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Raises her hand and halts him. "The big ones came this way...our crew and the few guards left managed to clear the rest. We are clear. Lick the wounds and lets make sure the grounds are set up for defending as much as possible. That way our crew can guard while we are here."

Rushing up to them from down the stairs, Sandara bursts into the room, her weapon drawn and covered with blood. "Bloody good thing I stayed on the ship...t'were a lot of them. We fed them to Ol' Bess, but it looks like you might need some help, Devilfish..." grabbing her holy symbol she bursts healing energy through the room, ensuring the fish get no such energy.

2d6 ⇒ (5, 1) = 6

"Seems she isn't favoring you as much as other..."

2d6 ⇒ (4, 5) = 9

"We should probably head to the tower with our weapons bound. Show that we are not here for a fight, at least to start with. If we can talk, then we will be good to go, right?" She says to the group, holding her eyes on Maera and then on Indrana. "Right?"

Gangplanks are already down because the zombies are boarding your ship...or trying to.

"Careful, Amos...Ol' Bess might not like you giving away her treasures!"

I'll let her assist enough so that you don't lose mats ;) She doesn't have the feat, so she can't help but SO much

Sandara smiles and shakes her head, "I don't think that went the way you wanted it to go..."

Sandara nods to Amos. "Lovely...Seems Ol Bess isn't done with the challenges..." With that she goes below deck to work on somethings.

"I don't mean to be an alarmist...but that ship was sailing directly into the wind." With that she shivers slightly as if someone had stepped on her grave and goes below deck to take her time at rest.

"At this moment, I believe we are being cautious and letting Ol' Bes give us a heading..."

"Sounds like we could be making everyone happy. Do you need any other materials or do you have everything you need?"

"Hmmmm...that sounds like a nifty trick. I think I could definitely pray for such boons over the next few days, if you believe you are ready for such an endeavor. If it works, I may seek something of the sort, myself..." she says with a big grin. "But others...might not be so keen on looking and being nicer...they might wish for other...boons."

Sandara gave a wry smile upon the wet cry being pulled on board and chuckled, "It seems we had her smiling on us this day. I was worried for a bit..."


potion of fox’s cunning
masterwork full plate
+1 battleaxe
cloak of resistance +1
Chelish naval officer’s gold-embroidered sash, epaulets, and bicorne hat (worth 350 gp total)

The most important thing...DUN DUN DUN....

Proceed to LEVEL 5

"We may need our best and brightest for this situation, Indrana...as much as you may not like getting wet, I think they might need your magics on the ship..." Sandara says with a smile.

"That is exactly what I was planning on suggesting. Well done, Amos!" Sandara says with a smile as she pulls out a few vials. "We will need darkness and silence on our side. And it will require a bit of climbing. On the plus side..." She hands each member of previous landing party a potion of Cure Moderate Wounds, having tended to each of their wounds already. "Hopefully this will help."

Sandara smiles as she sees the pulse of light, "I guess we aren't chasing an albatross after all. Cassius...we have found your first clue. Perhaps it is time to sail inland...a place I am not particularly fond of anymore..." she says as she looks over to Cassius and then to the other pair of captains.

"That is all fine and good. But if you don't mind...Get off our damn boat, so we can get out of your damn port." The fiery redhead's temperament comes out full force.

After everyone has returned to the ship, Sandara gathers everyone of the officers back together, "Seems we have a repeated problem now. Do we stay our course and head into Bloodcove and then go from there...perhaps see if we can find any rumors about a Sahuagin base of operations?" the redheaded captain says firmly, a look of fury in her eyes. She did not like that they had dealt with the watery creatures twice already.

Sandara hops aboard the slowly sinking vessel and shakes her head, "What a damned waste...oh well..."

She leans down over Diabolito and smiles, "Come on, ol' Sharptooth, we gotta get you up and back in the fight...."

CMW: 2d8 + 4 ⇒ (8, 8) + 4 = 20

She gives him a slap to the face and as she does, the healing channels through her hand and she chuckles as he wakes up from the blow of healing. "Wake up and get back to work," she says with a wink.

Sandara takes a breath and nods, "It is the not so secret base of operations for the Aspis Consortium." Taking a moment she looks over to Cassius, "How much of a grudge they might hold after a few weeks...and if they even know it was us...that remains to be seen, but that is what we must deal with if we go there. However, at some point we will need contacts there, no matter what...so it's a matter of when, not if, we end up there."

Walking into the command commons, "So...our holds just about burstin' with loot. However...we only have one port of call close to us is Bloodcove. We will have to be careful if we decide to dock there. From what I am told by our quartermasters," she nods to those in question, "We can likely take one more ship until we are full up. So, do we take one more and head into Bloodcove or do we head to Bloodcover...or do we simply avoid it?" She looks to her co-captains and to the rest of the crew for their advice.

Sandara grins and nudges Maera and then Aramis, "Me thinks we will need to figure out how to split the crews to ensure that we have full control of both ships as we sail, but until then, we should simply lock up all the weapons in our armory and stores."

Sandara grins as she lets loose a burst of Besmara's energy to heal those injured, still.

Looking to her co-captains, she nods, "Quarter given to those who submit. If you wish to join the better ship, then you may. If you wish to stay here. Then you may. If you wish to be set free at our next port of call...then you may. If you ever stumble upon us again or cause us grief...I swear by The Pirate Queen that I will end you. Painfully...and perhaps repeatedly...as some of you just felt the healing I can provide."

Sandara grins, "Usually, I would suggest that we sail by, since no one knows our ship yet, and then ambush them, but the snakes have already left themselves open for an ambush. Let's take them hard and fast," turning to Amos, "Ready your men on the ballistas as best you can...I know they aren't trained well yet, but I want them ready to fire if we see trouble from our enemies own siege weapons."

Looking over to Cassius, "No need to be fancy, simply get us close enough for the grapple..."

"Alright. Last night we were assaulted. Tonight we will have a strong watch going, but in the meantime, we need to find a target as soon as possible so we can get everyone's mind off Samuel's death. With that in mind...I think we have to be prepared to prey on whatever we can come across as we sail. Are there any problems with that?"

The new captain is voicing herself very strongly right to start off with, but there is a fury in her eyes that tells that she needs this to blow the steam of her crewman's death.

Round 1

1d20 + 5 ⇒ (16) + 5 = 21

Sandara hears the hammering and stands up, shaking her head. "Hells belles, what the hell is going on out there."

Walking over towards the door, she yells out. "Wake up, you scallywags, we have something to attend!"

Round 2

Sandara opens the door and rushes towards the sounds that she hears above.

1d20 + 2 ⇒ (19) + 2 = 21

Round 3

Having a quick response time, she rushes onto the deck and points towards the crew member who is gurgling and from a bit away, she prays...stopping the flow of blood, even if he doesn't get healed at all.

Note: Everyone wakes up upon Sandara yelling out, provided they beat a 10. They can get up and move to the door. Round 2 will you getting to the main deck. Round 3 you can act.

"Sounds like it would make us a terror, Amos. However...we lack coin to make this work for the moment, so we need to make a few moves first." Sandara says with a grin.

"Well, you will work closely with our Navigator...often they are one in the same, but if you have someone with magic...it works all the better for them to be a sailing master or mistress. You are to ensure that are rigging is in good working order and at times help make sure that we have wind in our sails. Whether it be by magic, by reading the weather, or simply by helping adjust our course in order to keep the wind at our backs, that is what you do..." the newly appointed captain and former Sail Mistress responds. "Plus...you get the great title...Mistress Indrana."

"Seeing that there are no objections, I believe we can say that I will complete the trinity. Hopefully that means my lady will bless our travels a bit more than before," says the crimson haired cleric.

[b]"Indrana, once you finish those articles and they are approved..I think it would be best for you to replace me as sailmistress. If you need any help, I will gladly provide it...but I think you will do just fine."

"Don't mistake disappointment and confidence for conceit. The point was only that it was not brought up, not that I wasn't. It only makes sense for me to take over, if you intend to keep things as three women. Which...let's be fair...I love." She tips her hat to the two women and then continues, "Just got to be careful and make sure to keep the crew happy. Some of them have had different captains three times in the last couple of weeks. While your hands have been fair...gotta make sure they are firm, as well."


"Quite frankly...I never understood why I wasn't included the first time. I helped quite a bit with the mutiny, so, yes, I absolutely accept. Besides...how better to get my Lady on your side," she says with a grin and a wink.

"I would suggest that if we are to make these articles, we express in them that we will not attack common folk save in times of dire need and even then it will be merely to take only what we need. My goddess can be fickle at times and there may be times that our luck runs afoul of us. We do not need to be in a situation where our hands are tied by our own rules. Or simply issue them as guidelines to follow. We will attempt to be this sort of ship...but desperate times and such..." the redheaded cleric says with a shrug as she sips from a flask she purchased at The Commons. "Gotta be smart to make it on these rough waters."

Sandara approaches the lot of them and smiles, "Despite the problems that have befallen us, we have managed to make a little home for ourselves...but now it is time to decide what our next move is..." she pauses briefly before continuing, looking from each of them to another, but mainly focusing on the two captains that are on board. "With our new captains in place, we have a lot of opportunities that we could take...but we should know our direction before we set sail tomorrow...so what are we to take...hunt a few merchant ships? Or perhaps attack some of the more isolated locales on the coasts? Hunt other pirates? What is the plan, boss ladies?"

"Unfortunately for you, bastard, neither of them will be dishing out the punishment of our captain...s..."

With a slightly dramatic pause, Sandara then begins again, "Upon this day, Scourge, you have been found guilty of crimes against piracy, against the crew, and against Ol' Bess. For those crimes, you will be met with a swift and bloody fate, as ordered by our captains..."

She waves her hand, "Aramis Steele," another gesture, "Nissa Alami," and a third, "Maera. Our captains three."

"It is by the good graces of these three women that you," she looks to the other prisoners, "Will be given the night as a reprieve. You will sleep on what you are about to see and what you have seen and in the morrow, you will choose to either join the crew or join the depths." She then nods to Malak.

"Need? He can die now, for all I care, but I wanted to make sure that his death added some finality to the whole situation. We can have Malak behead him in front of everyone tonight, if my Captains wish."

Looking at Rosie she grins, "Ol' Bess might be a b#!*&, but I'm standing by her side and as such, I think the role of Sail Mistress suits me best. I know my lady better than most, and as such...I can help guide this boat. We can be a scourge if we give her her due." With that, Sandara finishes up the list.

Looking from Maera, Nissa, and Aramis, then around the room, "This room may need a few changes if it is to house the three of you. But we can make it work!"

Now's a chance for any further remarks before I continue on

"Diabolito, the striker is something relatively new on ships that have been dealing with Chelaxian pirate hunters and free booters. Their day to day tasks on the ship mostly concerns fishing, whether it be trapping seat turtles and manatees...or even reefclaws when ya can or fishing for sharks or other such large fish. They also tend to do some scavenging and hunting on land whenever a ship goes to shore. Their secondary purpose is to understand pirate hunters and be able to trap, hunt, and kill them. Part Master at Arms' Mate, part Cook's Mate...all vicious!"

She says the last bit with a grin, after having described it, it is clearly something he might well excel in.

Smiling as the ladies find an accord that seems to make most everyone happy, she puts her hands on the table and begins a few quick words, "Seems to me, we need several positions filled, but regardless, we will all have to work until we get a larger crew. We do need to look at the Vudrani as crew members, not as captives. Maybe not their officer...but beyond that, we need them. And they need us."[/b]

The woman looks about the cabin and finds a quill, parchment, and some ink. "So, for captain...we have Aramis, Maera, and Nissa. With three captains, a first mate seems unnecessary."

"Ambrose is our cook still and Doc is clearly our carpenter...after that it becomes a little more murky." Sandara says this as she begins to write several things on the paper before her.

"We will need a boatswain, which is essentially what Scourge was supposed to be. I would say that our Master of Arms is likely to be Malak, since that would put him in charge of making sure our crew is battle ready, but there could be some debate for that."

It is clear that Sandara has given this a lot of thought, as she had been the originator of the mutiny idea.

"Aramis could fill the role of Master Gunner, if need be, as she is ideal for it with her knowledge...and perhaps she can build us some big guns for the ship."

She writes a few more things down, "We will still need a Quartermaster, a Sailing Master, and a Striker at the very least. If we manage to get a little be larger of a crew, we will need a few mates for these jobs..." Clearly Sandara knows her ships, but for some reason she has no desire to be captain as she has never spoken up for such.

"We must be careful to toe the line of Captain and Overlord. We must also be careful out at see with no way to resupply or replace our crew, because we are running a skeleton crew as it is. Whoever ends up leading us will likely have to work beside the crew until we find more people to join us. If not, the ship simply won't get to where we are going..."