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pocsaclypse wrote:
Screenmonkey2099 wrote:
I really have this idea in my head of a crazy Lamashtu inquisitor branding themselves on their forehead or something and scaring the crap out of others.
theres a divine focus tattoo option you could take and reskin as a brand or scarification instead of a tattoo

True... the Birthmark trait works as well.

But could an Inquisitor cast Brand on themselves with their holy symbol, at least for simple symbols like Lamashtu?

I really have this idea in my head of a crazy Lamashtu inquisitor branding themselves on their forehead or something and scaring the crap out of others.

*edit - just realized Brand requires a DF, so it would just be for effect... but you could have it up for days in theory... if it were to work.

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Kalindlara wrote:

And a little something for the cathedral itself...

** spoiler omitted **

** spoiler omitted **...

Two PC's dropped in the reinvented Gate Guardian encounter. Ysera was a beast.

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Thank you so much. This is amazing stuff!!!

They can still get the insight bonus for Studied Combat, even though it is precision, just not the Studied Strike.

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So I think my group has been doing Ranged Study/Studied Strike + Seeking weapon incorrectly.

I think that it should be that Seeking only negates the miss chance for the attack, but they are still technically concealed, so the precision damage from Studied Strike cannot be applied. You know they are there in the smoke/fog/magic effect, and you won't miss, but you still can't be precise in putting one into their liver.

Does this sound right? Currently, Seeking has been allowing Studied Strike damage to apply, which I think is wrong.

I am the DM so I get to make the call, but figured I would toss this out for opinions.

I made an imgur gallery of all the characters in Ashes at Dawn my PC's have met thus far, with their basic first descriptions.

Images snagged from google, but I put them all into Roll20 and was a lot of work. Thought others may be interested. I named them all...

I added a lot of NPCs to give some more depth to the scenes. Hope you enjoy and can use!

My version of Raven's Head tweaked for a priest of Sarenrae into a scimitar:


The Raven's Blade

The Raven's Blade was the holy scimitar carried into battle against the Whispering Tyrant by the Sarenraen Paladin, Salathiel Cleophas, also called, the Raven, by Ustalavian's due to the black feathered appearance of his armor, a stark contrast to the typical follower of the Dawnfeather, and the golden and black scimitar that looked to be of a raven being transformed into a phoenix. He came to Ustalav to battle with the Whispering Tyrant, after having a vision about the danger Tar-Baphon posed to the entire world.

Salathiel was slain by the undead archmage along with the entire crusader army led by Ustalavian Prince Adamondais Virholt at the battle of Adorak in 3205 AR. His weapon was lost for centuries until found by heroes beneath Lake Encarthen.

The tales of Salathiel's valor and sacrifice for a nation not even belonging to him has endeared him to the citizens of Ustalav, and later inspired many Sarenraen faithful to join the Shining Crusade in defeating the Whispering Tyrant in 3827.

The Raven's Blade (Minor Artifact)
Aura strong conjuration (healing); CL 20th
Slot none; weight 4 lbs

Sacred among the faithful of Sarenrae foremost, the faithful of Pharasma also deem it a sacred relic (though belonging to the church of Sarenrae), and imbued with the power of all of the bishops of the Sarenraen faith, this gold plated +3 undead bane scimitar has a hilt fashioned to appear as a Raven/Phoenix, the head being the pommel of the blade, with the wings swept forward through a fiery ring of rubies that makes up the cross-guard. The blade itself appears as etched feathered wings, ablaze with fire, as if the Raven were being transformed into a phoenix upon passing through the fiery ring.

A character with the ability to channel positive energy gains the Channel Smite feat while wielding Raven's Blade, if she does not already possess the feat. In the hands of a cleric of Sarenrae, Raven's Blade gains the Lifesurge quality, and the wielder can use the Channel Smite feat as if she were a cleric of 4 levels higher (+2 on DC and +2d6 damage) and an extra three times per day. This weapon is an important part of Ustalavic and Sarenraen history and is immediately recognized by any priest of Sarenrae or Pharasma, grantint the bearer a +4 circumstance bonus on Diplomacy checks with such individuals.

If successfully used as a component in the creation of a lich, Raven's Blade's power is broken forever.

So if a caster has a Pseudodragon familiar, and there are creatures on the other side of a rubble collapsed room, can the familiar "hear" them with his telepathy if they have a language?

For dramatic effect, I let the familiar hear the creatures, and it makes sense that it would to me, especially if the creatures were scared or frightened and their minds might be racing.

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I swapped the Count for Kendra (who moved to Caliphas with AA after book 1, as he was a family friend and colleague of the Prof.), because I made the Raven's Head mace important due to the fact that it once struck the Whispering Tyrant, and has his blood permanently stained upon it. Since the PC's have the mace, AA needed some other source of the blood, and he discovered that Lorrimor's daughter was actually a direct descendant of the Tyrant. Now, in my game, I have a changeling priestess that Lorrimor adopted and sent to her clerical monastery before the "call" that changelings get was received, allowing her to resist becoming a hag. This is the daughter that has the blood of the tyrant, and not Kendra, but AA doesn't know that. He thought that the favored daughter (Kendra) was the chosen one, and kidnapped her for her relation. That critical flaw is what will make the CC reagent not perfect and his resulting transformation going nuts at the end of the Adventure.

Still hashing out details, but it helped me tie the adventures together some more.

Voomer wrote:

My PCs just defeated Mathus at the top of the Stairs of the Moon. Two of the PCs are inflicted with lycanthropy (I'm kind of amazed not all 4 of them are). For a module that leaves such a high likelihood of the party contracting lycanthropy, it provides little guidance...

My understanding is that the lycanthropy does not manifest itself until the first moon. HOWEVER, the module seems to contemplate an immediate full moon after the Stairs of the Moon encounter, because the demon wolves turn Duristan into a werewolf, and he is aware of and has embraced his new condition by the time the PCs get to Feldgrau...

And how have you handled your PCs getting lycanthropy? Did they all gobble wolfsbane? I kept the FORT save secret and all four of my PCs got bitten -- does that mean I should let them all think they have lycanthropy and gobble wolfsbane? But all the CON damage they will take would throw off the pace of the adventure.

I guess the cleric can cast remove curse, and might prepare it a few times if I gave enough hints, so she can cast it on the two inflicted party members the night of the full moon?

I'd love to hear how this all went down in your games.

If the PC's reconsecrate the Stairs of the Moon, and succeed in the Ritual triggering the Dusk Moth, the visit from Desna could also purge the Lycanthropy from any that are infected. In my game Rhakis was actually there with them when they did the ritual, and afterwards, I thought "I should have had it transform him into a normal man..." but that would be messed up. heh.

D.M. Lacher wrote:
Rakshaka wrote:
I'm getting ready to start running CC...

I like it and I will probably be stealing this idea.

I plan on having the WW use the Beast to steal the Pnakotic Manuscripts instead of the Seasage Effigy, and then deliver the tome to the cult in Carrion Hill in exchange for the Seasage Effigy (which the cult will be in possession of). The WW will then use the Seasage Effigy to barter with the cult in Illmarsh for the Raven's Head.

Your idea on disrupting ley lines to weaken the holds on Tar-Baphon would fit nicely into a larger meta-plan of the Whispering Way.


My PC's are heading to Feldgrau now, so I can't use this idea... however, I may just reverse what you said. The WW stole the Seasage Effigy, and are delivering that to the Cult in CH for the Books, which the WW needs to get the Raven's Head from the Illmarsh cult...

Not sure if it will work, as I have to read CH now, but I think it should.

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I was going to have all correspondence from AA signed with a sigil instead of his name/initials.

I made his sigil a web like design that is actually an AA. Crude paint version:

I just gave each PC in my game one of the (or something very similar too bonus wise, maybe just a different description) campaign traits as a bonus. They still got to pick actual traits from the APG.

Man I feel almost heartless doing a 6 PC 15 pt buy for Carrion Crown... heh.

Just get rid of the physical weapons and have the claws do the same damage as if they were wielding them?

Remember rule #1, there are no rules.

It is going to be perfect, I actually have a PC that is buying into the idea. They do not know the details, just worked with them and filled them in about their crazy grandfather... he is completely hooked into the character concept, and I can't wait to get to WotW to drop that Sanity bomb on him!

UC states that a firearm is like a X-bow and able to be used while Prone, but the other types of ranged weapons can't be used that way.

Also, rogues can take Stand Up as an ability, to make it a free action. Everyone else is getting hit!

I may errata that the feat only works on people who have an intelligence or wisdom of less than 10....

Low int = stupid, might fall for it.
Low wis = no common sense, might fall for it.

Or just give the opponent a Save or a Sense Motive check.

easiest thing, just ban the feat from the game. If your PCs complain, have the party wizard get his butt kicked due to the feat in the first few levels by a fighter, and see if they then agree to get rid of it. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

A gun would fall under a ranged attack, which actually get bonuses when you are prone I believe. However, if you are in someones threatened area, you provoke from firing a ranged weapon.

blackbloodtroll wrote:
It has been errata'd. See previous post.

The DC is still ridiculous, even with the errata. Anything this feat should do, like provoke a slap or something to that effect, should be and can be done with RP. This is unnecessary and it adds an abusive mechanic.

MJinthePitt wrote:

I've been trying to find an answer to this online and I've heard conflicting things from different players/podcasts.

Can a spellcaster take a 5-foot step and cast a spell without needing to make a concentration check or causing an attack of opportunity?

Yes. If the 5 foot step takes them out of the threatened area they do not need any check.

A ranger in my game acquired a +2 composite Flaming Bow and he destroyed things with it... until he hit the Frost Giant for 96 points of damage in a round and said giant promptly charged him and sundered it into oblivion before he could get off a volley like that again...

Rangers are amazingly powerful as they level, but have a backup weapon, because if something strong survives your volley, they will have nothing else to do but try to negate your attacks somehow.

I also (as a GM) hate the feat that allows shots while in melee to not provoke attacks of opportunity, and will probably outlaw it in the next campaign.

Keep em coming!

I do not have that AP and did not know about his early demise... so I will probably just not take that event into consideration! I like the idea of having "Crazy grandpappy Manus" being paranoid about the corruption that had seeped into his family and his creepy research and theories and stories as the children grew up.

I suppose you could still have that link, just have the PC's actual father be similar and maybe delved into the research on his own because he had questions about his father (manus) and learned some of the truth... or maybe he started having the dreams of the old ones and went a bit crazy. So many options!!!

I will have to pick up Mother of Flies to see what exactly happened to Manus...and I can flesh that out from there.

I am prepping to run Carrion Crown and after reading Wake of the Watcher, I was considering trying to get one of my PCs to (unknowingly) be the grandchild of Manus Undiomede.

The PC would recall his grandfather Manus (not using the Undiomede last name) telling crazy stories of old cults and ancients as he grew older and more senile, and would remember him being overly protective of everyone, but especially the girls of the family. He would have had a strange fascination with dream interpretation and warding rituals as well. All of this would give the PC a +2 bonus on checks related to the old gods and the old cults.

I would also rule a Sanity check would be needed by the PC when they find the portraits, and they see that the PC looks identical to the men in the paintings, then of course sees the painting labeled Manus Undiomede.

I have also toyed with (if we have any changling pc's) perhaps making them a child of Oothi... but have to flesh that out more.

I think it will be fun to have the PC tied in this way, but really have nothing come of the background for the first few adventures, to where they will probably not really think about it until boom!!!! it hits.

Any tips or suggestions to bring this along more? I would appreciate any advice or suggestions.

I am also trying to think of ways to maybe have the Sanity mechanic in the earlier adventures to some extent... but I do not know if they are horrifying enough (though the skin-changer could be pretty bad).

It is not very paladin like to call opponents names and to try to insult foes... In fact, I would say it is downright dishonorable.

Hold him to the standards of the class. Work up a code of honor for the paladin and make him hold to it.... or risk his paladin-hood.

Otherwise he is just a warrior with neat powers.

Brodiggan Gale wrote:
Karui Kage wrote:

The first is not really supporting evidence. Improved Natural Attack works much like Weapon Focus in that it improves every natural weapon of that type. Similarly, Weapon Focus (Longsword) improves the attack roll of every longsword that character will ever wield.

As for the second...where is that from? The 3.5 Monster Manual? If so, one, that's 3.5. Two, see a few of these other entries:

Rakshasa Natural Weapons: Bite (1d6) and 2 claws (1d4).
Lizardfolk Natural Weapons: 2 claws (1d4) and bite (1d4).
Troglodyte Natural Weapons: 2 claws (1d4) and bite (1d4).

Fair enough. Back to the status quo of ambiguity then. I swear this was spelled out explicitly somewhere, but I'll be damned if I can find it now.

I resurrect this from the dead!!!

I have a player that wants to have Greater Magic Fang, Permanency, cast on his 10th level monk (making a new character after losing his rogue recently). I think that he should have to have it cast twice, on each fist, but he thinks that one casting covers all of his body.

I am at a loss for what to allow or do... Side bit: a +3 weapon costs 18,000 gp, while a permanent greater magic fang at +3 costs around 9000 gp. This seems ridiculously unfair to other players. Also, when you combine it with an Amulet of Mighty Fists (only giving weapon enhancements, not actual +'s to hit or damage) this gets quite crazy fast.

I really wish this issue were clarified by a dev.

Cainus wrote:
Greg Wasson wrote:

I would love that as well if possible, My group is about 2-3weeks from starting the last module.

Just click my name for my Email.



Do you need a conversion for Sins? Because I did one of those as well.

I would love copies of all that you have done for anything after Hook Mountain Massacre for the RotR campaign...

rbarnes9 @

Professor wrote:
Thank you very much all of you for your imput. I'm glad I asked as I would have gone with moderate. Looks like fast-track XP it is

good to know! I wasn't using fast. I tend to just estimate on the 3.5 AP's. I know when they should be X level kind of thing.

All I can say is... wow... I just read your first journal (well, first entire adventure) for Burnt Offerings, and that was amazing!

So many ideas forming from reading it, I can't wait to run it. I have to modify it for 5 players, and for the current Pathfinder system, but I think it should be great.

I only hope when I run it this coming weekend it goes half as well! Thank you very much for this, I look forward to reading more as my game moves forward.