoying it. They've built upon the original story beautifully, especially in exploration of transhumanist themes. Loving the visual nods to Bladerunner as well.

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If you're looking for a little inspiration to write that review of your free pdf, here's some of the music I had playing in the background while writing this piece. Perhaps it will help.

Creepy Circus Music, Part I

Creepy Circus Music, Part II

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Mike Welham wrote:
Where sharks?

There. There sharks. There lagoon. There angry volcano god.

Rick Kunz wrote:
Product title has been corrected. :)

Many thanks. :)

Rick Kunz wrote:
Bite Me! Wereshards (PFRPG) PDF

(emphasis mine)


Get in on the Widow's Tear Kickstarter while you can. We have such sights to show you.

I enjoyed it. It was a fun movie.


It's not Shadowrun. Shadowrun is futuristic cyberpunk with fantasy elements. Bright is set in the modern day. It's urban fantasy.

They did a lot of worldbuilding, then had to gloss over so much of it that it became a string of cliches (Return of the Dark Lord, Chosen One, just about every buddy cop trope you can think of). It felt too rushed, especially with what Alzrius mentions about the Shield of Light. Feels like a mighty big part of the puzzle to not bring into play.

Apparently something like 11 million people have watched it already, according to Nielsen ratings. So it's obviously a success, no matter what the critics may think. They've announced a sequel, and Smith is on board. Honestly, I think they'd have been better off doing it as a six (seven, maybe eight) part miniseries. Better character development, better pacing, more time to introduce people to the world without having to cut corners on narrative.

Not everything your character does is roleplayed at the table. What does the character do in their off-time? The answer is: study languages.

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Air0r wrote:

This is a problem I have with barbarians and unchained barbarians too: they get DR far too late and too small amounts to mean much, in my opinion. However, that is fine here because this is a hybrid of barbarian and witch. speaking of:

any chance of a 'universal' spirit power or feat giving you access to a witches hex (pulled from a limited list of some kind)?

The Knowledge spirit allows the headhunter to choose a hex from the witch list as a spirit power, provided she meets the prerequisites.

I don't know about the balance implications, but I think it would be cool to have a feat or something that let you use two stances at the same time, perhaps with a penalty. Or maybe to allow the benefit of a previous stance to linger for a round or two upon switching. heck, that could be a cool premise for an archetype, lol.

Hmm. I'll have to look them over again and see if this would be a viable option.

Speaking of archetypes, there is one in the works, loosely based on the immortals from the Highlander franchise.

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Updated version of the document.


  • Edits made to Luck spirit channel and greater spirit channel effects
  • Bonus type changed for fortune's smile ability.
  • Curse dodger power level requirement removed and times per day adjusted.

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Air0r wrote:
can we talk about those heads for a moment? so are they broken down by their most distinct trait? would a really lucky person produce a luck spirit? someone known for being agile producing an agility spirit? The naming convention just struck me as accurate, but somehow odd to me in fluff-context.

That's the general flavor of it. The headhunter is calling on a spirit that offers a particular set of themed abilities. Flavor-wise, if that means it's the spirit of the former owner of the head, or simply a spirit drawn to the head because it belonged to a creature that exhibited those sorts of qualities, is all a matter of play style. The mechanics don't change.

So, the Luck spirit channel is fine on it's own* (at early levels anyway), though the Fate's Favored trait may be a cause for concern. Then again, Fate's Favored is the problem child here, not the luck spirit.

With the luck bonuses being for limited to a number of rounds per day, having an additional +1 bonus doesn't seem game-breaking.

The Curse Dodger spirit power maybe shouldn't have a level requirement considering the relative rarity of curse effects (unless DSP's path of war expanded [cursed razor discipline, mostly] and malefex class are in the game, which makes curse effects quite a bit more abundant).

Definitely something to consider, thank you.

*And then you reach the luck spirit powers: Fortune's Smile and Fortunate Stance. Luck bonuses do not stack (to my knowledge), and you must be channeling the luck spirit in order to use it's luck spirit powers...

Good catch. This will need alteration.

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This might help.

Headhunter Hybrid Class

If you use whatever type of damage bypasses the regeneration, I don't see why it wouldn't leave a scar. A torch or vial of acid would do damage the regeneration couldn't touch, so it would have to heal normally without magical aid, which means scars.

So this was only half of the first season. There are twelve episodes in season 1, but Amazon only released the first six. No release date set yet for episodes 7-12, but it looks like it won't be until next year. I hope they don't make us wait long.

Info here.

I'm just hoping that they find someone super smart and technically savvy to add to the team. Once they have someone that fits those qualifications, then perhaps they can add some security systems to STAR labs so that people stop just walking in on them. Maybe they could ask Ray Palmer to help them out whenever he's back in their time. If only the team had someone with scientific know-how, or a line on a good locksmith.

Yes, I'd speak to your GM about allowing your character to research a variant of the spell, as per the spell research rules.

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In the Global Bestiary, the "Filter by Subtype" commands aren't functioning. Selecting or deselecting any of the choices does not change the listing.

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Same software, different case.

I'm looking forward to the new Doctor. I'm going to miss Bill and Nardole though. Here's hoping they get 13 a worthy companion.

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102. "The massive, pulsing sac splits open, spilling a wave of scrabbling, shrieking death upon you."

Take this and add this.

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This might be of use: Legendary Assassins.

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Mark Thomas 66 wrote:

The start of every other problem in this show:

Anyone else: "Barry, whatever you do, don't do the thing. It will cause terrible things to happen."

Barry, 5 minutes later: "I'm going to do the thing!"

They also post them the next day on the American Gods Facebook page. Fuller had some...interesting things to say regarding Mexican Jesus from the Vulcan episode.

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This is the only thread in the Rules forum that doesn't cause me pain. I just get a funny feeling, like when I used to climb the rope in gym class back in middle school.

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Right, I'm talking material that Gaiman wrote for the show that deviates from the book.

Neil Gaiman on the American Gods script.

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Alaryth wrote:

With the lasts blogs, it seems clear that Starfinder will be basically a Space Opera game. I have no problem with that, I love Space Opera. But some home-made settings my group play have been a long time on pause waiting for Starfinder, and those settings are basically CyberPunk. How viable is Starfinder for settings like that? Is possible some kinf of "Cyberpunk Adventures" like "Horror Adventures" for Pathfinder on the future? The setting seems interesting, but I will use nearly always homemade ones. How much I lose of the Core if I don't use the setting or use very little the space part?

I'm very excited and impacient waiting for Starfinder. Those lasts months are really slowwwww.

Not Starfinder, but Pathfinder-compatible, and the book will release soon.

Interface Zero

I don't look at it that way. This is additional material Gaiman wrote. It's a further part of the story. It's character development. It's also in keeping with the theme of the original story. It's a story about America, as told from a road trip. It's about the journey, not the destination. Sit back and enjoy the ride, and let the story do its work.

I really enjoyed last night's episode, both the Coming to America tale and the Sweeney/Dead Wife road trip. The added backstory for both of them and their interactions are really quite enjoyable.

Made for excellent reading while waiting in line for the Paizocon Preview Banquet.

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Loren Sieg's offerings of placation are truly inspired, straight from the myths themselves.

A big thank you to all my players at this event. I had a lot of fun and I'm glad you did too. Interface Zero 2.0 for Pathfinder is on its way soon. The latest (and final) update concerning release can be found here on the Kickstarter page.

I'll be there!

Pregenerated Character Preview

Anonymouse, android hacker 7
Deep Six, aquatic hybrid gunner 7
Jada Jetstream, bioroid gearhead 7
Steel Wind Rising, cyborg cybermonk 7
Yoshi Yay, human 2.0 medic 7
Z-Rock, human ganger 7

Belabras wrote:
I'm interested in playing Corwin the Dual-Souled, male LG paladin 8 (of Shelyn), if that is ok with y'all.

If you want to play the verbal punching bag, I certainly won't stop you. ;-)

They all look good good to me, though I'm partial to either the succubus or the rogue.

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I'm in! Looking forward to the game, if not the time slot. I'll be highly caffeinated.

Bjørn Røyrvik wrote:

Mad Sweeney was even more brilliantly cast, so I'm sad we won't be seeing much more of him.

More than you might think. I watched an interview that said we'll be getting more of a lot of the characters in the books that only appear once or twice, sort of a behind-the-scenes sort of deal, and Mad Sweeney was one of the characters mentioned that gets that treatment.

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