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Archpaladin Zousha wrote:
Azih wrote:
Instead of calling it Pathfinder Second Edition, why not call it... AdventureSeeker or something?

On an empty street? Just an alley-creeper, light on his feet. A young fighter screaming, with no time for doubt!

It ain't much I'm asking...

...I want it all... I want it all... and I want it now...

..which leads to...



"He wen' thataway... about four hundred years ago. Dunno where he got to since, sorry."

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So if I physically possess all the books that I have bought and I take a picture of them to prove my physical ownership that doesn't count because... I don't have a receipt?

...what kind of Bizarro-Verse have I ended up in? Do I cease to exist (using said material) because my player pulled something at work and is limited to how much weight they can carry, for example?

Truth - in - text: I DO carry my splats with me because they're light and have oddball things in them. But hardcovers? Really? When flying? The only reason I was able to attend PaizoCon in 2016 was because of the Humble Bundle making it cheap enough to get most of the books I needed on .pdf and purchase a Fire to put them on. can we fix this?

And here I thought the book disappeared until the developers clear up unknowns... like me.

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*produces mathematical proof that without a doubt IHIYC's 'fun' is 'badwrongfun'*

:sends MacShack's information to a foreign agent in a different foreign country to conduct defamation attacks and undermine their logic thread: I sleep, even??

...and even better, you exist in a quantum state because you are an undefined blob for 23 of those 24 hours...

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I may fall...


Oh, hello there! Welcome to the fluid world!

Well, I for one anticipate a growing trend towards noodly appendages and greater empathy for one's fellow aspirants.

May it be so.

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I could see Linnorms.

Unless, of course, instead of putting it in Ultimate Wilderness they're going to have a whole splat book of Linnorm player options and call it something like Legends of Linnorms or something silly like that.

Because Linnorms linnorm linnorm.

And then I could linnorm!

Back to Ultimate Wilderness -- I just hope any new classes or archetypes have a minimum of 4 skill points.

Because otherwise the chance of ever playing ANY of them will be exceptionally limited in PFS.

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The Drunken Dragon wrote:

I actually created an NPC pair who were a ysoki and half-elf. Since one was a physician-mage and the other a biochemical engineer, they combined transmutation magic and gene therapy that allowed them to successfully have a kid. Said kid is a half-elf like his mother...but manfiests natural lycanthropy and becomes a wererat as a teenager.

It's tough for him, but hey, at least his mom got to publish a paper about the possible origins of lycanthropy.



Well, in that case the character's wave-form goes into a state of flux, where they are neither dead nor alive but also not undead, until the wave-form collapses at the next time the player uses that character?


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So yes, it is entirely possible for one to amass a great deal of 'character' before the box is opened and the question answered.