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This is the discussion thread. Feel free to post ooc stuff here

Human GM

Hi everyone! Please say something like "dot" when you are ready, then the game shall begin!

I am thinking of running a heist campaign in 5e. I am just checking how many people would be interested. If you are, I just need you to answer the following question:

Would you rather play in a "normal" fantasy world (like the Forgotten Realms), or one based on the age of the musket in Europe (where basic firearms are available)?

I'll turn this into a recruitment if people are interested.

Human GM

Post Here.Say something like "Hi". I will link the discussion thread shortly

I'm looking for one, or possible two characters for my Out of The Abyss campaign!

-They must be built with 1347 xp (3rd level)
-There is no character role REQUIREMENT. However, we would like a martial character, or sneaky character to fill in a gap.
-Currently, we have a rouge/paladin, cleric, and a wizard
-We have a few npcs with the party. If you would like to build a character "as them" per say, which would make it much easier to join the party.
-You must be okay with a posting rate that can sometimes slow down, due to RL
-Make a backstory that says how you got into the underdark, which is what the entire campaign is about. If you are "playing as an npc", than the backstory is not required, as it is provided in the campaign
-Here is the gameplay thread:
-Feel free to look at it, if you wish.

I found this on a Reddit thread, which can be found here: isions_yout_pcs_make_and/
In case anyone was wondering, it wasn't me who made that thread

Just decided to ask because, why not? So, um.....what was the weirdest decision your pc's ever made? And what happened as a result?

Human GM

Hey everyone. Please post your characters here. Thanks.

Pretty much what the title says. Recruiting to replace one, or possibly two, players. Guidelines:

Character Creation:

Use the standard ability score when generating your character (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8)
Your character must be 2nd level, with about 350 xp
If you would like to use homebrew or unearthed arcana, please send me the material:
I have already cleared the Mystic, and That Old Black Magic for use
No evil Alignments

Here is a link to the gameplay, in case you want to look at it.
We try and post as often as we can, preferably once per day, though rl (and at least, on my end, bad internet) can slow stuff down

One of my players would like to play a devil. His backstory is that his character was a arch devil in the 9 hells, but was kicked out. I've decided to help him create the race, and these are the racial traits I have so far:
Infernal Resistance:Gain Resistance to fire damage
The Sword of the Archdevil: You can automatically light any single weapon you are proficient with on fire. This fire damage does 1d4 damage. If you hit someone, they are lit on fire, and must make a DC 10 dex save to get it off. Need to set a limit on this
Infernal Weakness: You are vulnerable to radiant damage and and possibly cold damage
Shape Change: What I'm having trouble with. The player wants to be able to disguise his character into human form, and gain the devils stats when he changes back. How do I do that?

Thanks! :)

Human GM

This is the discussion thread for my campaign! Feel free to chat, and do whatever you wish :)

Human GM

This is the game play thread for my Out of the Abyss campaign. After everyone reports in, I shall post the intro

I am looking for a group and gm for Dark Heresy(1st edition). I currently have a character in the making, and would love to use him. In case there in no one willing to be GM, I do not mind taking on the role. Thanks!

Hello everyone!

I have recently acquired a copy of the Out of the Abyss, and I would like to run it as a PBP campaign.

If you would like to play, here are the guidelines:

Character Creation:

Use the standard ability score when generating your character (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8)
Your character must be first level
If you would like to use homebrew or unearthed arcana, please send me the material:
I have already cleared the Mystic, and That Old Black Magic for use
No evil (except Lawful Evil) Alignments

Other Stuff:

Please post at least once per day
No house rules (so far)

I LOVE this show, so, as soon as I found the TV category, I thought, why not make a thread about it. So, does anyone else watch it?

R.A Salvatore has mentioned many times in his books that Drizzt is a ranger. In all the books I have read, he never used any spells associated with the ranger class. Why? This question has been nagging me for months.

Human GM

This is the discussion thread for my campaign, where you can post house rules, suggestions, and criticism. You can also just chat. :)

Human GM

This is the game play thread for my campaign. For your first post, please introduce your characters. Thanks!

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Is anyone GMing a Star Wars Saga Edition RPG adventure. If so, is it possible I can join? I made a Duros Scout who is at level 1. Thanks!

Hello everyone!
This is an adventure I created called The Mountains of Vlandoridge, and I would like to run it as a PBP campaign!

The Intro:
In the mountains of Vlandoridge, there are remains of several dwarven citadels, only mentioned in hushed tones around the hearth, with names long lost to history. Many a treasure hunter has tried to find and claim he many riches of the citadels. All have died trying. Until, one day, three legendary heroes set out to claim the riches the ruins are ruined to possess. The adventure was only supposed to take 10 months. Instead, the heroes were not heard of for years, maybe even decades. Bards began telling tales of three heroes setting out on a noble quest to reclaim the lost homes of the dwarves, and perishing after a valiant fight against the forces of evil. The Bards were wrong. At last, the heroes have returned. But not in a glorious way. No. Instead, a ranger, named Aragorn, came across two of the heroes. One was delirious, mumbling indecipherable words, while dragging her comatose companion behind her. The tales of the three brave heroes questing to reclaim the lost home of the dwarves have ended, and instead, the Bards sing about the tale that is yet to come, about three more heroes.

I would like to recruit 3, maybe even 4, players for this campaign. I will recruit based on how interesting the characters are.
If you would like to join, here is some info.

Legal Races:
You may only play the core races. The only third party race that is allowed is the Half-Ogre by Adamant Entertainment

Legal Classes:
The Core, Base, Alternate(Except Antipaladin), Hybrid, Occult, and all Third Party classes are allowed. No psionic classes please.All (even third party) presteige classes are allowed.

Ability Scores: Use 15 point buy
House Rules:
Fortune Favors the Bold.

I am creating a character for an adventure. So far, my character is Encinall, a half-elf that is a first level skald. I'm thinking of multi classing into the Noble Scion prestige class when I meet all of the requirements. Is this a good idea? Is there any other charisma based prestige classes out there?
Thanks in advance!

For the Cavalier Beast Rider archetype, the rules state that I can choose a horse or a camel at level one. It also stated that additional mounts can be allowed, if the GM lets you. I would like to play an Axe-Beak, but know it may unbalance the game. I need help in lowering its stats, and need a reason for the stats to be that low. Maybe my mount was crippled once?
Please help me. I would greatly appreciate it.
Thanks in advance!

Hello fellow Pathfinder fans! I am a beginner Game Master, and have been creating an adventure for my friends set in a world of my creation that is based upon 18th century Europe.
The characters are:
1st level Cavalier
1st level Psychic Warrior
1st level Bloodrager

Here is the intro to my adventure:
In the great world of Torinzia, there are several great and powerful countries and kingdoms. The most powerful of them all are the kingdoms of The United Empire, The Kingdom of France, High Scotland, The New Mughal Empire, Mongolia, Austria-Russia, and the Order of The Holy Empire of Rome. Recently, there was a great war between the kingdoms of Torinzia, called the War of Scottish Succession, ending with the treaty of Europe. After the war, Poland, which held a lot of power before the conflict, was devastated. The Scottish lowlands were given to the Mughal Empire, which renamed itself the New Mughal Empire. The highlands of Scotland formed an empire and renamed itself High Scotland. After the war, a secret political coup happened in the countries that won the war. This coup was led by The Serpents Order which now controls the winning countries You three adventurers are only living people who know about this. All others are dead. They are ruthless. Stop Them.

Please give some advice. Criticism is always welcome!