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Serena Mistcastle wrote:
Serena does likewise before approaching the woman. "It has been long since I have seen another worshipper of the Dawnflower. I am Serena Mistcastle. Whom do I have the pleasure of addressing?"

The woman looks back Serena at first confused and then she smiles a radiant smile and says "I am Sandralane of Rahadoum. Likewise I did not expect to find other adherents of the Dawnflower in gray lands such as these."

Knowledge (history) DC 12:
Rahadoum (a desert nation from the southern continent of Garund) is only really know to Serena because of the Oath Wars that were fought there thousands of years ago.

Serena notes a woman exiting a carriage along near an intersection of streets. She steps out of the shadows of the surround buildings in the dusklight and into the intersection near its small central fountain. The woman's sun-tanned skin and night-black hair is enough to make her stand out here in Brevoy. But it is her blue and gold garments cut in such a foreign way and the symbol of the Dawnflower that sits upon her breast that draws Serene's attention. The sun's red-gold light turns the gold symbol dazzling for a moment as the woman kneels down for evening prayer--to give thanks for the day that was to the Healing Flame and the westering sun.

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