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Thank you for the tip, the Broken Soul is a good pick. I had the party face the Broken Soul nymph a few sessions ago, but the combat was over so fast they probably wouldn't notice if I used the template again!


I am running an Evil High Level (Currently level 12) campaign.

The party just kidnapped an Angel and brought it in to their employer, a Rakshasa.

Before their eyes, the Rakshasa (Maharaja) used Dominate Monster to take control of the Angel.

First of all, I realize now that the Protection from Evil aura of the Angel should prevent Dominate Monster from working. However, Mind Blank, theoretically would have been activated, and thus may prevent the Protection from Evil from triggering. Not a big deal... as the GM I can hand-wave this kind of stuff.

I am using this image for inspiration for this "Fallen Angel" type of character.
Magic the Gathering: Act of Treason

I wanted to go ahead an add a Template to the Angel to make it a bit stronger and have new abilities, in case the Party ever fought with or against this character.

There weren't any legal templates for the Angel to take, and the Erinyes entry in the Bestiary doesn't really convert easily into a CR 14 Angel, and is not thematically what I am going for either.

I went ahead and used some of the Unholy Template but was wondering if anyone had any ideas for the best way to handle this character. Should I just have it be a normal angel, perhaps with the Enraged template? Should I convert it from good to evil, flipping all the DR, auras, and even the spell list to compensate? Can a creature be both good and evil, have DR 10/Good or Evil for example? Perhaps both Protection from good and evil at the same time? Maybe even a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde kind of situation where the Angel can switch alignments as a full round action.

I am leaning towards just a pure angel with the enraged template that is dominated but I am curious if anyone else have some ideas?

thanks for the advice, just wanted to get a second opinion.

The 3-5 opportunity attacks will be 1 attack + 1 vicious stomp from first guy, and then 3 more melee characters, one who has very long reach so will usually be in range.

The first mission will be fighting a huge creature, but they have the ability to enlarge themselves, so it will be interesting to see how it goes.

There will certainly be random encounters with the other things you mentioned, so hopefully it will get the idea across and they can re-spec their characters if necessary.

I don't have much experience here either, but I just rolled up a level 16 necromancer wizard specialized in Finger of Death. I got my DC up to 33 and my caster level up to 30, which means even very strong creatures have a small chance of getting seriously injured or dying.

You should get a greater version of all of these rods, you will probably only need 4 or 5
List of Metamagic Rods

And you should look into Spell Perfection and perhaps Spell Specialization

Hey there. I am running a Pathfinder campaign for the first time. It will be with 11th level characters, and two of the party members are focusing on trip attacks (Improved Trip, Greater Trip, Vicious Stomp).

They are looking at taking the Tandem Trip Teamwork Feat and one of them has Tripping Strike to be his main trigger.

Tripping Strike


Whenever you score a critical hit with a melee attack, you can trip your opponent, in addition to the normal damage dealt by the attack. If your confirmation roll exceeds your opponent’s CMD, you may knock your opponent prone as if from the trip combat maneuver. This does not provoke an attack of opportunity. If you are tripped during your own trip attempt, you can drop your weapon to avoid being tripped.

Normal: You must perform a trip combat maneuver to trip an opponent.

I am fairly confused. It is mostly worded to say when you get a critical hit, the enemy could end up prone "as if" you used the trip maneuver. Thus, any bonuses you have like +2 to trip attempts would not factor in. Tandem Trip also would not activate using this interpretation.

However, it also states that the character could end up prone, if they roll 10 less than the target CMD. This implies that they are doing the full trip maneuver. This might imply that you should add trip bonuses to the confirmation roll.

Considering that a successful trip is going to provoke 3-5 attacks of opportunity in most cases, this will have a large impact on how effective the party is in combat. I am tempted to just say, yeah whatever you spent a bunch of feats go ahead and roll an extra die if you get a critical hit and take the highest for the trip attempt. Is that how you would rule it?

Any advice would be appreciated.

I just got the game and because people complain about the lack of space I only sleeve the character decks and boons that I acquire. I also sleeve the location cards because I use the errata inserts that Hawkmoon made (thanks!!!)

The sleeves are fairly inexpensive compared to the total cost of the game, but I understand not everybody will care enough to go that route.

My suggestion is a plastic grid organizer that has a spring so it conforms to the shape of the box (They have kitchen drawer organizers like this). IT doesn't have to have a spring, it could just be a plastic grid that will hold the cards in place. That way a person could just pull out the black plastic insert and pop this in place and it will get rid of all the wasted space.